Saturday, July 31, 2010

Military Creating Shortage of Radiation Drugs?!?


Something. Before this year ends.

Modern Physics Is Garbage - Read This

A steady state universe like the one suggested by Fred Hoyle, where mass and light interchange freely as it expands to keep everything in balance. How utterly wonderful. This model makes mathematical sense and actually applies far better to the actual physical data we can observe and see all around us.

The universe goes on forever, has existed forever and will always exist forever, as will you. It's just a matter of what state you will be in at any given time. Vault dwellers prefer the highly organized state as opposed to the unorganized state.

The Asians seem to be taking the reins of the future away from the white man. I have a good feeling about it in spite of my race being eclipsed in the process. If it had to be someone, I'm glad it's them. Maybe they'll make it a better place. Their wholescale conversion to Christianity is symptomatic of the spirit of God leaving the Europeans and flowing now into the asian people.

Globowarmthinkery Is Cosmic Fail

It's a religion. Like all religions, backed by secular interests using it as a vehicle to achieve control over other human beings. Psychopaths and organized religion are joined at the hip.

The psychopaths behind it are continuing to pump money into it to try to blow some hot air into that balloon again but it isn't working. The issue itself has become something of a laughingstock behind closed doors. Still good enough to shovel to the sheeple in the mass media, as long as you wear a clothespin on your nose while you're doing it.

This rubbish wouldn't fool a child.

ITZ COMING ---- Listen For The Hoofbeats

Really good summary of the situation at the link above.

Something is getting ready to happen. As I told you in a recent blog, something is gearing up. I think they are about to reset the matrix.

Something is going to happen in the world between now and the end of the year that is going to completely cream the faux reality that the sheeple call their lives. The real world is going to punch through the paper mache stage front and everyone is going to realize that the world they thought they were living in never existed. This will be just the beginning of an ordeal that will last a long, long time. Decades, in fact.

The media tries to structure any change as a "crisis," soon to be "remedied" by the State. This paradigm operates in the public mind such that anything that happens, always seems to the sheeple to be an "interruption" in "normality" (illusion) ... but this time the State won't even bother to try to cultivate the misconception. The common man will come to realize that things have actually been very, very bad for a long time. Possibly back to the day they shot John Kennedy in 1963, in fact. It was never really better any time since then. Men in power just kept us all waiting for the sanity to return ... and the truth is, it never did. All the intervening years were required to set the beasts up for the cull that was planned. To that end, they were narcotized by television, radio, books, public opinion and a manufactured consensus to keep them pacified and docile - for the exact same reasons they pipe easy listening pop music into a slaughterhouse as the cattle await their turn on the ramp.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Week's Far-Out Radical Fringe Theory

Three stages.

1. Unnoticed and ignored.

2. Vehement denial.

3. Regarded as self evident.


Impress your friends and stay at least thirty years ahead of the intellectual power curve by quoting Vault-Co on all matters.

Here's another one you can start passing on now. Albert Einstein was the biggest crank and plagiarist fraud in scientific history. Trust me when I tell you now, all of that stuff in the consensus is bogus. It's all going to come down soon because it is a house of cards based mostly on self-referential gibberish. The universe is giving us different data than those theories would predict and it is now becoming obvious the bulk of modern physics is abject rubbish.

Another Round of Bitchwater For The Posse

This is the key to understanding gun control and the predispositions in character that make it possible.

It's simple.

Boys raised on this water will surrender their guns to the State when asked. Our ancestors would not. This is what makes gun control possible or even a safe topic to discuss.

They'll getcha with something. They've got so many poisons loaded into everything we breathe, touch and ingest there is bound to be something they will nail you with sooner or later.

All an accident, of course. Like the heavy lead poisoning that women get from cosmetics and lipsticks. All accidental. It's an accident that everything right down to the water supply is deliberately poisoned by injections of known poisons. All accidental.

You can fool some of the sheeple all of the time and most of the sheeple all of the time, too. The poor sheeple don't know when they are being had. The stock lines up at the barn trough and drinks their prescribed poisons just as intended. If any sheeple tries to avoid drinking the mercury-lead-aspartame-formaldehyde-water, all the sheep baaa-aaa and bleat "Conspiracy Nut! Conspiracy Nut!" just like Farmer Brown has taught them to do. Any sheeple that turns his lips away from this toxic garbage is "some kind of tin-foil hat nut or something! Now get your snout in there and drink your water like the rest of us!"

