Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ZOGBux Apocalypse

The other two superpowers dump z-bills as reserve currency, largest economy in the world moving to metals backed exchange.

November is apocalypse month on Vault-Co.

Itz not coming any more, because itz has arrived ... for the Kwanstain.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

For any readers who haven't seen it ...

Alpha Strategy

Google it, read it, follow it

Starting Friday


Andrew said...

Alpha Strategy

Of course there's always the default option...

"I strongly recommend you spend all available resources on industrial grade anal lube and crotchless pants with a flap. Any money wasted by slaves on desperate last minute preps for coming Ice Age/Enricher Bongo Party will be futile and tragic."
           -Cleveland Mark Blakemore, RpgCodex

Most amusing Cleve but didn't you mention this kind of wordplay in an old post? Posting there appears to take its toll - perhaps without you realising.

Anonymous said...

Riz Khan: Are we living in the end times?

When even a Marxist scumbag manages to figure out he's living in end times. Despite being inherently defective, he makes a good point against modern liberal "tolerant" multiculturalists whom he calls "decaffeine" people, or "beer without alocohol", because their liberal "tolerant" ideology has deprived them of their essence as humans, and who expect everyone to be deprived of their essence so that tolerance can prevail.