Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Machine Is Coming Apart

It is better to put your faith in God than in men. It doesn't matter if he exists or not. It works either way.

The people of the West worship the State as their "god." They just have faith in the incredible superpowers of the State. They believe the Kwa can surmount anything if they just think positive.

These ideas are insane. There is no "State." It's a collection of fifth rate people who cannot get proper day jobs. By coming together, no matter what their powers, they can't make paper into money or create prosperity with no jobs and nothing to sell.

The notions that men have about themselves, nations, the government and other human beings are all wrong.

Good things don't happen because a magic gas leaks out of the ground in a certain place. The United States was the most powerful and wealthy nation on Earth because it was an expression of the people who lived in it. People like that don't live there anymore. You can think positive all you want and hope for the best. Nothing will happen.

Actions have consequences. They went off the gold standard altogether in the 70's and they've been in freefall ever since.

It was a great place once. The year I was born. It was a wonderful place.

All that is over now. It's just another third world hellhole and will stay that way for the next thousand years. Soon even the most basic amenities of life like clean drinking water and three meals a day will become distant memories.

Think stupid ideas, suffer the fate of stupid people. If your basic premises are wrong, you will never be able to solve your problems. You will not even be capable of identifying what the problem really is.

The people who live in the Kwa now are not smart enough to know why the U.S. was so successful for two centuries. They are not smart enough to restore it to it's former glory. They are not smart enough to do anything but die.


tony said...

is australia any better?just as mentally retarded if not worse these people believe everything they are told .time now to look to your own this will go bad soon the only good thing about australia is it is surrounded by water and abit out of the way also mostly desert so if the indos or anyone else close thinks about it its a fair trek to anywhere livable

Anonymous said...

Doom, death, and destruction.. Do you ever post anything that's actually constructive or just about death and your Vault-OS that will never be finished?

Andrew said...

91 year old + 'Joker 187 General' = ?

8 years before being considered for parole (ie out in 5 years or less)

Times have certainly changed Cleve. The mere mentioning of anything underhanded got you lynched back then.

After getting beat on the head for 60 years by communist heroes your viewed as perverse if you don't approve of this stuff. Indeed, I see a grim future where the law gets used to enforce rather than prevent it.

UFO over New York

Amusing to watch their faces. When they finally bomb the system they'll be practically begging for the "aliens" to come and save them with - you guessed it - an even worse system. I seem to recall a funny scene in Independence Day with the hippies at the top of a skyscraper.


Anonymous said...

I knew globalism was BS, when they first strted shipping all the jobs out, way back in the 1980s.

Back then I thought it was just greed and stupidity, that were the cause of the madness. Now I'm starting to think it was a deliberate plan to destroy the West.

But hey, if the people were too stupid to see that exporting all their jobs was a really dumb idea, then they deserve whats coming.

Anonymous said...

The Czech leadership is probably the only one left in the EU that retains a sense of decency. A few months back the current Czech president was the only one to raise concerns against EU's neo-Soviet style totalitarianism.

New statements made by former Czech President Vaclav Havel command even more respect for this nation and its leadership:

"The world’s first global and deliberately atheistic civilization is heading for disaster."

delendaestziobot said...

The United States is an expression of World Jewry and Zion.

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