Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kwanzania, Nation Of The Damned

All the stragglers in the mainstream are trying to seem to be prophetic but the truth is that none of them saw this coming until it was inevitable.

Media people by their very nature are always :

* Wrong
* Behind the times
* Behind the Power Curve
* Incorrect in their conclusions
* The last to know what is news
* The only ones left who don't know what is happening

They are the most eager by nature to promote their own misconceptions and the least competent to warn others about anything.

To the victors of history go the spoils and the right to make the history.

A thousand years from now, it is possible that the Chinese people will teach that the white ghosts, the barbarian Han, are a mythical people who never even existed. Tales of such creatures will be categorized alongside the Unicorn and the Cockatrice.

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delendaestziobot said...

Don't be silly Tex, the Chinese cannot even build a wall, their first attempt at building a wall began 100 years ago, and the Europeans had to teach them how to do it.

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