Saturday, October 2, 2010

Modern Science Is A Laughingstock

The sabre tooth tiger and the great mammoth herds all decided to off themselves by putting their heads in the oven and turning on the gas.

The Clovis people collectively decided to give up because they got tired of their lifestyle and thought it was too much trouble to relocate.

Megafauna across the planet all decided to become extinct when they got really depressed after realizing they would have to buy new compasses because of the Gothenburg magnetic reversal.

The Florida Keys and about a thousand other crater depressions formed at the same time were due to a cultural shift in the personal preferences for level soil.

Nanodiamonds fell from thin air along with trillions of pounds of highly radioactive carbon worldwide because some gay Clovis people wanted to add spicy accents to their environment.

Modern "science" is postmodernist gibberish.

That's okay ... because I suspect we are due for another "cultural" change very, very soon.

In case you have not guessed at my implied meaning behind the sarcasm.

Somebody is getting paid a lot of money to steer attention away from the Gothenburg magnetic reversal and it's resulting fallout. If I planned to vanish with my pals into my own gigantic government shelter in the next two years, I would not hesitate to spend a little money in the scientific community to keep the sheeple confused and off-balance until then. There is no doubt in my mind this "scientific study" was funded as an explicit fraud to increase obfuscation and buy time.

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ericthered said...

Just read about the inhabitants of an ancient city in India obliterating themselves with a atomic blast at that same time.

Must have been a very depressing period.

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