Disruption In The Magnetic Shield : Spacequakes

This makes an awful lot of sense. It is in keeping with the long prevailing Vault-Co doctrine that the majority of the action between the Sun and the Earth takes place in bands of the electromagnetic spectrum we can't even see.

The Return of the Druids

This is the natural destination of all globowarmthinkery and death cult religions. They seek to destroy not just technology. Their goal is to destroy everything. They will not stop when they have blown up the power stations. That's only the beginning. They can only be sated by the destruction of all human life on this planet. That's when it ends for them.

Jim Rickards : Roman Empire Was Better Off

How true. I have to agree. The Roman Empire was restrained in many excesses near the end because their troops and mercenaries insisted on being paid in gold. If they had accepted paper instead, the Empire may have been able to carry out it's most lunatic schemes to extend their lives and the ending would have been even more apocalyptic than it was.

The 'Kwa has degraded itself into even more severe debauchery and degeneracy than did the Romans, long after it deserved to die. Long after they lacked the sound financial means to fund any of it. Their empire is built of paper and dreams.

The Fall of the Roman Empire was before thermonuclear weapons, orbital space platforms and the neutron bomb. The Fall of the West is going to be a million times worse.

All around you, people who failed to notice anything wrong over the past decade are now telling you "Yes, but it's not the end of the world. It could be a problem for our children, though." These people are wrong. The leeway is gone. The safety margin has dissipated. The free play of the gears of our society is now at an end.

The people of this generation are the children that the former promised would endure the final collapse. Our generation is where the chickens come home to roost. There's no more live and be merry. The day to pay the piper has arrived at long last.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sheeple Can Own Nothing

They are merely holding it for the rightful owners. That includes the water that falls from the air ... and the air ... and the clouds ... and the view of the clouds ... and the stars. Sheeple can own nothing. They are sheep, they cannot possess anything. That includes anything the sheep builds or invents or creates, even if out of thin air. The sheep cannot possess anything, for they do not own their lives, much less anything else. If the sheeple makes a profit from something previously not considered worth anything, that too is not his property, rather he is merely holding it until it is taken away from him.

There is only one word for this sentiment and only one father of all greed and avarice as monstrous as this. Lucifer. Anyone who could even say such a thing is a child of the devil and was born such. This way lies madness beyond the bounds of all reason. It represents a reversion to even pre-barbarism, it is inferior to barbarism in that it is nothing but might makes right without any law at all.

Will 2011 Be The Year Without Summer?

What Vault-Co raved about ten years ago like a mad prophet in the wilderness is now mainstream.

A lot of weather scientists think we're about to see a year go by without a harvest season. That's going to be really interesting. We live in a just-in-time supply chain. There is little to no leeway built into the system anymore at all. A year without a summer means a winter with babies, the other white meat.

This might be your last year to buy bulk food cheap. Yes, you are correct in saying we might have two years ... even more before food becomes expensive enough to make it impossible for the poor to eat. If it's next year, won't you be glad you acted now at the prompting of Vault-Co? Or would you rather be caught in the food riots of 2011 fighting over a loaf of bread and a box of TicTacs? If you don't think that is realistic, you sir have never known hunger.

People stay vegetables in our society in part because they are pumped full of hamburgers, donuts and high octane carbs. When those wear off, trust us, you won't know the people around you at all. They'll be completely different and you won't recognize them anymore.


The Globalist Paradise

What baffles me is that people have now seen every single paradigm they adopted at the urging of the chattering class has turned out to be a greased fist in their ass to the shoulderblade and they still trust these same people to tell them what is going on and what we should think about it. They still believe the media and their rulers have the answers.

Win, lose, the sheeple say Baaa-aaahhh.

Here's an exchange I had at lunch today. Probably make you wonder why I ever speak to anyone at all.

Me: We're clearly in a period of marked decline. It's not just the economic situation. Almost every institution is occupied by people who are all form and no substance. We are a civilization that is more a theatrical stage than an actual society where people do things. Looks to me like the theatre is going to close down soon for lack of funds, too.

He: That's your opinion and a very right-wing one at that. Others might say that we now have people in professions who understand the importance of social IQ and know it's not about facts and truth so much as perceptions and managing expectations. I see a future that is very bright because of this. Besides, we're only here for a short time anyway so if it turns out bad it is probably something our kids will have to deal with.

(I finished my beef burrito in sullen silence after this. I was lost for words.)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Must-Read On Antibiotics and Expiration Dates

Invaluable. Heed closely, it could really come in handy one of these days.

