Friday, December 17, 2010

The Emperor Of Ice Cream

Nature has decided to wax North America and the UK. If Nature aligns against you, it doesn't really matter who else is on your side. You're going into the deep freeze.

Lots and lots of people are going to die very soon worldwide. They should have packed it, but they didn't.

I gave warning ten years in advance. That's all I could do. It's all anybody could do. I was the watchman and I sounded an alarm. If nobody listened it's not my fault.

Everybody knew it a short time ago, but then suddenly without warning the entire population became severely retarded.


All-time records for cold in Britain shattered in month of December

Amsterdam becomes ice palace with life-threatening cold

People trapped on highways in Britain by cold

Chinese people strandeds in thousands on highway, many almost died from exposure and hunger, including Chow-Yun Fat.

Investors bolt - soaring food commodities worldwide!!!

UPDATE : Snow in Australia in middle of Summer

Piers Corbyn states the obvious and is called a prophet


Anonymous said...

The end of the current cyclical global warming is inevitable and the beginning of the next global cooling is coming. But when? No one knows when or how cold it will get. If the next global cooling cycle is as bad as the last "little Ice Age" then there will be a serious die-off of humans and large animals. It is impossible to knwo when it starts until well after the event. Climate change is typically erratic and the general trend can only be discerned after the trend has been clearly established. By then it is "to late" to prepare.

andyboots37 said...

Nature.........or Haarp......or GOM leak?

Even if one does survive this, what will the long-term scenario be? Don't ice ages generally last longer than your food supply or lifetime warrantees on your generators?

No doubt it's coming to a cosmic crescendo. Personally, when luminaries like Tom Cruise are saying things like "get in the game or get out of stadium" my thinking is --Where's the @#$%ing exit!.

I'm looking for the neon red sign that says "JESUS".

The threshold will indeed be ugly (barring a pre-trib rapture). But beyond it will be eternally worth it.


Anonymous said...

You did what you could, Tex.

Anonymous said...

Waves Freezing. Cool video.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It's NOT "the ice age". It is simply a cyclical cooling cycle. The least on occurred in the 16th and 17th century and was labeled "The Little Ice Age" but it was not an ice age. The problem is that crops that are commonly grown in a specific area won't grow in a global cooling cycle. And winters and summers are colder. Many diseases are worse. It disrupts food cycles for animals and humans. The ONLY reason our earth can support almost 7 billion people today is the good weather that has allowed us to grow massive amounts of grain and other food. The next global cooling could see world populations go to 3 billion or 2 billion or less. This transition won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Tex; what do you see happening to the coastal climate from Brisvegas south to say, Coffs Harbour in your expected scenario?

Thanks, AKM.

Anonymous said...

It snows in Amsterdam in mid-winter december. More news at 11.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 8:55

I've got a television at home. I can hear what you're saying straight off public television. I don't need you to repeat it for me.

You don't know about the Milankovitch cycle. You don't know where we are on the graph of the Ice Age cycle. I know you're not the sort of person to admit when you don't know something.

You don't know you don't know.

This is the peak of a peak of a peak of a peak. From here, it goes back down. This isn't a minor dip or a "cyclic cooling." A short time ago, you weren't even predicting that, were you? So it's too late to modify your forecast to try to sound prescient. For you, we are in unknown territory.

It was never unknown to me and I predicted it ten years ago. It's not a routine dip on temperatures. This is a return to the Big "I" Ice Age.

Texas Arcane said...


According to the classic model, it will rain like this for years as the outer mantle of the atmosphere completes the shrinking that has been underway the past half century. When the moisture has finally shifted permanently out of the atmosphere, our climate in Australia will be cooler and drier and our growing season will be shorter than it has ever been before.

As poor as conditions get here for agricultural, we may still end up the only major food source in the entire world using modern farming methods. It is likely that Australia will be a net exporter even after we have to start using a lot more of our land for growing to try to increase the harvest.

Our summers will be less than two months of decent sunshine but we'll be a lot better off than the rest of the world, which will no longer experience summer at all.

Anonymous said...

You could be right Tex and maybe we can turn lead into gold. But the odds in both cases are very long. Considering that we have had 33 warming cycles each of which was follwed by cooling cycles since the last ice age it is "likely" that the next cycle will simply be another cooling cycle and not the next ice age. But in your defense no one knows or can know. Your "guess" is as good as anyone's.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 11:07

Right, there's no such thing as basic climatology for the last 400 years teaching the interglacial lasts 12,000 years. I could not possibly know that even though schoolboys could recite it from memory in 1955. Yes, none of us can know anything. It's like being on the Oprah Winfrey show without the smell.