Friday, October 1, 2010

False Flag In the Works We Told You About

What a coincidence, all these stories running together in the world press like dominos

All about the same phoney distraction just as globowarmthinkery has tanked

These beings represent a threat to us, you see - just like globowarmthinkery did

We should surrender our sovereignty to some supranational body to combat this "menace"

I bet those aliens are timing their invasion fleet armada to synchronize with the widespread unemployment of global warming charlatans as budgets come under review

The aliens must want to secure jobs for marxist bums and freeloaders, it's obvious. How considerate of them to help these bolshevist losers get replacement jobs in this economy. Crossing lightyears in their super advanced craft and it turns out they are all far left socialists when they get here, expressing mutual solidarity with their comrades.

So it turns out they were only crying wolf that other thousand times.


Anonymous said...

Why have aliens deactivated American and British nukes, but not the French, Chinese, and Russian ones?

Andrew said...

Wonderfully dry - maybe these folks will be making up the welcome party?

They must be getting desperate to start off ITZ with this kind of tripe. Biblical references in viruses, toss in some pantomime theatrics plus a few crocodile tears and they'll happily blow each other up.

Two more from Kwanzania and worse from the UK
Kwan Parenting 101 = Toddler + Duct Tape
Kwan Money Making 101 = Faux Cancer + Bald Son
14 years?!?

Just when I think we must be scraping the barrel - they manage to punch through a new bottom.

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing from another source, that some noticeable events, have been occurring in our close astronomical neighborhood, in the last 10-15 years.

He believes these events are a signal to the scum that rule our planet, that their days are numbered and there is no escape.

Perhaps something like this is on the cards?

Ancient City Found In India
Irradiated By Nuclear Blast
8,000 Years Ago...

Anonymous said...

Another for the pot

Anonymous said...

As soon as one lie starts to crumble then they pull out Plan B (or should that be Plan 9 From Outer Space?).

It's the same as a magician using tricks to distract the audience while he palms a card or puts something up his sleeve.

Very well timed. Maybe we can all get jobs as alien ambassadors and assistants? We can repackage and sell our debt to ET! The economy is saved!

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