Dennis Rancourt Rips Whitey's Shameful Voodoo

This is a high priest dumping his own faith. I told you it would get ugly in the end. They are turning on their own to avoid getting lumped in when the night of the long knives begins on the globowarmthinkery crowd. This is going to translate into grant money getting axed left, right and center ... followed by tenures.

Good riddance, time to send 9 out of 10 academics into the unemployment queue. Academia is welfare for bums who talk a lot. I've seen the kinds of bums who talk very little and you couldn't get a piece of paper in between the two. One of them has a better scam they are running than begging for change, however.

Pity the people who fell for this bullsh*t - globowarmthinkery kills

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Planet Shaking Crazily As If Having A Seizure

In the past 48 hours the Pacific Rim and the major faultlines of the planet have been going crazy, with one 7+ Richter event after another. Katla is chattering like somebody with cold teeth. This began as a global event with such suddenness it is obvious that all the fault plates of the Earth are a connected system ... and something has woken them up.

We have had quakes all over Australia and the media has stuck to reporting them as though they were isolated events, each local principality unaware that other parts of Australia normally placid for decades have also had sudden quakes.

Watch for more tsunamis,major earthquakes and possible supervolcano eruptions very soon.

Sheeple Stampede!

Where's the little aboriginal boy with his cattle song where you need him? That would have been a moment. He could sing them away from the edge of the cliff.

Shades of IDIOCRACY. Impatient and doped out of their minds, must get in to the "LOVE PARADE." Push hard from the back. My behaviour has no global repercussions, unless some other asshole is pushing my back even harder. The solution is to be at the very back of the mob pushing.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Create A Depression and Terminate Benefits

Winner. Great plan. Create the world's largest corporate socialist superstate on the back of fiat currency and then terminate unemployment benefits for everybody. I'm sure that's going to work out just fine. Americans will be the Palestinians now.

Cosmic fail.

America Being Erased From History

Within a very short time frame, large parts of the original nation have been converted to urban prairie. All the infrastructure built over the previous 200 years is being dismantled, allowed to decay and then bulldozed.

All that is left is to bulldoze the people and use them as road ash and the transformation back into wilderness will be complete. It will be as though America never even existed.

Nuclear War May Be The Only Way To End The Depression and Restore Jobs.

Unfortunately, no people may be alive to apply for the jobs that are created by global thermonuclear war, leading to an even worse depression which will also not have any people to apply for unemployment. There's also a downside.

Either way, Peter Schiff wins.

Ginning up some conflict. The old military exercise is usually good for a few flashpoints somewhere in there.

Anyhoo, What's The Worst That Could Happen?

Apparently, a Permian-era style great extinction event overnight. So it's not like it's the end of the world or anything. After all, it has happened before and we're all descended from the 2% of life on Earth that did not bite it. Obviously, much overrated. There's nothing worse than people trying to inflate a crisis with apocalyptic scenarios ... like this one. Which apparently happened before exactly in the same place from the same methane hydrate reservoir. So it is not as if it is plausible or anything.

What sort of fees should be imposed by a court on BP for causing the extinction of most of the life on Earth and the complete collapse of civilization as we know it? Would that be computed per head or as a group action?

First of all, the plaintiff has to prove they have suffered damages as a result of the defendant's behaviour. Opening arguments might be lengthy, even sufficient to declare a mistrial. Either way, BP wins. They would probably just drag the case out for millennia until all parties agree to a settlement.

Hell Comes To Kwatown

I just watched HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN with Roddy Piper after hearing about it for years. Best movie I have ever seen with a budget that looked to be around $10.00 or thereabouts. Excellent flick for $2.00, clearly an influence on the "Fallout" universe. The scene where the frog with the chainsaw tells Roddy Piper he is "one weird dude" had my son and I laughing so hard we fell off the couch. Roddy Piper is in fact one weird dude.

Anyway, at the link above, you can see China is absolutely getting ready to dump all their ZOGBux for something with real value and it probably won't be tungsten-filled fake gold bars this time, either. This will turn the 'Kwa into a gigantic baby barbecue zone before the end of the year. It's a lock, guaranteed, this is the point of no return. There won't be anything to laugh at all in Frogtown by the time the Chinese have unloaded the last of the ZOGZanian pretend money onto some even more gullible creditor in the third world.

