Friday, October 22, 2010

Gearing Up For ITZ

ITZ coming.

In order to distract the (m)asses from their internal war, which has already begun.

Does China know which way the wind is blowing? (World War III?)

It's so simple a senile illiterate old communist knows itz coming.

Did Baba Vanga call it correctly a long, long time ago?


andyboots37 said...

Baba Vanga???

Sorry bro, if you or anyone else thinks this present world will endure, on any level, for another 3000-plus years AFTER WWIII- you're huffing glue. In order for that to be remotely plausible WWIII would have to be as impotent as a 4th of July celebration. WWIII in November? I can get there. 3000 more years of mortal human life afterwards? No chance.

I think our friends over at CERN may beat everybody to the punch-stranglets 11/9

Thank God for Jesus:))))

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you are "losing" it..

Referencing dead prophets, I believe you are that non-learning animal you keep writing about..