Friday, October 15, 2010

Blah blah blah UFOs Blah Aliens Blah Blah

Saturation of the mainstream media. This crap is supposed to be news. The Kwa is fighting in three arenas we hardly even hear about any longer but this is front page.

Many readers thought I might need to watch more television because I suggested "Gliese" probably doesn't even exist. I have always been proud of Bill Cooper for figuring out he was being used to promote UFO gibberish.

If you've even read a little in life, you'd know this garbage has always been on the list of fallback plans. It's actually a sign they are desperate.

This hoax was so transparent and so ridiculous I felt embarrassed for the people who orchestrated it. Clearly a simple mylar balloon, identifiable as such for any layman. I cannot believe the press was calling it a "shiny jellyfish." Do these idiots have any self-respect at all?

What happens if Plan B, the ultimate false flag, falls flat on it's face right out of the gate?

Then it will be time for Plan C.

That's when it starts to get ugly.



Anonymous said...

Those with self-respect need not apply when it comes to jobs in the mainstream media. The depths these writers will sink to are disgusting and only reinforce all the criticism you've given over the years.

And bless you for expressing it so that others might hear it.


When an early teen, I cut a huge footprint out of wood, like a dinosaur, with a broom handle attached. I walked down the beach at the water line, as if invisible, leaving tracks. Then my confederate ran up to people and asked what it was. Soon, half the people on the beach were standing around discussing the tracks. I walked up with my foot-on-a-stick, and asked what was up. Thank God I could run fast.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

as every day goes by im more convinced theres something wrong with western societies.
how can non western nations have any respect for us? we must be a laughing stock in their eyes.

we've gone from what every other nation aspired to be, to a bunch of failures on every level.

Anonymous said...

With the way commodities are sky rocketing in price and currencies are dropping like stones the food prices would be high for most. Add onto that the losses we have already seen in Russia and elsewhere and the likely harsh winters devestating what is left then soon people won't be able to pack their rice. It will be too expensive to do little else than live hand to mouth.

People need to know that they either do it now or they'll go hungry.

Anonymous said...

There is something wrong with Western nations; freedom and success. Your children and most adults up to about age 50 to 60 or so have had it easy. The generations before you made it so. We have taken our freedoms and turned to drugs and dropped out of school and bought the line that we could tax, tax, tax, and spend, spend, spend. But buck up, there is a cure. It is to go though what that previous generation went through; a depression and war and sufferring and hard fought success. If we survive it the next generation will be smarter, tougher and better off. Of course they will raise a generation of self-indulgent spoiled children but what the hell, that's life.

But here is what YOU need to know: 1. It's later then you think.
2. Food will be worth more then money in the future.
3. Someone you know intends to either sponge off you or take what you have when things get tough.
4. Someone you don't know intends to either sponge off you or take what you have when things get tough.
5. By the time it becomes obvious to everyone it will be too late to prepare.
6. If you don't prepare then you are the one planning on sponging off someone you know or to take what they have when things get tough.

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