Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Real Horror Show Is About To Begin

... but don't worry because it's clearly leading to a peaceful future filled with Smurfs and Carebears. We'll be well positioned for the marvelous recovery in which our current generation leads the way with innovation into a glorious tomorrow of Jetsons-like doodads and widgets we should all purchase and enjoy. The lost generation will save us with their super-crotch grabbing powers and baggy pants.

Or, just print money until everybody dies screaming. It's never failed to work in the past.

I agree with George Carlin.

The worst bastard of them all is the one who goes around giving people false hope. There's nothing crueler than telling complete strangers everything is going to be okay in order to gain their trust. Nothing is worse in a man than that particular blend of unkindness.

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Anonymous said...

You couldn't be more right Tex. The one giving false hope like that is a killer. Plain and simple.

It's like a man lying and telling everyone that the boat isn't in danger of hitting the rocks and there's no need to change course. Although at this stage it is more like saying the boat isn't sinking and there's no need to run to the life boats yet. He's as good as drowned those people with his own bare hands. Just as the animal in the herd kicks, jumps, runs and makes a sound to warn the others about predators and other dangers that is the right thing for people to do too.

Don't let the psychopathic liars or those blind to the truth get to you. There are people out there that can and will still listen.