Saturday, November 6, 2010

Leaking A Little More Truth Out


Read it and think about it.

Just a hazard to frequent fliers?

C'mon. This bullsh*t is aimed at eight grade reasoning.

If they admit to this, what are they really saying?


Anonymous said...

Got to agree with you, Tex. At times I wonder if they are carefully writing these things so as to mislead people or if the "journalists" are really as stupid as the readers who believe it.

I have realised over the years (much like yourself) that connecting the dots or adding two plus two to get four is beyond the vast majority. Getting beyond that to see what is possibly coming in the next few steps or years beyond the short term is limited to even fewer. There really aren't that many people tuned to dangers and upcoming events like you. The rest will still be grazing while you have finished locking down the vault and pouring yourself a lemonade to watch the fireworks.

Do you find that when you tell people of the likely dangers in the future that they listen? I've found that it is rarely fruitful to warn people as they refuse to listen, become hostile to the very idea of there ever being danger in their "safe" world, insist that the "gubmint" will save the day or just hoot and hollar like the zoo monkeys at feeding time. Even when I stick strictly to things proven by events in the past, natural recurring events and reliable facts and figures people can't take it in. They can't be that stupid, it seems that they have been conditioned to reject any such ideas. Nurture winning out over nature (which would scream out at them to start running for cover if they would listen).

Some people are deaf and can't change or help it, but most choose to be deaf.

Anonymous said...

and this story needs a photo of an iran air jet why exactly? strangely the commenters themselves seem too advanced for the tripe they're reading.

Anonymous said...

"They can't be that stupid, it seems that they have been conditioned to reject any such ideas."

That's because they have been.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:08 PM

Great link, thanks. This is the kind of thing people need to be aware of.