Saturday, October 30, 2010

Foreclosuregate : The Tsunami ITZ Approaches

The entire financial strategy of the big banks is to kick half of America out onto the street and sell their homes. If they can no longer demonstrate title to those properties through their web of conmen and debt collector scum, they are looking into the abyss. They are going to fold like cheap napkins all over the place. They simply do not have the capital to mount a complex legal challenge for all of those millions of homes and will have no other option than to go bankrupt.



Anonymous said...

Glad you caught this one Tex - this is the Big Kahuna in terms of financial collapse.

All the sheep dont know it yet, but TSHTF in real estate circles this last month. The more you look into this fraud the more audacious it becomes. These banks FALSIFIED OR SHREDDED virtually every important piece of legal paperwork documenting who owns what in the RE world over the last ten years.

The bottom line is, if yo purchased a house in the last ten years, there is NO ONE who can provide the paperwork that proves you own your house, or that the bank owns your mortgage.

This is a shitstorm of EPIC proportions and it is being passed off in the MSM as 'faulty paperwork'.

And BTW - the Fourth Turning book predicted this one too - in 1997. LOL


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:52

I think you are right:

It's gaining momentum.

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