Friday, October 8, 2010

Media Blackout : Top Banker Says Kwanzania Is About To Die Screaming Eating Baby Meat And Burning ZOGBux For Fuel

Incredibly, this story got almost no media coverage of any kind.

If Ben Bernanke feels obligated to tell people that the entire country is about to crater, you know it's close to the end of the matter. This guy is essentially a clown paid to do flips and juggle to keep the people happy. When even this guy is telling people ITZ COMING you know it is a very bad situation.

Chaos. More chaos. Anarchy and chaos. The creeping crud of chaos is coming to swallow up the Kwanstain in a pall of smoke, blood and fire. Another empire that dies in a storm of paper currency and hyperinflation. Don't worry though, things should get back to normal around 2020 or thereabouts. Sure they will. Or, never.


Andrew said...

Black nobility to collapse economy with the accompanying 9/11 videos as mentioned here.

The old Iron Mountain Report seems to be more relevant than ever - especially with chemtrail subliminals sneaked in through TV programming.

Anonymous said...

I can take care of myself and my own people.

I have no pity for the Kwanzians who are so cavalier and short-sighted about anything that doesn't involve their own immediate wants.

Reap what you've sown, kiddies. If you think that you are void of responsibility because you did nothing, you're wrong. You still made a choice, whether you acknowledge it or not.

And have fun fighting off those cultural diversifier's with a golf club or a baseball bat. Send me a postcard on that worked for ya.

Anonymous said...

They leave it to the last minute to warn the sheeple. That way they can say "I told you so" when it does go wrong seconds later.

Anonymous said...

In the meantime, while we're buying time and building bunkers with your money - or what's left of it , let's turn the sheeple's attention to imaginary threats about terrorist attacks.

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