Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What The Last Satellite Picture Is Going To Look Like In The Next Two Years

I reckon it's going to look something like this ... a shotgun barrel pointing at the Earth. That will be one of the last photos transmitted by our orbital satellites before a CME blasts them into vapor and blows the magnetic shield upside down on this planet, causing a major excursion or a reversal.

This is all it takes. We can see with our own eyes that things are getting creepier and creepier by the hour on the Sun, the source of energy for all life on this planet. It's behaviour is clearly unprecedented - in between the occasional million mile whiplash energy tentacle, scientists still cannot figure out where the sunspots have gone to.

That thing up there is charging itself up for one hell of a blast. That's where they've gone.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Obama can just use his powers of hope and change to stop the cycles of the sun. These solar flares only happen to people in history books because they weren't modern like us and didn't understand multiculturalism.

Anonymous said...

Those images of the Sun are incredible. You're right, it does look like a shotgun barrel pointed at Earth.

It might be a good time for anyone in the know to have faraday cages for their comms. I have them and it's really not difficult to do.

I feel that anything can happen now, whether it be the Sun, economy, war, famine or all of the above.

Like you always said...Itz Coming. Very soon now, I reckon.

Anonymous said...

If a faraday cage would "save" your electronics then you would NOT be talking about a very serious event. I got the impression the article described something closer to destroying most life on the planet.

Texas Arcane said...

Wrong. A properly grounded faraday cage will protect even sensitive electronics from EMP.

EMP is most dangerous to devices connected to lengths of antenna and power cabling. Once disconnected from these and shielded, most electronics would survive even the most powerful of EMP bursts. We know this because simulation in the lab has demonstrated it so even in the presence of millions of gauss.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

Folks here at the brainfarm [SNL]have looked at this in depth

Aluminum foil works, especially if the article is then isolated inside a plastic bag and rewrapped. Placed inside a grounded metal box they are VERY resistant.

If price is no object, the x-ray bags and pouches used for 20th century camera film work well ....

They can be found at

The lab techies have been able to actually test on the trestle developed for irradiating entire aircraft with hi-energy discharge

The pics of Patagonian lakes, Carolina bays and other arc-discharge "punch holes" is muy scary. Muy

We'll chat on air after the clearout. Reference the 15th edition Repeater Map Directory, DMs in the SE quadrant of NM



Anonymous said...

Before It's News... or BEFORE ITZ NEWS?

You decide.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you understood what I said. The article describes an event that might kill off all or most large animals on earth, collapse all buildings and incinerate all the forests. Given this scenario we are talking about something far beyond putting your laptop into a metal box. So either we are talking about an EMP that might not be that big a deal or we are talking about an "earth killer" event that incidently also creates an EMP.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 3:19

Are you sure I didn't know what you were talking about? Or is it that you don't know what you are talking about?

You can up the apocalyptic ante all you want - it's like saying underground shelters won't protect you from radiation. Actually, as little as a meter or two of solid earth will protect you from levels of radiation that will fry an egg on the surface. Dilettantes continue to shriek on the internet about the uselessness of underground shelter or the uselessness of EMP shielding.

I'll try to be more specific. Sensitive electronic devices have survived intact beside research devices generating millions of gauss sufficient to make humans nearby biologically ill. The electronics are considerably tougher than the humans as long as they are not connected to a length of antenna or cabling that can pick up and amplify that signal.

I am not some crank just making this up. I've read a lot of PDFs from studies during the Cold War on EMP and it's safe to say that electronics will survive smashingly if properly shielded by a Faraday Cage and disconnected from long lines.

It's funny, because people forgot about EMP until the mid-80's and then ran around for a while screaming about it, not realizing that their ancestors had already extensively researched the question with live testing and simulation devices for about forty years before most of them were born.

Every couple of years, some twonk shrieks "But nukleer bombs gives off radiation! We iz not be living because of atomism! We all doomed! No defense is possible!"

Read a book, brother. It won't bite you.

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