Saturday, October 30, 2010

Obama Bin Toner

How do I know that Mossad wasn't behind this false flag? If they'd done it, I assure you it would have been convincing and competently executed.

Poor dumb diversifier. I guess this was the best that Obama and his sad crew of career failures could come up with after trying everything else. Two days to the mid-terms and they know it would take a miracle to save their commie asses now. They probably thought it would make the crackhead appear more presidential.

The Brits are getting pretty weary of having to pretend to respond to false threats that are obviously driven by political motives instead of any real hazard. It's been an increasingly expensive courtesy as of late - but this stuff costs money and the British people are busted.

It's kind of pathetic ... and deranged. Like all things 'Kwa.


Anonymous said...

Osame.uh.I mean OBama is doing the same thing Bush did when there's an election near or if he needed a diversion (from say the catastrophic depression); raise terror alert and reveal some kind of half-assed plot.

Why dont the people ask themselves the age old question; Qui bono?


Anonymous said...

Found funny link at godlikeproductions, in case you haven't seen it

Take a look at the UPS address in Yemen



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