Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is only the beginning. This is the first year it really started to hit. This year won't be the coldest. It will be one of the warmest before it got really cold.

UPDATE : Piers Corbyn on why manchimps will soon be dying like flies worldwide

Blizzard paralyzes the east coast, sends 21st century back to Neolithic times

Killing livestock across Ireland and UK, thousands of animals lost

Buses stranded in streets and abandoned by drivers in post-apocalyptic nightmare

Subway Passengers Imprisoned On Tracks Without Food, Water, Restrooms or Heat

Dead Sea Creatures Floating En Masse on Eastern Seaboard Washing Up With Tide

Modern Transport Shut Down From U.S. To Canada

UK is Frozen Solid, Nothing Moving, Elderly and Infirm Set To Drop Dead

Ireland Already Suffering From Economic Depression, Farming Crushed By Snowfall

Global Warmthinkists Still Lying Their Asses Off

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I gave ten years warning in advance. If nobody listened, it's not my fault. I'm warning you again now. Piers Corbyn says the sun agrees with my forecast :



Anonymous said...

Madness in the final days

Bad sensor placement, cooked data, non-scientific agenda driven rhetorrhea, and absolute denial of the Reality of what's happening mark the Statist mindset.

You mentioned "atmospheric contraction" a while back, and simply Googling several articles yielded fundamental info that powerfully and simply explains the dynamic. Less solar = less atmospheric expansion = condensation and precip = cold and wet = Global Cooling. Less solar output/wind = more cosmic rays interacting with out atmosphere to create cloud cover/cooling/less solar energy reaching the surface = Cooling.

Should be a wild ride


Anonymous said...

Thank God you're here Captain Hindsight !!


Thought I would make your day, Tex. The NYT article Bundle Up, It's Global Warming parodies itself by saying "THE earth continues to get warmer, yet it’s feeling a lot colder outside."

Anonymous said...

I grew up just north of Boston and I have lived in Ohio. This is NOT unusual. The media loves it, it makes a great story, they can show video of sliding cars and snowmen. But this happens every year. Sure it doesn't happen to every city or every state every year but it certainly happens in most of the North East in the winter. Two feet of snow is not uncommon somewhere in the NorthEast every winter.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 3:05 PM

You have to be kidding.

Do you intend to go out Monty-Python style and continue to protest it's merely a routine cold snap as your head vanishes beneath the snow drifts?

"I'm not dead yet! I'm feeling fine!"

The planet just lost the agricultural harvest for 2011. Just plain lost it. This year, the earth will be living off stored food or nothing. That's kind of serious with 7 billion mouths to feed. But don't believe me, just wait a little bit to see.

If you wait until everybody else is panicking at the grocery store, do you think you are going to be the guy who leaps the counter and scores the loaf of bread? I recommend you pack it.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand all the science required to understand all aspects of AGW.
Warmers and Skeptics both wil agree the earths CO2 level is rising.
BUT: science still cannot predict the solar cycles, nor does it have a consistant theory to explain and predict solar phenomena.
A warmer world will be one filled with life. A colder earth will eventually store all of its fresh water as snow on the poles and life will be mean and sparse.
I know which word I prefer, the one the warmists are warning about. I would not prefer the world which solar science cannot predict.
I want my overdue sunspots back.


Anonymous said...

Anon 3:05

Grew up in upstate Ohio, schooled in Chicago, Illinois, vacationed in Michigan. Saw the '78 snowfall that ended Bilandic and gave Chitown Byrne. 42" of snow, capped with ice, then a month below zero

Epic snows. Yet gov/municipal agencies could actually MANAGE the roads .... and the citizenry was competent enough to do their part and have some stores set aside. O'Haire eventually got their shite together, and the Burlington and Northwestern RAN.

This IS different; the Gulf Stream is no longer slewing NE and taking it's 5 mile high columns of warm air along to give cover to 50N latitudes. A heavy, ISOLATED snowfall is not unusual. This is part of a new choreography. Northern, Atlantic Europe may well be pooched.

I'll tell ya what really concerns me - general capabilities of the typical humanoid nowadays. I can't speak to Europe, but here it's trending downward for a long time.

I HOPE you're right, and that the sun comes out and melts it all and we go back to UrbanBlissville, but I'm THINKING that it doesn't seem likely. Come up to altitude, survey current events and cultural trends, then judge this event in a larger landscape.

In any case, prepare accordingly


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Unless armegeddon happens between now and next spring I fully expect all the supermarkets to be full of food next spring (and summer and fall and winter). If you believe we lost the entire agricultural harvest then you have bought into the hype.

Texas Arcane said...

Again, just because the media isn't saying it yet, you figure the food situation couldn't be that bad. It's worse. The big picture doesn't dawn on the average person until it's too obvious to ignore.

When bread is $8.00 a loaf in the middle of 2011 (when you can get it), you will realize something was wrong and Vault-Co was the first to foresee it.

There is not going to be an agricultural harvest of any respectable size in 2011. You heard it here first. This snow is going to be on the ground into the start of summer. Farmers won't be able to plant even if they wanted to.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Ohio in 78 and when that big blizzard hit everything shut down for two days. I had a used Suburu that was awesome in the snow so I took it out to "test" it. I drove back roads, main road and right through the city and except for the interstate there was no traffic, nothing moving, not even snowplows.

Food costs will go up but the major cost is the ethanol from corn "crime". There are always areas of the country that get too much or too little rain and the media jumps on thme and makes it appear that it is the first time in history it was ever this bad. In fact most of the country is on track for a normal La Nina year. More snow, more rain and somewhat colder then normal. Just like the last La Nina.

By the way just last year and the year before the "experts" were commenting on Australia's drought and proclaimed rain in Australia was a thing of the past and because of global warming it would never rain again!!! How's that working out?????