Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Control The Opposition


In Stalin's Russia, all the "radical opposition" was handpicked and financed by Stalin himself. They never questioned the basic premises, just diverted anger into meaningless channels and useless endeavours.

The Tea Party is a sham funded by the elites it claims to be fighting against.

You do not win any conflict when it is your enemy who designs your strategy.

There is no hope for Kwanzania. None at all. They are a doomed nation.

100 million people average IQ 97 VS A couple thousand avg IQ 130 = No contest. The subgeniuses will play the jackasses just like a fiddle. They never had a thought in their heads that wasn't simply a vector from another man who put it in there. The Tea Party was created to deal with the anger by channeling it into trivial and meaningless sanitized "opposition" that will never get anywhere.

They define the argument, they pay for the refreshments and control the outcome. The Kwanzanian is too dumb to organize a bowel movement on it's own.


Solsys said...

Vault-Co, good friends tell themselves the truth.

I should remember what you said ten years ago, But I also recall myself reading very positive things about the Tea Party, and enthusiastic things about Ron Paul.

This is the short of things you should admit. It's perfectly normal to change one's opinion in the light of new facts. It will give you far more credibility than the "I've always said this" line.

Anonymous said...

Right again, Tex. Any state worth its salt would have done exactly what you are saying (why wouldn't they when others have done it successfully?), despite the manboons probably not believing you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the tea party has components that are trying to dilute it's efforts. But make no mistake, most of it's members are thinking and acting independently and they will be voting.

Anonymous said...

They can play the masses like a violin. A certain TV Glen flip flopping from anti "conspiracy nut" to suddenly pretending to have changed his mind (and pumping disinfo out) is yet another example of them manipulating people to ensure their frustrations are spent uselessly. When ITZ comes they'll find themselves lost and scrabbling for cover.

Keep the herd busy, confused and heading in the wrong direction and they will be well over the cliff before the majority realise what is going on.

Anonymous said...

As I was saying the English Defense League are a funny mob. They rile up young White boys, claim they are not racist and only want Islam out of the West.

Well they are starting to show their true colors:

Chabad Rabbi In Bed With British Group Linked To Racist Skinheads And Soccer Hooligans

Whats interesting is this Rabbi is a Tea Party representative as well.

Ziggity Zog!

Anonymous said...

Tex, listen to your friend Solsys.

I love your rants, but this time you may need to dial it back a bit.

Electing the Kenyan Socialist was a real game changer. Now even the poor chaps with 97 - 130 I.Q.'s are beginning to realise just how flawed, failed and generally fouled up we have allowed this country to become.

This time, I don't think they're going back to sleep so easily.
Living in a broke and broken nation tends to have that effect.

Bad Dad

Texas Arcane said...


About ten minutes after I first heard the phrase "Tea Party" I read an article by Ron Paul titled "This Tea Tastes Funny" that described in exacting detail how the Tea Party was created and funded by the very people it claims to be opposing.

I've heard Goldman Sachs has turned out to be a contributor.

You pay the bills, you set the agenda. It's cheap insurance to keep the animals in their pens.

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that the Tea Party is scaring the sh*t out of the liberals. But yeah, they have "fake opposition" written all over them. Especially when they support military adventurism.

Anonymous said...

I heard that a tea party member was outed as actually knowing someone who once saw a picture of Hitler. Coincidence? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Tex, the real test for the Tea Party movement will be in 2013.

When the proles begin to realize...

1] Even with Obama out of the picture,

2] The economy STILL in the toilet,

3] They must continually, and unceasigly excersize those little grey cells...

they may Quaver.

Once it sinks in that even if by some miraculous congruence of unforseen events, we can manage to get the several States to...

1] Re-assert their Constitutional 10th amendment Powers

2] Refuse Federal control by refusing the funds that come attached to Federal mandates.

3] Realize that over-all rates of taxation will NOT decrease, only that control over Local, and State Gov't MAY increase...

they may quail.

They could very well tuck tail and run home to mama. Our grandparents did in the 1930's, they bartered for bread, and became slaves.
Some of us today refuse to go any further down the same path, and are gaining a little steam, that's all.

It's a risk. A big risk. The hugest of risks...

Freedom IS the hugest of risks.

Bad Dad

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