Friday, November 26, 2010

Planet of Fail

Who are these guys? Where do they get their funds from? Why does leadership in your nation provide financial support to a supranational self-styled governing body which has no mandate and no authority, staffed by unelected hardcore marxists? Did you authorize one dime of your money to go to these idiots? How stupid is the human race that they blithely accept anybody who climbs up on top of a bucket as an authority figure? Who gave these guys the financial means to afford three hot meals a day and a place to sleep? They're superpowered international freeloader bums.

The United Nations is a collection of failed human beings from failed countries imposing failed policies with failed goals destined to fail. It's about failure.

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Anonymous said...

Look no further than the issue and acceptance of fiat currency. It allows all sorts of parasites and vermin to flourish where nature in its perfect design would have otherwise had them eating grubs and thistles just to survive.

It's an abomination, these types aren't fit to be the foot stools for slaves and here they are elevated to leadership status just by virtue of their usefulness to other, higher order parasites.