Friday, November 26, 2010

Planet of Fail #2

Europe ready to disintegrate.

China and Russia abandon dollar as reserve currency.

NK-SK on verge of all-out war.

Seriously, isn't it redundant for me to keep posting here? If you want to get a Vault-Co feed nowadays, you don't need to get it from Vault-Co. Any newspaper or media in the world will do.

I believe this year, next year and 2012 are going to be really interesting times to live in.

Update on Vault-OS : It's so bad-ass it will blow your mind. I really should put up some screenshots soon. So bad-ass that Reed Richards would pull his teeth out with envy. It's now cross-platform and compiles on QT TrollTech for any machine you want to deploy it on ... Linux, Mac, Win32/NT, OpenVMS. The architecture is simple. Every machine is a server. Every machine is a client. Browsing your control systems in the Vault is as easy as browsing the web. If you've got SVG diagrams, DXFs or even 3D layouts (VTK mini scripted) you can load them in and use them for a Heads-Up display that would make Batman drop a load in his shorts. It took me eight years of trying everything else before I got it right.

I had to write a custom daemon to drive the cheap serial port I2C device used for the I2C I/O. (Three diodes, a transistor, a couple resistors) That's the only component that isn't cross-platform. If you have a serial device for I2C control, I do have a driver for that written in QT. Otherwise, it's write once run everywhere. Performance kills .NET, Java or any of that crap. I get 60 fps on my Pentium III running at 133 mhz. Gives you some idea of how bad-ass it is.


Anonymous said...

RT says Germany is back as an economic superpower‏. Is there a Russian German Axis?

Michael Cole said...

Your absolutely right, the world is falling apart and its obvious if one only takes the time to do some basic research.

I'm interested in your Vault OS project - it sounds amazing.

Is it available for download?


Andrew said...

In the meantime Kwanazians are dropping their pants - that picture is ideal for a caption contest.

Anonymous said...

What resolution for 60 fps?! Doesn't mean anything at all if you don't provide the spec..

I agree tho, interpreted languages are shit.. But QT!? This is shit too, just right there!

Cross-Platform maybe, but nothing beats framebuffer rendering and pure assembler.. I believe you didn't want to write your own cross-platform library tho, so I understand the choice..

Anonymous said...

Btw, I say QT is shit, but didn't explain why..

I had hell of problems building these libraries on linux, which took days to compile.. If using only x86 binaries, I believe it's feasible, but isn't QT hungry memory wise?!

Texas Arcane said...

It took me quite a bit of work to get QT to compile on Windows and Linux correctly. Once you get it straightened out, it's amazing. You have to get your paths right and rebuild the libs on the target machine from the console as described (poorly) in the docs.

60fps on a 1028x768 screen using a vector graphic interface language (QML) that paints in OpenGL on a 133 Mhz is nothing to sneeze at. Got the Batman look to it now. Very powerful apps running on the barest minimum machines with specs that have not been cutting edge since 1995. The .DLLs required to support the entire QT library are miniscule compared to .NET 2.0 or Java 1.6 requirements.