Monday, October 4, 2010

Decoupling The Planet From Life

Pay attention to the similarities between right now and the early 1930's when the Depression really began to take hold.

Countries fight over the dwindling share of consumption in the world by trying to export their way out of their essential problem which is demand ... dropping beyond the means of any remedy. It's a zero sum game that eventually flatlines, leaving a glut of goods, no buyers and a pile of fiat currency which is effectively worthless.

World War II was started for the same reason that World War III will be. As a last minute act of desperation to try to stimulate demand.

Same old humans. Bigger weapons by far this time around. The last world war was counted in millions of civilian casualties, the next will be measured in billions.


Anonymous said...

China and Brazil will do OK ..

They've both taken courses that could be described as Alpha Strategy Nationale.

They've foucsed on Primary and Secondary Asset development ...

Primary : water, arable land, mineral deposits

Secondary : potable water systems, crops, steel and gold and uranium and manufactured goods of some worth. And actual education, as opposed to the PC programming that's come to pass here

US ? : movies, annual reports, Tertiary Paper Crap - CDOs, SIVs, MBS, phonesfoodsexandcars

Critical mass was reached when 52% of the electorate voted for 'Bongo. The devolutionary process accelerates.

Prepare accordingly.


Anonymous said...

its going to get interesting.

Anonymous said...

"Critical mass was reached when 52% of the electorate voted for 'Bongo."

Nah, there's not been a true & free election since JFK probably. I'm betting all presidents since then have been "selected" - not that it matters so much.