Saturday, December 11, 2010

Global Thermonuclear War : Itz coming

If you live in Australia and think we're going to be exempted in any way, you're living in a fantasy world. Most of the population of the West is off with the fairies so don't feel bad.

Burma getting nuclear weapons from North Korea?!? You've got to be kidding me. This game is going into the Apocalyptic Instant Death Match Round. Sounds like those Sunday Supplements I used to read in 1969 that warned us all that someday the proliferation madness would begin and nothing could stop it.

Everybody knows itz coming. Vault-Co was simply an early adopter.


Anonymous said...

with apologies to a past shaving cream company ....

Nukes are big
and oh so bright
everyone's getting them
for the upcoming fight


Anonymous said...

I think the implications of the recent discovery about the bacterium that can absorb arsenic in its DNA can be terrifying Tex, and it is connected with all the doomsday scenarios. Today bacteria with arsenic. Tomorrow, perhaps, humans with...radioactivity. Don't you think that it is suspicious, to say the least, that at a time when the voices who are blaming humans for everything wrong on this planet are increasing, and there is even talk of birth control in order to "save the planet", such a discovery comes along that could enable massive genocide under the pretense of science? That humans will need to adapt to living conditions, formerly regarded as hostile, in order to survive? That those who adopt, say, to a radioactive environment will survive, while everyone else will perish? Is this the next step in evolution masterminded by some sick minds who wish to engineer the future of mankind according to their sick fantasies - that is to replace God with themselves?

Anonymous said...

The US will start WW3, not the Russians. When the economic tipping point comes they'll find a reason (probably Taiwan) to try and enforce an iron, steel and oil embargo on China by blocking its shipping lanes. Australia has already sold its soul to the devil with the recent defence white paper which makes the RAN a small component of the USN. The Wikileaks docs show that Australian has only ever been in Afghanistan as part of the American hegemony. Australian politicians believe that we live or die with the US. Dying amid a deluge of Chinese ICBM's or as inmates of PLA slave camps is the most likely outcome. That will probably also come out in a Wikileaks document soon.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree. The devastation of nuke radiation is understood by everybody. The only people crazy enough to want to see something like this happen are religious extremists, as they don't give a damn about living. Everyone else gets that using nukes for any reason (such as depopulation) is idiocy. This, btw, is one of the reasons the powers that be are so adamant about instituting global control over the planet - to prevent a few isolated zealots from pulling this off - despite whatever other public excuse they are using. Sure there may be a small faction that think they can isolate themselves from the effects but this would only apply to a tactical nuke situation and not a much larger scale war. They just aren't that stupid. There are better ways to actualize their control agenda, whatever that might be, than doing something like this.

Anonymous said...

The genie was long out of the bottle and it was only a matter of time before every two bit state had their own nukes. The knowledge is out there, together with all the records and documetns. The skills and college degrees are around and ready to be put to use. Materials are to hand more than they were in previous decades.

This was bound to happen eventually. It takes less skill and genius to copy something that has been around for sixy years than it does to come up with the first working prototype.

Everything up to now has been a game of whack a mole. Except with this game you only need to miss once and it is game over.

Anonymous said...

Even MSN says it's coming.That means birds could be inbound as of right now!I advise anyone lurking here to buy a shovel.3 foot of dirt overhead will increase your chances greatly.
Chris from Sydney