Friday, December 31, 2010

IDIOCRACY : THE Constitution Is Hard To Read And Is Really Old And Is For Fags And Sounds All Retarded


I know a great American leader who once expressed these sentiments far better in a more eloquent speech.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a Jew. His allegiances lie elsewhere. Without claiming that the US Constitution is just an irrelevant piece of junk, and without trying to enforce such a view to everyone, they wouldn't be allowed to take over the country in the first place. They very much rely on making the Constitution of the US, or any other country, useless in order to take over and destroy the Western countries like parasites.

Anonymous said...

The Constitution is hard to understand yet the 1000 plus page socialist garbage bills passed over and over in the past 10 years without reading make sense...

I would buy a raffle ticket to win a chance to punch this guy in the mouth.

Anonymous said...

The constitution was written by White people in an overwhelmingly White nation, that enforced racial segregation.

The preamble to the constitution used the words, "to ourselves and our posterity".

Definition of Posterity:
1. future or succeeding generations
2. all of one's descendants

So the constitution was written by Whites for Whites. I can understand why the usurpers from the Middle East, hate it so.

Anonymous said...

ahh, idiocracy. some still think it's a comedy, others think it points to a possible future. poor, deluded saps.

what does get me from pity mode and back into unbridled mirth is see yanks still mocking the average german during the rise of hitler- newsflash yanks, you are now them. welcome to servitude.

Anonymous said...

The Washington Post has some very bright people working for them. Ezra Klein is NOT one of them. He is a well-established bonehead. Honestly, if journalism was like football, he'd be cut from the team. What a waste. It's amazing that he has such a good, well-paying gig, and yet hasn't enough smarts to...

never mind.

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