Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WW3 : The Endless Repetition of History

Encapsulates my feelings exactly on this subject.

The next world war is inevitable because nobody believes it is possible. Just like World War One and Two. Both of them were impossible as well. The League of Nations outlawed all warfare in the late 1920's and predicted there would never again be a major conflict in the world, shortly before the beginning of the Great Depression. Globalism was huge before both wars, with major cross ownership of debt and resources by foreign investors. This contributed then, as now, to conflicting loyalties and vested interests encouraging war in order to protect their investments and profit from them.

Human beings grow so dense near the end of these cycles that they are incapable of changing anything. It is all biological fact for them like the tides of the oceans. The average man is only along for the ride and will perform on cue like a genetic automaton when the time comes for violence. Our era, appearing so remote from barbarism, is in fact closer to barbarism than any previous generation before it.

The torture porn called "entertainment" is suppressed bloodlust, due to emerge shortly as open warfare worldwide. It will soon be too late to avert it.

The West appears to have looked into the mirror at it's own reflection and decided at some point that madness would be a legitimate form of escape from the stress of civilization. Only a very civilized person would be stupid enough to conclude this.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the world much before WWI was definitely the most globalized the world has ever been, with the world in 1870s-1890s being the peak of financial and trade globalization.

They started bringing the barriers in the 1910s, before the war started, although it was still more globalized than the world now. Post-WWI represented the complete end of true globalization, which never came back.

The countries which started WWII were all heavily protectionist and restricting on inflow and outflow of investment, whether it was Britain or Nazi Germany.

No, economic globalization (in its full form) never came back. Political globalization did come forth, and consolidation of state power through economic nationalization was the only way for today's global government experiments to succeed.

Whether we like them or not, foreign businessmen are the best way of frustrating state power, which is why all those post-colonial African nations had to annul/sieze foreign investments to become the oppressive hellholes they became. And even then, they flocked to the UN and IMF.

Anonymous said...

You are correct about the'entertainment', just porn with violence & absolutely no morals injected for younger people because they sure aren't getting any morals/ethics at home or at school. Good article!

Anonymous said...

80 years baby - like clockwork.

1780 Rev War
1860 Civ War
1940 WWII
2020 WWII/Civ War II ?

The Fourth Turning - go get it and read it.


Anonymous said...

What we should be asking is who is producing this torture porn and why, because it says more about them, that it does about the populace that thoughtlessly consumes it.

TBH I no longer believe the entertainment industry, is a reflection of modern standards. They only say that in defense of the sick garbage they produce, because their behavior would be indefensible otherwise.

Andrew said...

Short, sweet and good for a laugh...
Barrack "Shiva" Obama?

Anonymous said...

Illuminati: final phase

CERN scientists trap antimatter

"The plot follows Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, as he tries to stop what seems to be the Illuminati, a legendary secret society, from destroying Vatican City with the newly discovered power of antimatter".

CERN is just another pathetic Illuminati front. Just like militant "neo-atheists" and gay rights activists.