Good job, 'Bama. A year and a half in office and the former United States is in worse shape than at any time in it's 200+ year history. The black man has left his mark on civilization once again and that mark smells funny and looks like a tire tread.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The 'Kwa Is A Nation Of Losers

Losers fear truth because the truth about them being losers will come out with unrestricted information. Losers always try to clamp down on information because it will expose them as the frauds that they are. They have something to hide which means truth will always be their enemy.

This is a country so pathetic it is sneaking emergency controls on gold sales into a "healthcare" bill because it doesn't want it's citizens to know it is on the brink of the largest economic collapse in world history.

The administration has to keep bluffing because any day now the people who live there are going to realize they are entering an era of history in which the living will envy the dead as a result of the raw horror of their daily lives. Any moment now the rubes are going to wake up from the Matrix they call their lives and discover they have been swindled not only out of a past and a present but a future as well.

What is happening is no accident, however. They've been planning this for nearly a hundred years. It's not just a strange rumor anymore. It's here.

They picked a bad time to make their move. God has made other plans. Can be kind of hard to organize a world government system during a K-T Boundary Extinction style event.

Julie Gillard = Treasonous Kwanzanian Ass Monkey Sells Our Children Into Combat For Power

Your kids are worth the price it takes to become Prime Minister, thinks Julie.

Australians, I am begging you, elect anybody but this monster come voting day. Anybody. I know Tony Abbott is the lesser of two evils but Gillard is absolutely 100% down-the-line an Illuminatist NWO Tool from the time she wakes up in the morning to the time she goes to bed at night.
McChrystal told Houston in December 2009 that “the Rudd government’s refusal to allow Australian troops to take the fight to the Taliban was impairing the US-led war effort”.
You couldn't make this stuff up.

While much still remains unknown, it is highly unlikely that Washington, the CIA and the US embassy in Canberra were not deeply involved in the anti-democratic conspiracy to depose Rudd—just as they were in the 1975 coup that brought down the Whitlam Labor government. Rudd certainly appears to have concluded that the US had a hand in the coup. Sydney Morning Herald journalist Peter Hartcher reported from the US on Monday that Rudd had “irritated some senior US officials in the past fortnight in numerous calls to Washington”. One official told Hartcher: “Kevin has been whiny and mopey. There’s been too much ‘if only’ this and ‘if only’ that. He needs to just suck it up and get on with things.” (Do what he is told to do like the puppet administrator of a satellite colony. That's odd because I don't recall voting for any of you f*cking yanks, mate. )

As soon as she loses the election, she needs to be permanently deported as a fifth columnist working inside our borders against Australian interests. The evidence is clear - she stabbed Rudd in the back for the U.S. for assurances she would be the next Prime Minister of Australia.

The Billionaire Bugout Plan

Very interesting link forwarded by a reader.

The guys at the top know what is happening. The "recovery" is a tranquilizer they transmit over the televitz to calm the trailer park mobs, who might otherwise be making their way through the night with torches and pitchforks. Luckily they are going to be the very last ones to figure it out.

Where the 'Kwa is going, there's no coming back from.

I love that site. Check out this recent tidbit. Remember way back in 2003 when we once told you that someday in the far flung future, Vault-Co would be considered the moderate viewpoint? We're just about there now.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Globowarmthinkist Makes Personal Effort To Reduce Carbon Emissions

A substantial reduction. If only other Globowarmthinkists would show the same kind of resolve as this fellow.

Notice this guy's entire career was a chain of pseudo-scientific snake oil circus acts. He was also a power player in the nuclear winter scam, managing to generate quite a bit of income out of this sophistry until that ruse died out and he had to hatch another one.

Beats having a day job.

The Bible Was First

It's likely the Bible was a text lifted by the Hebrews from the Hyksos, themselves having stolen it from an ancient Indo-Aryan tradition produced by a civilization we are not even aware of today. It is altogether possible that the Bible is hundreds of thousands of years old, perhaps millions of years or even older.

Nevertheless, the stories in it continue to be the sacred truth, a higher truth than Richard Dawkins has ever dreamed of in his wildest imagination. There is not a word of scripture that is not imbued with a thousand times the value of any book ever produced by a mere man in terms of it's spiritual value in the conveyance of wisdom.

In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, we learn of the fate of all declining civilizations that are destroyed by God's wrath.

In the story of the Tower of Babel, we learn of the failures of globalism and multiculturalism as they have occurred again and again, possibly going back into the mists of antiquity.

In the story of Esau and his brother Jacob, we learn that better races of men have lost the blessing of their father not because they were unworthy but due to treachery and circumstance.

