Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decline Watch : Feminism Proves That Feminism Works To Spread Feminism For Feminist Goals

Declining civilizations never go back the other way. Ever.

Once they lose the thread of their principles, that tether vanishes and they find themselves screaming in black oblivion, with no way back to the sane world. Every declining civilization ends thus, in screaming and in darkness. The worst monsters they encounter in that stygian night often turn out to be themselves.


Anonymous said...

This is why Amerikwa has fallen, not the hoodrat violence, that has become expected, it's the complete lack of response from anyone on the bus. This a busy part of Seattle at rush hour and not one person even lifted a finger to call 911 let alone demolish these critters. They have given up their will to exist as a civilization.

Anonymous said...

The "progressives" and respectable conservatives that agree with them, that want to race replace (genocide) the populations of White countries and only White countries, with any race other than their own, should also be included among that list of self-harmers.

1. Try to imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince all the Asians living in Asia, that they need to go ahead and replace themselfs (in Asia) with North African Muslims????

2. Now imagine that they were so totally mind conditioned and brainwashed. That they really believed it would be RACIST not to????

Anonymous said...

UCLA professor: "We must replace Those Old White Men with Illegal Immigrants."

Where the KWA and the West is going, there is no coming back. The only thing worth wondering about at this point is who is going to flush the toilet when civilization ends, since third world immigrants aren't exactly devoted followers of toilet protocol.