Sunday, November 28, 2010

Planet of Fail #4 : Ultimate Provocation Fail

Getting interesting now.

The common man thinks the risk of nuclear war is in the past because the televitz said so. Anything they put on televitz, the common man thinks. He swears they are his convictions, a coincidence they are also on the televitz 24/7 around the clock. A coincidence, itz.

The common man has never been further from reality than today. The worst part of the Dark Ages, the peasants were closer to the real world than most modern people will ever get. Reality is all so complicated. The televitz is so very simple. As a critter who generally avoids pain and discomfort and seeks to be lied to in order to allay his fears, Homo Sapiens is the ultimate failure as a hominid.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure a US aircraft carrier would have been seen as "a potent symbol of U.S. military might" in the 1950's.

But closer to home, what possible consequences do you foresee for Australia (aside from the obvious one if it escalates to an all out stoush between China and America)?

Anonymous said...

There is still room, taking into account the fact that John Titor may have deliberately given wrong by a small margin data so that we don't rely on his word alone but on our ability to critically think for ourselves, that his story about WW3 may countain nuggets of truth. Think about what's going on with Russia. Russia made a deal with China to fuck the dollar. You know what happens when the United States feels threatened ? Russia knows it too and may feel that they need to strike first, kinda like a preemptive defense.

Depending on the way the US will react to their economic system and currency being burned to the ground, Russia will have no options left but to launch preemptive nukes toward Washington DC.

Europe will also get its share of nukes if it continues to collaborate with the US since Europe agreed to the anti missiles plans and let Kwanzania get a foothold in the continent.

Anonymous said...

No it's not that homosapiens are a failure..

"They" are following natural selection, albeit slowly.. But, when the time comes, they'll be eradicated quickly and efficiently..

They had their chance..

Look into the chaotic population equations.. Where do you think we are!? Where were we?! Where are they!?

*Search chaotic population equation on google if the link doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

The TBMs will be working overtime right now

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 8:02 AM

The first act in a major confrontation between the U.S. and China will be to turn Australia into a plain of glass. Once deprived of Oz as a floating resupply/sortie carrier in the Pacific, the entire conflict will tilt in favor of China emerging the victor. The drunkards and slobbering halfwits down here have had fifty years to figure this out but they don't have a clue.

Removing Oz from the board will be the single most important strategic move by the Chinese pursuant to the first strike being lobbed by either side.

If China destroys Australia and then hits the West Coast, the battle would be over. China would rebuild in six months, America would never rebuild. She would fracture into seceded ethnic states.

Once you understand this you will understand why submarines are such a critical component of the rapid military buildup going on in China. They have already worked all of this out in their heads step by step the same way that I did.

Anonymous said...

Tex I'm not so convinced that it would be in China's best interest to turn Australia into a plain of glass, as you gently put it. They need Australia's resources. They've needed our resources so far, and will continue to if they want to further expand. That means they need our mining infrastructure also.

That doesn't mean of course that there aren't plenty of military targets here for them. Surely they'd also like our land to be in a suitable condition for moving a few million of their population into.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Australia's location, vast space and resources make it a prize. There is no way Australia will escape any future threat from China. The only question is when.

I disagree with Tex on one important point. A nuclear exchange between China, Russia and the U.S. would be a disaster for eveyone. But if China were the provocateur they would NOT rebuild in six months. There would be a second strike to prevent an attacker from using the first attack to launch a land invasion. The nukes in the submarines alone would turn China and/or Russia into glowing lumps for 1000 years. The second attack would happen weeks or months after the initial event and would cause more death and destruction then the first attack. No one ever said the policy of mutualy assured destruction was pretty...

Anonymous said...

>Australia's location, vast space and resources make it a prize.

Just to correct you, vast space is no good, if there is no water and burning heat.

Australia has green strips hugging its north, east and part of its southern side. The rest is unforgiving desert and scrub and we passed our maximum carrying capacity of 15 to 20 million a decade ago.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Australia has the carrying capacity of ~25million 'Anglos'. The chinese could live here with 3-4 times that many. Go to an asian country and youll see just how small an area with less resources they can survive on. We are so spoiled here, i cant imagine the state of shock the sheeple will be in whenever it kicks off.