Friday, November 5, 2010

Tim Wise Is Right - Kwanzanians Can't Do Math

This is one of the most openly racist screeds I have ever seen printed by them whom cannot be named. It is full of venom that stops just short of coming out and saying white christian gentiles. This stuff makes Der Sturmer look like a mild trades magazine about lawn furniture.

I don't understand why racism is wrong, except when it is directed against white christians or muslims. More than a little cognitive dissonance there.

Obviously, there is now a new boldness there that will be increasingly more outspoken on what this has all really been about for the past fifty years. The masquerade is approaching time for unveiling. I can't wait to see the looks on all those millions of useful idiots over the years who honestly believed this was about making Amerikwa a fairer place. It was never about that at all. I will laugh at them really hard when it dawns on them that they have worked for decades with all due diligence in order to engineer their own extermination. That's funny.

It is better to trust in God than in man, but liberals are all about trusting in men and their ideologies. It is through their vanity they can be easily manufactured for all kinds of purposes. Marxism is good because it makes the retards feel self-righteous. Once you've got them by their vain imaginings, you can train them like dogs.

You're not much of an atheist if you have not figured out yet why the people on the televitz are always trying to strip religion (with a creepy focus on Christianity) out of the common people. It was the last thing standing between them and the State. Not much of an atheist at all.

You won't have to read between the lines for this article. This is a flat out mission statement from Tim Wise. They are going to genocide you with extreme prejudice and erase the memory of your existence. They know all your weaknesses but you have never bothered to inquire into theirs. That is why it is too late to do anything but die for most of Kwanzania.


Anonymous said...


self-hating Cultimulcheralist

One of the beautiful side-effects of unchecked immigration from the Turd World is that eventually we'll import some truly lethal shit .... Dengue has already made it ashore, along with now no-longer-surprising West Nile / Nipah / resistant TB / and malaria

Wait til Chagas Disease or hemorrhagic fevers arrive.

Then we will be Out of Africa. Detroit, LA, Bridgeport, St Louis, KC, Chicago, and every other urban shithole = Hutus n Tutsis

I find it perfect irony that we're now watching Jomo Kenyatta II, Mau-Mau Man, taking down the white settlers. PC will kill us.


Anonymous said...

my goodness. what a poor, sad, feeble, lost, delusional imbecile. reading that i had a strange desire to start cutting myself, and not through any sort of white nostalgic guilt.

there's no question that americans need some serious scolding, but from a position of authority. this guy? isn't it.

i'll have a good strong coffee and go see if i can handle his comments section, i'm not hopeful.

Anonymous said...

What I'm incredulous about, is not Tim Wise's anti-White rant, but how so many White people are still not taking this seriously.

Do they know how many visitors Daily Kos gets?

20 million visits per month

Do they know Daily Kos' mission statement, is to influence the Democratic Party of the USA?

Do they know Daily Kos is financed through mainstream sources and Daily Kos has not repudiated Tim Wise's comments?

Do they know Tim Wise has been welcomed and spoken at over 600 university campuses?

When someone says they want to kill you, believe them.

j said...

I wonder how the jews will fare in this 'black and brown' world that's coming. It seems to me that they'll have a rather harder time blending in. Rabidly tribal as they are, I don't see them incorporating enough melanin into their makeup to disguise themselves, and as the whites slowly vanish into history and miscegenation, the pasty jewish monopoly on the media and banking sectors is going to get a little conspicuous.

Anonymous said...

God I am so sick of the "blame whitey" crap.
The thing is, what the hell are they going to do with the country once it is "all brown"? Make a giant Detroit?

Anonymous said...

Ramzpaul on Tim Wise's genocidal rant

Anonymous said...

There were some rational responses to Tim Wise from some rational liberals, but overall, 90% of the comments were in support. I recall reading this a few days ago actually (I read DailyKos for the lulz mostly, they are an extremely insular forum and I must have had over 100 accounts banned on there for my rather dry humor and counter-intuitive thinking).

As I said before here, in time, the blacks/liberals/browns will inherit America but it won't be the one that whites built. Zimbabwe is a rather telling example of what happens when "hate whitey" is taken to it's logical conclusion.

Another liberal has a hissy fit about how the election went. The Republicans aren't very useful, though. But it's rather telling that they received 60% of the white vote. That number will keep going up as the hate whitey volume increases.