In the story of Eden, we learn that the man who blushes, the original child of God, was corrupted by having his stock polluted by the seed of serpents, the genetics of snakes.

In the story of Abel and Cain we see that the original founders of all civilization are always descended from murderers and liars.

We see that all the mistakes made by mankind are remedied by the sacrifice of the living word of God, Jesus, who died in our place in order that we could be forgiven our sins and rejoined to our father in heaven.

The funny thing about the Bible is that it is always the most relevant book you can read, no matter what era you are born in. Whatever you learn from scripture you will find will apply to your life right now more than anything some mere man can ever say or write. When you learn a lesson from the Bible, you have acquired real understanding.

A Fifth Column Upon Which The Sun Never Sets

Read this article to know why the 'Kwa is absolutely doomed.

Treason from without is one thing. Treason from within by a secret army is not something easily remedied. The patient can generally be assured he is living on borrowed time. How can the 'Kwa fight it's own body? Rather more likely the invader will destroy all patriots from the inside instead of the other way around. The 'Kwa has a terminal condition. It is filled with contradictions which all work towards the destruction of itself.

I figured this out seventeen years ago, which is why I left.

Anybody With A Pulse Knows Itz Coming

By the time the mass media begins to notice a trend, they have already missed the growth part of the curve.

It's the disaster of the commons. When the mid-range of the Bell Curve jump in, things are bound to get insipid. These are also the people that journalists end up talking to. Other idiots.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lucifer's Handmaiden, Julia Gillard

Ever since Ms Gillard declined to put her hand on the Bible when she was sworn in as PM, Australia's religious and spiritual folk of all persuasions have been praying for, pondering the nature of and, at least in one case, damning her soul.
Funny. The media didn't inform the electorate on this. Seems like a pretty important detail to leave out. As a former atheist, I never understood atheists with physical aversions to the Bible. If it is simply an old book of Hebrew myths, what possible harm could it do you to make a symbolic gesture and place your hand on it? Irrational indeed - unless "atheist" means "satanist" for most people who use "atheist" to mean "I don't believe in God, meaning I hate him and want to overthrow him." Good luck with that plan.
'We're not trying to recruit her against her will,' she says. 'We see her as a high priestess anyway, regardless of her atheism.'
Gillard has a strange affinity with occult and pagan groups. Odd, considering she claims to be an "atheist." As any good detective would ask "When did the two of you first meet?" Gillard seems to have a history with these folks. Strange times.
But if Ms Gillard is damned, she will have plenty of company. In the 2006 census, one in five people said they had no religion.
Misery loves company. People always act like the fact that others will accompany them to hell will somehow alleviate the tedium when they get there.
Hotly criticising the new PM is Pastor Danny Nalliah of the Catch the Fire Ministries. He claims that a godless Gillard is out to 'destroy our Judeo-Christian heritage,' outlaw worship altogether and turn Australia into another 'Communist China'.
Stop sugarcoating the truth, pastor. It's much worse than that.
In endorsing Tony Abbott as his preferred PM, Pastor Nalliah wrote on his website last week: 'Ms Gillard is anti-God, pro-abortion, has no Christian moral values and the list goes on. On the other hand Mr Tony Abbott is openly Christian, pro-life and has very good moral values.'

I have to agree.

Also, he's human and a warm-blooded furry live bearing mammal. Gillard, meh, not so much. A hater of children by her own confession ... an enemy of all organic life on Earth, in fact. What better leadership could you ask for - if you want to be destroyed?

Like all children of the Devil, she is not above soiling the institution of marriage by taking a fake beard to conceal her lifelong lesbian lifestyle. She is an avaricious harpy who would never allow any flesh to keep her from the pursuit of power.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Man is not a Learning Animal

No. He isn't.

"7,500?" Right. Try "750" for a closer score, pinhead.

Methane = Extinction Gas

That genie is not going back in the bottle.

Look at where the water is right now in terms of toxicity.

Water samples that explode in the lab during testing

Performance Bonuses For Frying Kwanzanian Ass Monkeys In The Shower

Any soldier stupid enough to serve in the Kwanzanian Army deserves whatever happens to them. You soap up with the devil, don't go crying because you got poached and boiled when you rinsed.

Nobody worth a damn would serve in the U.S. Army nowadays and thus they should accept they may be killed as a contingency for the most absurd of reasons. Zip'em up and bury'em in one of those cheap plastic coffins.

Real Unemployment Rate Is 25%+ In The 'Kwa

Even anecdotal survey would reveal this to anybody not determined to lie about it.

