Monday, October 11, 2010

Here we go. I told you.

You probably thought ... "Sure, Vault-Co has called it correctly a couple of times, but then there's the really weird stuff where you can see the guy has clearly gone off the deep end. For example, back in 2003 this guy was claiming the government's ultimate backup plan was to fake an alien invasion threat. That's Bill Cooper style crazy. Not even the government thinks people are dumb enough to fall for that. The elite would fake an alien threat in order to keep the strategy for global governance on track after global warming failed? C'mon, that's beyond the pale. That would take massive chutzpah to attempt a scam of that magnitude."

Here we are. I posted earlier on this subject. You can see they've been priming the pump for the past couple of weeks, almost to the day it was obvious that man-bear-pig would never fly. They are not going to give up and just go away. You will either see them achieve global government or they will get carried out in body bags or else put you and everybody you know in a body bag. They will never give up.

This is the fallback plan and they've been priming this pump since the initial UFO flap in the fifties which was unquestionably inserted into the public consciousness and then oiled with a thousand Hollywood movies backing the premise up.

Barack Obama is another example of a Manchurian candidate groomed for years by the elites out of their pocketbook and kept on standby in case they needed him. Before he got elected, people might've laughed at the notion you could put a Kenyan born Senator (according to his own press releases from 1988-2004) into the White House. Yet there he is. Talk all you want about how ridiculous these scams are but you can't argue with success. Fact is, people are morons and they fall for it. They are dumb enough to fall for a fake alien invasion threat as well and will be happy to turn over the reigns of sovereignty to a world government that promises them it will protect them from the "rapidly approaching fleet." It will be rapidly approaching the same way globalwarming was rapidly approaching. Fact is, they will be installed in a global government before people figure out there is no rapidly approaching fleet and never was.

Pay attention and watch how they keep embellishing this story about "Gliese." (This is probably a small blob on a spectrometry chart that may or may not be a planet, or nothing at all.) They will keep adding details one at a time, the same way they did with globalwarming. We'll hear about how the planet is probably dying for lack of water or resources and how the inhabitants must be desperate for a fresh new planet to migrate to. Then somebody will announce that a blob showed up on a photo somewhere and it looks like something is headed this way. Then the blob will turn out to be many things headed this way. It must be the desperate, warlike inhabitants of Gliese, you see, driven out by their dying world to plunder a new one.

The biggest socialist scumbag of them all, H.G. Wells, said that it is likely that many beautiful and exceptional human beings would have to be exterminated in the march to a world government. He was talking about you, in case you have not guessed yet. He's the one who originally hatched this invasion premise to begin with and the global elites intend it as a sort of tribute to him to base the coming false flag on his fiction.


Anonymous said...

Hey tex there is some idiot over at Aus survivalist mouthing off about how Muslims are no threat and that we should all welcome multicult. Do us all a favour and go give him a flame mate!!

Anonymous said...

2010 - The year we make contact...?...

Anonymous said...

Someone like Orson Welles won't be necessary this time. A genius like Orson Welles would be required to convince more intelligent people of a more intelligent era, like that of the 1930s. Today the globalists can simply rely on people being dumb and that they will believe anything anybody tells them - which comes handy since there are no Orson Welles types of people among us anymore anyway due to cultural decline.

On a slightly different note, here's a document everyone must read to know by who and how the world government-globalist agenda was masterminded:

Anonymous said...

It's a pretty long stretch to go from random signal reception to alien invasion..

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the latest?

BBC Alien Disclosure Ad

I think you called this one right; the bastards ARE working up to something....

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