Monday, December 13, 2010

The Mass Media Is Like Sherlock Freakin' Holmes

"Low solar activity could be linked to cold winters." Amazing deduction. The minds of media people are just like steel traps. It's truly a shame they could not have gone into theoretical physics instead of journalism. It only took them ten years to figure it out.

There's no news in newspapers. You buy a newspaper to be current with the consensus of twenty years ago. They have no application to the actual time in which you live.


Anonymous said...

>There's no news in newspapers.

Its just propaganda and brainwashing by the global elites.

No one with an Internet connection and the knowledge of how to use it, follows the MSM anymore.

I guess that's not many people either...

Anonymous said...

Are aliens the next false flag?

Wikileaks To Release UFO Bomshell

Anonymous said...

That's crazy talk, Tex. How can the Sun make the Earth hot or cold. We all know it has nothing to do with making everything around it hotter. Next thing you'll be telling us it is a big burning orb or some kind of star.

Anonymous said...

Wikileaks is a zionazi tool of mass media disinformation. This is designed to keep us busy while the FEMA camps are filled and our precious boddily fluids get corrupted by commie infiltrators. These are truly the end times. The coming food crisis of 2011 will blow the one from 2008 and the one of 2009 away. We're doomed. Doomed.

Anonymous said...

You are going to love this, a piece of past globalwarmthinkery propaganda that turned to be wrong on all accounts and is still there in its original state, on the newspaper website :
(this link is probably going to be deleted if it gets too much attention)
This is enough to ridicule anyone who puts weight on what the media tells us to think. They've been THAT wrong on all accounts ten years ago, what could make one think that any of the current climate change bullshit talks we're being fed has any purpose other than levying a new communist tax to spread the wealth ?