Friday, October 8, 2010

A Circle Of Hell Called Kwanzania

Things like this happen because everybody involved is sleepwalking.

I know because my own children were bullied when they were still going to school. Trying to bring it to the attention of the school was exactly like trying to rouse a sleeping man, a narcoleptic. Something was missing in their eyes. Lights on ... but nobody is really home. Nothing ever makes an impression on them. It's like they have no souls. They are only a semblance of real people. A somnambulent race of zombies.

Things don't register on them. They can't because they are deep asleep and what few impressions they receive, they incorporate into their dream.

The parents are sleepwalking. The children are sleepwalking. The teachers are sleepwalking. The public officials are sleepwalking. The politicians are sleepwalking. The government is sleepwalking. The lawyers are sleepwalking. The doctors are sleepwalking. The entire civilization is sleepwalking.

Like any sleepwalker, they don't see where they are going because they are asleep.

They think they are taking a nice walk on the beach. In this dream they are having, they believe everything is okay. Nothing bad happens on the beach.

In reality they are twenty floors above the ground walking on the edge of a roof, headed for the precipice.

It is possible for this reason that death, when it comes for them, won't even instill the right kind of fear in them. They'll still be caught up in the dream. What is this strange rushing feeling on the beach, the sense they are tumbling over and over? They incorporate it into the dream. It's just the tide, they think. The tide is rolling over me.

In a millisecond, they will hit the sidewalk and their dream will come to an end.

Prehuman, animal consciousness. A return to paganism and blood magic. Thousands of years of civilization peeling away to unleash the Id.


Anonymous said...

Is it the rise of the Eloi or the rise of the Morlocks? Perhaps a loverly combo package.

H.G. Wells had it down.

Anonymous said...

My father says that almost the whole world is asleep.
Everybody you know.
Everybody you see.
Everybody you talk to.
He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement.

-- Joe Versus the Volcano


Anonymous said...

In a rational world - this school would have been closed down forever when the second kid offed himself.

This bullying is nothing new - my school was full of these mindless assholes 30+ years ago. My father went thru it 50+ years ago. My father (one of the smallest kids in his school - just liek I was) tells the story of the school bully chasing him outside the school. My father raced around the corner of a building, stopped, turned around and waited for this prick to come sprinting around the corner, whereupon my father just drilled him right in the face, knocking his teeth out.

Then the bully's father came whining to my grandparents about what happened.

I did something a bit different - I just realized that most of them were just out for a reaction from you - I just didn't give it to them. Plus somehow I just (to this day) give off a 'dont fuck with me' vibe - my brother pointed this out. He gets on a bus and no one will sit next to him unless his is almost the last seat on the bus. This happens to me all the time too.

Another good story - my brother was getting the shit beat out of him on a regular basis (because he refused to back down EVER) and after he came home bloody the second time, my father went down to meet with his teacher. My father told him, "The next time my son comes home with blood on him, I'm going to come down here and put you in the hospital." That was pretty much the end of the harassment. LOL

I could go on forever about how screwed up the publik skools are and what it was like to have a 150 IQ and to deal with mindless assholes day after day - but corporate life is pretty much the same thing, altho they cant beat you up any more. HAHA


Anonymous said...

One last thing - you have a country full of mindless bullies, always looking for someone else to pick on, and you get things like Viet Nam and Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have mentioned this before - this country is going to be punished for all its sins by being made to be poor - and that is happening as we speak. In either the 2012 election or the 2016 election, these retarded morons will elect a demagogue who give them the scapegoat they are dreaming of. And when that happens, we will get WWIII shortly thereafter - my best guess is in 2017-2018 the first year of the new president.

Of course these people will never have the honest, the IQ, nor the courage to look in the mirror and realize that they, themselves are responsible for pretty much every bad thing that has befallen them. The sheep are full of nothing but corrupt & cowardly bullies - hiding behind one piece of paperwork or red tape or another.

They are destined to be erased. And the best part of all, is that they will do it to themselves.


Anonymous said...

Normal, mentally healthy people do not commit suicide. People who commit suicide are like timebombs and go off with or without bullying. Sadly bullying is part of childhood. Should it be? Who knows, animals do it and humans do it, so it seems to be natural. Good luck trying to stop it.

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