Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Preliminary Salvo For The Third World War

I think there was a bit in the original Fallout where the United States started to produce their own brand of EMP resistant electronics when Asia shut off their supply.

So much for the globalist utopia. Market imbalances create scarcity instead of opportunity in the right conditions.

Since today's military is electronics, the U.S. has just discovered their supply is controlled by the enemy.


Anonymous said...

Mao-Mart and the Sov sit where in relation to established world oil/gas/uranium ?

They & proxies sit where in relation to interdicting flow through the ME / Med / Indonesian archipelago & Indian Ocean ?

You'd almost think that our Greenies are in the pay of a foreign power(s) !

Well played; chump change to the internationalist Greenies and US energy policy has been checkmated

BTW, Chicago Tony Rezko was just a bagman; the real money was thru a Georgian [ Adnan Auchi ] and nothing happens in the Caucasus without the watchful eye of Mother Russia. Checkmate, gavnoyed


Anonymous said...

Everyone saw this coming it is not a suprise. What is a suprise is that we do not have a stockpile of strategic materials. This isn't a case of being caught flatfooted it is instead pure stupidity and incompetence on the part of our government.

Anonymous said...

That's just perfect. Those rare Earth minerals are used in every high-tech gizmo imaginable, like the article states.

Rare earth metals and alloys that contain them are used in many devices that people use every day such as: computer memory, DVD's, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, car catalytic converters, magnets, fluorescent lighting. And in many devices that people aren't aware of, such as:

Night vision optics, fiber optics, medical applications that include dental and surgical lasers, magnetic resonance imaging, medical contrast agents, medical isotopes, and positron emission tomography scintillation detectors.

And that isn't anywhere near the whole list.

China has the Kwa by the balls both in this and in almost a Trillion dollars worth of debt notes, AKA Treasury notes.

Aren't we all glad our leaders are planning expertly for the future? I know I am.

And I am very confident.

I'm very confident that the Kwa will soon be a 3,000 mile wide Multi-culturally diversified bloodbath the likes of which has never been seen in the history of Man.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that the government and military "intelligence" had ample warning that there was massive dependancies. They had warnings against it before they shipped all their industrial capacity and later brains to China and India too.

What can you do for someone who ignores every sign and warning other than shake your head and watch then fail?

Anonymous said...

I think you'll be interested in this, Tex. What the homosexual media has denied and attacked for years:

Homosexual parents leads to homosexual kids. Why is this a surprise? It should be obvious to anyone who doesn't listen to the media who think that their wishful thinking counts for more than logic, reality and proof.

Another element in the cycle of decline you have highlighted repeatedly over the years, perhaps?

I expect these researchers will be attacked and destroyed by the mainstream media and Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

>Aren't we all glad our leaders are planning expertly for the future? I know I am.

And aren't you glad they started shipping our manufacturing jobs to the third world (China in particular), way back in the 1980s?

Not only did they put our lower skilled people out of work, the deliberate destruction of our manufacturing capability, decimated the higher skilled jobs, like engineering, that supported our middle classes, which were the drivers of demand in our economy.

To complete the destruction, they added massive third world immigration, to white countries and only white countries (and are increasing it), to ensure there is a race to the bottom, in terms of wages and quality.

I'm sure the Anglo Elites are thinking, as they do these things, "Let them eat cake!"

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton ‘Lost’ Nuke Launch Codes for Months
Aide Told General Codes Were 'Misplaced'