Monday, November 29, 2010

Scientists Concede Massive, Unprecedented Volcanic Activity On Floor Of Arctic

Lunatic fringe madness ten years ago on Vault-Co, mainstream science today.

Scientists concede that unprecedented underwater volcanism is heating the oceans

Evolutionary gradualism simply not supported by the evidence.

The evidence is that the planet is a million times more catastrophic in cyclic fashion than anything in the wildest imagination of scientists. It's the only possible explanation that fits the facts. The Holocene in which we live is coming to an end and with it our lovely interglacial climate and environment. We had a long lull in the eye of the storm for 12,000 years but it's over now.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

Shut up and go buy your useless plastic shit from Mao-Mart [ are they in Australia ?]

American shithole chimpenclaves [ aka "metro centers"] are scheduled for expedited remodeling

Maslows' Revenge is gonna be epic

Another FAL, more fuel, label, check and repack. Wiis or other useless dig crap are around #567 or so

May the Almighty be merciful


Anonymous said...

So now it's a race to see what destroys "Wise/Knowing man" (Homo Sapiens) first: Nuclear/Biological/Chemical war or the quickly approaching "Big Change" in Mother Earth.

Note that I didn't say what would destroy "Civilization" because that was buried years ago. What we have now is apes with pretty toys.

I'm betting on N-War. There's no way this planet is going to be in an Ice Age without the apes going...well ...ape.


Anonymous said...

Tex, do think that the coming changes to Earth or nature are partly to blame for modern behaviour? I wonder if Man knows at the DNA or instinct level or a message from a higher power that ITZ coming, one way or another. As it grows closer the effect is more powerful. He might not realise it conciously, but that burden of doom in the future from the coming ice ages and other disasters might exert an inflence that drives many insane, with only a few able to cope rationally and prepare for the coming changes and another comparitive handful of others that realise what is happening but are so far gone and twisted they take millions with them or use them to their own benefit (Kwa & co.).

It seems a remarkable coincidence that the Earth is about to shake off Man like it was a bad case of the winter flu, just as Man forges ahead with astonishing speed to his own devolution and destruction.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 4:24 PM

I've thought this for many years.

There is no way in hell it could be a coincidence that just as natural changes were entering their cyclic catastrophic climax, all these self-destructive, aggressive and degenerative forces in Western civilization were also reaching their nadir. No way. The odds are too high that the two things would be so closely synchronized by sheer chance.

I don't claim to know the exact mechanism of how it all works. I don't know if it is changes in the magnetic heliosphere trigger biological changes which manifest in behaviour. I've said this before because it was my best guess.

All I can say is that it is likely since this is a cyclic phenomenon which races of men have lived through again and again, you would expect biology to have synchronized with this cycle, whether men subconsciously realize it or not.

I've always said that the human race knows itz coming somehow, deep down in their unconscious collective minds. All these bizarre, sick self-defeating suicidal urges they have are simply some reflection of this. They know something big is getting ready to happen somehow.

Maybe nature just flips a switch in their brains through some combination of stimuli the same way she tells animals to make for higher ground when a tsunami is coming. Maybe she says to them ... you don't have long now. Most of you are going to die ... so it doesn't matter what you do. Act crazy and enjoy the summer, because the winter is coming and you grasshoppers never make it through the era coming. She says to the remnant genetics, it's time to prepare and dig in. You are the genetically engineered survivor types and you know instinctively to brace yourselves.

I think a lot of our behaviours, including mine, are pre-programmed automatic responses, including shelter building and food storage. I realize that sounds crazy now but someday it may be widely recognized by science as so obvious it is self-evident.

You don't live through hundreds or thousands of these vicious cyclic extinctions without emerging with correct genetics hardwired into the breed that survived it. You would not think it otherwise. That's the way nature brings about adaptive responses to begin with.

Solsys said...

You know, Tex, about that Neanderthal topic again (I'm posting this in the most recent topic, not necessarily the most appropriate one).

There is such a thing in nature as inbreeding. At one moment, it would have been destructive in the genetic sense to inbreed between the few Neanderthals left.

If hybridation with Cro-Magnon succeeded in avoiding inbreeding (meaning that a significant part of the offspring shows Neanderthal characteristics) then that would have been the most clever thing to do.

There is perhaps something else. Perhaps at a given moment Neandethal was too clever for his own world. Neanderthals couldn't become slave one to another, thus making projects of higher magnitude impossible. (Such as : fighting wave upon wave of Cro-Magnon zerglings). In this sense hybridation made more sense, not for immediate benefit but for the future of mankind.

Could Neanderthals have been so transcendental ? Well they did invent the burial of the dead, with their belongings and such. They may have been the first to have coined the concept of life after death.

Makes you think, about for instance that "living God" Imhotep, a man with multiple very advanced talents, designing colossal monuments dedicated to "life after death", erected by tens of thousands of Cro-Magnons and financed by the manipulated vanity of their Cro-Magnon pharaohs.

Texas Arcane said...

Neanderthal's huge brain, frame and muscles were likely geared around a high quality diet of protein at least 4000+ calories a day. He was over perfected for his environment, having been through a half million years of selective evolution for it.

At 80,000 years ago, then 60,000(? Scientists still not sure if there was a magnetic excursion around this time) and then 34500, 22000, 11500 years ago there were a series of genetic shocks, each one of them tilting the balance in favor of a smaller, leaner, more efficient (depressive?) breed with very high aggression and disassociative nature. Each time, the remaining Neanderthal stock got thinned out more, despite perhaps being well suited for emergency conditions but not suited for very long term catastrophic environments.

The last surviving Neo strain with a definite look to them were the Clovis people in North America. The Gothenburg got them 11,500 years ago when diamonds fell from the sky. We know a great deal about the survivors and their extremely high native intelligence but it would seem they hit a bad run and even the Clovis survivors bought it afterwards.

Just think about it this way. Pirate DVDs are more successful in their way than real DVDs. For every legitimate DVD in the world, there are a thousand crappy pirate copies on cheap plastic floating around. In evolutionary terms, cheesy cruddy pirate DVDs have survived the legal DVD as a medium.

Similar with Neanderthal. The cheaper, more promiscuous and treacherous Jacob outsurvived his quality brother Esau.

Anonymous said...