Friday, November 19, 2010

Barack Obama, War Dog

The only thing that this crackhead has done in office is to ramp up war worldwide, day and night, morning and evening.

Everywhere you look, Obama is putting the blocks in place for a third World War.

I'm not sure I understand. What does this butt puppet know about military strategy or campaigns? He has spent most of his life in gay bathhouses trading quips with Rahm Emanuel. Nobody has ever mentioned him as showing any interest in these things in his entire adult life. He has never served in the military nor has he even evinced any particular gift for grasping geopolitics.

The answer, of course, is that he is only doing what he is told to do by a third party standing behind him in the shadows. Barack is useless without a teleprompter, he probably cannot even correctly spell "missile shield" on his own. Whatever them things is.

It's easy to take over a country and do whatever you want to it when it is full of madmen. They claim 20% here. I say 40% are unrecognized and undiagnosed. The real figure is probably closer to 75% of the American population if we include self-destructive delusional behaviour and ideas that clearly cannot be substantiated by evidence and in fact are contraindicated by reality.

As the terminal madness of the end times escalates until there is nothing left that is sane, tyrants can operate with impunity. Lunatics have never revolted and overthrown their captors. All a pack of schizophrenics can accomplish is to swing at phantoms and straw men who are only put before them to distract them. A lunatic is described as such because of the disordered nature of his thought processes and his inability to ever accomplish anything at all. It is easy to keep such men fighting against their own demons and not their true oppressors.


Bob said...

What you say about him being unable to spell "missile shield," I think that is a little overreacting.

Although I agree some of his decisions were bad, he is pretty literate.

Texas Arcane said...

All he has to do is to ever speak or write anything which I recognize at a glance is the product of a literate man. I have yet to see it.

His book was ghost written by an internal subversive/convicted terrorist. He had little to do with it. Crappy as the writing may have been, Barack wasn't even capable of authoring anything as good.

Anonymous said...

You haven't seen anything yet Tex, mark my words. Obama is merely paving the way for the real Armageddon incarnate who is no other than Sarah Palin. She will start WW 3 as soon as her Jewish masters command her to do so, hoping that after she presses the button God will also press the button and she will be awarded the lift to the sky by some magical way, together with the rest of the wackos of her heretical pseudo-Christian denomination. A good way to use this as an excuse to blame it all on "Krisscans" afterwards and massacre them as responsible, while banishing all Christian religion forever as dangerous for world peace, wouldn't you agree?.