Monday, November 8, 2010

The Kwa Is A Failed State

Jes' sayin' what's on everyone's collective mind is all.

Funny how Homo Sapiens often fragments his consciousness into many different layers. He has things he knows but won't admit to, things he admits to he doesn't believe, things he claims to believe when he knows the contrary is actually true. Nothing is true for him until it's a consensus, nothing is ever false no matter how ridiculous it is exposed as being until there is a consensus it is so. Reality and Homo Sapiens are usually not on speaking terms.

There is no way Neanderthals would have survived over 400,000+ years in Europe unchallenged had they been this unabashedly crazy. You just can't get much done with a brain that works no better than that. You take two steps forwards, your subconscious steps back three paces. It's an organ at war with itself where the real total output ends up being zero. Without neanderthals and their hybrid legacy, I think Sapiens would live in caves and eat their meat raw.

The second half of a civilization is the decline phase in Europeans because it's the era when all the Sapiens occupy the institutions and kick the Neos out. Everything become insincere, theatrical and an exercise in duplicity.

I reckon that Yoshi thrives most in the latter half of the cycle because he's an opportunist and like a termite, requires the wood to be rotten to get his teeth into to begin with. I'm not longer so certain they are the initiators. They are more like the finishers who polish it off. Without widespread decadence and complete loss of equilibrium, I don't know that beany babies would ever be able to rule the roost with such utter aplomb. The first requirement is that the host population must totally lose touch with reality in order to be susceptible to the new modified one that is then offered by their scribes, who themselves live in a world utterly built on sophistry and circular logic. Who would buy into these tortured dreams to begin with when they had anything like a well adjusted perspective? There must be sickness first, then comes the feeble state of malady.


Cro Magnon said...

And yet Neanderthal died out and Homo Sapiens are still here. Ain't that weird.

Texas Arcane said...

Or not.

Have you ever wondered why Chinese people always act like they're a little cracked in the head?

That's easy. They're the survivors of Mao's great leap forward.

They ate their own children to survive. What sort of person does such a thing? Yet the sane ones who didn't often died.

What you see left is not the best and brightest. It's the worst and the least. Hemingway wrote of reinforcements arriving on the front lines to discover only madmen and lunatics to greet them and all the good soldiers long dead.

Anyone who claims to understand evolution who doesn't understand this principle doesn't really understand anything at all.

tony said...

i see the americans are prepositioning weapons in townville and darwin,prepositioning for what?also the highway brown and root built down the middle of australia they did that out of the goodness of their heart?something bad this way comes.bit in the media last night saying the chinese have to be taught a lesson,keep watching the sports folks everything is ok

Anonymous said...

People mistook Evolution for being synonymous with Improvements, while in fact it's synonymous with.. Change. CHANGE! You can take any text about evolution and replace "evolution" by "change" and it'll make sense. Change is neither better nor worse, it just IS. Sometimes, change is better, from our point of view. Sometimes, it's much worse.

That change can make an organism survive longer under a harsh environment but it doesn't necessarily make it smarter or better from a purely human point of view.

For example, an hypothesis I came with on the spot : maybe the Neanderthal had a much higher need for food to sustain their body and mind and the Homo Sapiens could make do with less. In the event of a massive cataclysm, the organism that could survive on less food will thrive more than the others. Why do you think most of the gigantic animals like dinosaurs died out ? were they stupider than rabbits ? the answer is that long term survival of species is absolutely unrelated to mental faculties. Bacterias will outlive homo sapiens. Are bacterias smarter than us ?

Anonymous said...

>Anyone who claims to understand evolution who doesn't understand this principle doesn't really understand anything at all.

Yet you don't understand anything at all, is that what you're saying?

Anonymous said...


All you have to do is watch hiphop music videos with the sound off, to see who's winning. Chimpdom. Poo flingers. Chongos y chongas.

Go to any mall or HS campus and watch paleskinned whiteboyz throwing big hand gestures, trying to be male, forgetting that it doesn't equate with Manhood

The dominant social genepool is permanently damaged, full of transcription errors and junkcode.

