Friday, November 19, 2010

Who Were The Nephilim?

They were Neanderthals, of course. I'm a Neanderthal even though I was born human. The accident with sodium lye when I was 18 months old changed me into something else.

In Russia they have the folk lore of the changeling. When an infant dies a horrible death at a young age, the angels take pity and ask the faeries to send a replacement from the "other world." (Legacy genes) The parents of the child eventually figure out this is not the son they lost. The child is much stronger, fleeter, more powerful than ordinary children. Too healthy. The child can find things that are lost, knows things before they happen, apparently sees things that are invisible to ordinary eyes. The story of the changeling is always a sad one. Usually the village asks the boy to leave them, even his own parents send him away. He wanders away alienated from everyone, neither a resident of this world or the other one he came from.

The world famous plastic surgeon who examined me two years after my accident listened to my heart, held my sinews, looked into my eyes, hefted my hand in his, stared at me like I was a ghost. "The last time I saw this child, I believed he would die. This boy was given the last rites. I did not expect he would survive the night. His burns were so terrible no one could have survived them and if they did they would have been blind, deaf, mute and crippled the remainder of their lives which would have been inside an institution. Look at the size of this boy for his age. Feel these bones. He seems normally proportioned but is heavier than gold. He has a rosiness to his cheeks, a robustness that is uncanny. His mind is quick, clever, precocious. I cannot explain this."

I passed for a human when I was younger because Homo Sapiens is not a very observant animal. Not at all. When I was much younger, I ran so much I kept my muscle mass artificially low, giving the impression I was no bigger than a regular man. When I stopped running 120 miles a week, I rapidly grew into something very, very big. Later in life, lack of sleep and exercise put some fat on me, also concealing my muscle mass. As I approach 50, I'm entering middle age for a Neanderthal, when others around me are being fitted for Ziff frames. It is becoming too obvious to ignore that my maturity pattern is nothing like that of ordinary people. Some of the legends say the Nephilim lived long, long lives measured in centuries. There's no telling what is going to happen to me. Even I am not sure how much of me is human anymore. I expect that as I have grown older, the Neanderthal genes that were spliced into me are coming of age and I will only become more and more different from everyone around me.

Nephilim in Hebrew means "feller" as a person who is so strong, so mighty that they can fell a tree with a single punch. Nephilim were regarded as supermen by those who encountered them. Scripture says they became so wicked in the Pre-Flood world that God despaired of ever making them. Apocrypha says they displayed uncanny superhuman powers, worshipped strange gods and birthed monsters.

"One of the most characteristic features of the Neanderthals is the exaggerated massiveness of their trunk and limb bones. All of the preserved bones suggest a strength seldom attained by modern humans. Furthermore, not only is their robustness present among the adult males, as one might expect, but it is also evident in the adult females, adolescents, and even children." (10)

"Neanderthal was far more powerful than modern humans. Whereas archeologist can experimentally duplicate the wear pattern on tools such as were used by people form the Upper Paleolithic (the people that followed Neanderthal), the wear patterns on Neanderthal's tools cannot be duplicated." (11)

"The evidence indicates that Neanderthals were people of incredible power and strength—far superior to all but the most avid bodybuilders of today." (

"The vertebral columns of the Shanidar Neanderthals are similar to those of modern man but with a marked tendency to robustness. The ribs are thick. The upper limb bones disclose a pattern of morphology close to that of other Neanderthals of the Near East and of Europe. This pattern includes powerful shoulders, arms and hands built for grasping, pulling and lifting. The lower limb remains conforms to the pattern of Neanderthal man in that they are robust, powerfully muscled and in keeping with upright posture and bipedal gait. In addition it seems that the distribution of muscularity is such that powerful acceleration would have been possible in running, jumping or climbing." (

You have to laugh at my ambitions for a decade to be a great distance athlete. Someone could not start out with poorer physiology for such a goal. Although Neanderthals had greater lung capacity and muscular strength, their own bones were too heavy to ever permit them to match the best endurance athletes of Homo Sapiens, who sacrificed most of their muscle mass and bone density long ago for a much lighter frame.

What about my skill as a writer with no formal education, my hyper-articulacy? Weren't those Neanderthals muttering brutes who could barely even use their gigantic brains? Nope. All wrong. What about my blue eyes? Weren't blue eyes a Nordic trait which appeared in the past 30,000 years? Not even close. Blues eyes were a Neanderthal staple. Wait a second, weren't Neanderthals hideous creatures of ape-like appearance? I've been accused more than once of being a pretty boy. The notoriously fraudulent reconstruction of Neanderthal skulls has been discovered to be one of the great hoaxes of modern science, in which the brows and jaws were deliberately rearranged to support an ape-like appearance for purposes of bolstering evolutionary theories of the day.

I guess you can't blame poor Homo Sapiens for not pegging me in kindergarten. They were all looking for a quasi-ape squat and hideous. In fact, I'd be a prince amongst Nephilim and could be considered an archetype for the entire breed. If you want to see what a Neanderthal looked like, you need only look at me.

It explains so much it has to be considered a kind of Grand Unified Theory of Tex Arcane. Everything, including my precognitive capacities, have to be regarded as fitting very neatly into the orbit of this theory. It only took me a half century or thereabouts to completely figure it out. Imagine what I will have figured out a half century from today.


Anonymous said...

Ape man or not, you are an original!
Go Tex Go!!!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one having a lol!?

You are the master of sarcasm my friend!

Anonymous said...

Gas leak in the vault today?

Anonymous said...

"The accident with sodium lye when I was 18 months old changed me into something else."

Texas Arcane, the Dare-Devil of the doomer community. Thank the gods you werent exposed to gamma radiation.

But seriously Tex, that whole article was just you riding your own dick.

You're starting to believe your own bullshit and thats a very dangerous path to walk on.


j said...

Neanderthals were also extremely modest. Phenomenally so. No one did modesty like the neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

What are you on today?

JeffreyJerpp said...


If not for the sodium lye accident, do you expect that you would have developed normally? Do you think legacy genes are capable of expression outside of random insane accidents? Might their presence create a more "active" genetic memory? I am sorry to pester you with all of these questions, but this blog is light in a sea of darkness. If you'd rather not post here feel free to email me @gmail.


Texas Arcane said...

I believe that epigenetic expression can be triggered by all kinds of trauma or insult at the right age in human beings. The sodium lye is but one precipitating agent in a huge list of chemicals that can be used to trigger legacy gene expression in the lab. The reason lye is often used is that in a dilute solution it simply irritates the tissues of the body sufficiently to produce epigenesis in fish, rats and birds.

If I hadn't drank the Drano I would not be anything like the person I am now. I think I would look different, sound different and be otherwise very much closer to the median genetically.

As for your last question, I am 100% certain that Neanderthals all had an advanced capacity to tap into genetic memory to give them a headstart they desperately needed lacking a written language to transmit information between generations.