Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another One Blows

Get used to it, they are going to start going off like firecrackers soon.

It's only a matter of time before a supervolcano clears it's throat and introduces the worldwide famine. Think about the future in these terms and you might just be ready for it when it gets here.



Anonymous said...

Eulers Disc' accelerates ...

Experts ... where would we be without them ?

Sacramento Quake Puzzles Experts


Anonymous said...
Cheers J

Anonymous said...

Tex, the Idea of a supervolcanoe popping off has weighed on me lately. There have been a number of moderate quakes in the Sandwich Islands recently and when looked at on the USGS map the islands appeared to make up part of a large circle, perhaps a caldera. If you view it on google earth and look at the altitude reading while scrolling around it appears that the area moving west from the circle is much shallower than the other edges as if at one point in history this bitch blew its top and filled in the western flank of a massive volcano. Just a wild eyed thought.

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