No surprise. Not weird. Ever wonder why telemedia is called programming ? Ain't that weird.

Get thee ready


Anonymous said...

I hear Mexifornia hasn't fallen into chaos yet, because the feds are propping their welfare up at the rate of $40 million per day.

The Whites are fleeing the state at an increasing rate - half a million in the last two years?

And of course the Left are coming unhinged after the Nov election and are agitating for revolution of the have nots vs the haves.

MSNBC Talks Violent Revolution

Of course the natural constituency of the left are non-Whites with a victim mindset, so its shaping up to be a race war and they are usually the worst of all wars.

Anonymous said...

Is someone trying to send a message to the US with the unkown missile launch off California ?.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right, Tex. You've a better grasp of human nature and science than most out there on the blogs.

All those who still believe that they are the peak of all development and the best and brightest are only kidding themselves as they stare into the TV and their minds rot. Sometimes the basest animal wrapped in human skin will survive. Of course, those animals won't be going to the moon or writing great works in the future just because they managed to find some flesh, perhaps some that no good person would dare consider.

Cockroaches and bacteria will survive where the noblest and brightest of men will not.

Texas Arcane said...

OhioDude, spot on. That's exactly what I think.

I think Neanderthal had leveraged his metabolism on big game protein for over a million years to power his big brains and muscles. It takes a lot of high quality nutrients to keep a high performance machine running. Neos had no problems sourcing the food for a half million years even during the worst part of the Ice Ages, but then the Earth threw them some curve balls that they could not evolve quickly enough to dodge.

They were replaced by a lighter, smaller, faster maturing, lower calories burning bipolar depressive who was superb at navigating the catastrophic landscape. He thought less, not more, made far weaker allegiances to one another that could be broken and betrayed at the drop of a dime and he would do anything to survive.

I think the Neanderthal may have said, like many Chinese during the great leap forward, "There are some things I won't do to survive. I'd rather die." So he did and was replaced by a kind of cheap pirate copy that was far less demanding but willing to do the unthinkable.

Why do you think Homo Sapiens are such suckers for religious psychotics? You back one, everybody goes and kills their neighbors under his leadership and you eat. All you have to be is nuts to survive that way. It doesn't take much in the way of social organization and where it does it usually involves preparing for seiges and ambushes. No messy sanity need apply.

Texas Arcane said...


Also right about bacteria.

Bacteria will beat men out for survival in any environment again and again. They are the ultimate in efficiency. They do it by jettisoning their brains, any complex organs, demanding internal systems and anything that might be vulnerable much to break down.

They move in a circle, eating what's in front and sh*tting it in back. Are they progress? Do they represent an evolutionary advancement over human beings? Or are they really just a different organization that succeeds better under changed conditions? The latter, of course.

Cro Magnon said...

I was only stirring, but there are some excellent responses in this thread :)

Anonymous said...

Huge Gamma Ray Bubbles Found Around Milky Way

Anonymous said...

For the neanderthal it makes good survival sence to raid the camps of the black aquatic apes, kill all the men and rape all the women.
This is how wars were fought in those times. It makes good survival sence to spread your genes. It now also seems that this was how the ability to communicate with speach was passed on to the lesser breeds of aquatic ape. Out of europe anyone?
Neanderthals wouldn't have bred as quickly and with the larger skull may had had more birth complications than other hominiods.

Anonymous said...

Two questions.

A. If you have a cellphone that you want to isolate from the world because it's an annoying shit (the cellphone) when you're touring the city, and mylar bags & tinfoil hats became boring & embarrassing after a while, what would you use?

B. How would you decorate your body, with copper or something else? Is it even a good idea?

Anonymous said...

Some interesting updates, Tex:

Russia is rushing to construct 5000 nuclear shelters by the end of 2012

Obama acknowledges decline of US dominance

Obama threatens: If you don't embrace globalism and one world economy you are considered an enemy and will be terminated.

Every headline sounds like vault-co these days.