Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ring Of Fire Getting Started?

"An unprecedented magma reservoir lurks underneath Merapi," says Birger Lühr, a volcano researcher at the GFZ in Potsdam, Germany.

"A rough estimate indicates that there is three times more magma than what was ejected by the Indonesian volcano Tambora in 1815 – the biggest eruption in the last 10,000 years, which led to a cooling of the climate globally.

Nobody is certain what this volcano is doing. There seems to be something building in the caldera and the current pyroclastic flow is apparently only a minor relief valve compared with the pressure that is indicated by the constant seismic events that monitors are tracking hourly.

Volcanic activity is surging all over the planet. It's only a matter of time.

Which one in the world is going to blow first? It only takes one and hundreds have become active again in recent years. The price of food will go through the roof and famine will sweep the world.

China, American and Russia all need a war and there's no easier way to start one than during a famine or resource conflict.

All it takes is one. If one doesn't start the extinction cycle, another will. There's no better place to be than underground in a Vault when one of these things goes off.


Anonymous said...

Add to all this that China, Germany and an increasing number of other countries warn the KWA that throwing in the market money made out of thin air, in order to "stimulate" the economy, won't be tolerated for much longer.

Anonymous said...

Anyone owed US$ are going to lose big time and not be happy.

I saw this coming at the very beginning of the GFC as it is not really a global thing at all but a US$ thing.
And the US way out is just to print money but only after those in on it convert all thiers to gold
scumbags the lot of them!