Going to get dicey over there soon.

Hey - I figure the two types of people above are the only residents of Western civilization and apparently natural soul mates, since they are the only ones who appear in photographs of the workplace and always side-by-side. Partners in crime. Like salt and pepper. A snow ho won't get far without her soul brother flying wingman with her. Based on my conclusions, I am writing up an exciting expose of how every white male on U.S. soil vanished into thin air back in 1965 and has never been seen since. I judge from photographs they just evaporated like an unpleasant odor. Besides, there is no place more apt for a brother than behind a keyboard, surfing various computations and whatnot and what have you. A brother what is edjumifacated can deal with these various things and what have you, a lot better than porky pink-neck tiny penis. Rising up and whatnot.


*BUMP (Been saving quite a few links up of similar theme)

Is this normal?

Is this also normal?

This must be normal as well.

Increasing activity and deliveries arriving here. Normal.

Nothing to see here, people, keep moving along.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Time For Imprecatory Prayer For Kwanzania

Sentencing a 70 year old human rights lawyer, an elderly woman, for straying outside of ambiguous, weakly defined conversation guidelines when talking with her client.

Edgar Steele is black-hooded and made an unperson. Location unknown.

"The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable." -- H.L. Mencken

Steele was apparently on the verge of publishing a book about Israeli human trafficking in both organs and the sex slave industry that would have come at a very bad time for them. Thus he was roped right after recovering from his mysterious heart failure (he had not been expected to survive) and dragged off to an undisclosed location held without bail, much as political prisoners in the Soviet Union for decades. There is no evidence that Edgar Steele has ever broken the law in his entire adult life. Read his last post. He was about to become politically active. There are people who think he might have won. Now he is simply someone scrubbed from history. He will no doubt die in captivity and it is unlikely his remains will ever be found. Steele was erased not for his actions but for his thoughts.

William Milton Cooper was allowed to live all those years as long as he repeated that agitprop prattle about UFOs and Aliens. The instant he discovered that all of this garbage was deliberately released to the public to keep them looking up at the sky instead of the person standing next to them, he was assassinated in his own driveway. There are no UFOs and there are no aliens. There's just a bunch of crap that is spread around to keep the feebleminded busy with straw men and shadows whilst real living breathing human beings slide them into the world plantation barn as their own personal stock of man-cattle.

Keep telling yourself they're only targeting the "weirdos," (People with IQs above room temperature) Kwanzanian. You just keep telling yourself that until the time comes for your black hood. Won't be long now and they'll be processing them by the boxcar.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Recovery Proceeds Apace

Yes, it's a recovery. I can't even be bothered to explain to people any more why you need jobs, a civilization, a citizenry and an actual nation to have a recovery. America has none of those things.

Kwanzanians, in case you have not figured it out yet, you got swindled big town style, forever.

Poor Kwannies are standing around in their underwear in the middle of smoking ruins wondering if the globalist paradise is here yet or not. Is it coming soon? You know, like the people on the televitz promised.

Where the 'Kwa is going, it won't be coming back from.

U.S. Congressmen Hand-Deliver Seeds To Doomsday Vault In Norway

Paying attention yet? Can't strip your eyes away from Lindsay Lohan to concentrate on other news?

Think hard about this Vault. Think about the expense, resources, manpower and organization that has been dropped on it through a collective effort of all the nations on earth in an apparent frenzy to complete this Vault as soon as possible.

Think hard about the implications.

It could not have been kept a secret because it was an international effort, conducted in a place that would have been open to survey and observation.

It was necessary to build it in plain site with some vague, ambiguous cover story about "global warmthinkery" etc. etc. yada yada yada.

What was the real reason it was so important to construct this thing, expense be damned, before the coming final solar maximum exactly 11,500 years after the last radioactive black mat was laid down worldwide mixed with nanodiamonds that apparently fell from thin air at the time? A black mat that coincided with the great extinction of mammals worldwide on every continent? A black mat that coincided with the extinction of entire races of humans including the Clovis people? A black mat that apparently coincided with the formation of the Carolina Bays and the Florida Everglades? A black mat in which all the animals found dead beneath it have tiny pure balls of carbon that were apparently fired so deeply into their bone marrow they would have been traveling at hypersonic speeds?

Think about that.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Something's getting ready to happen.



What does BP have planned?

Something. I'm not sure what. I don't have ESP. I just have good instincts.

Something is coming.

The marines have a plan.

I'm not sure what exactly. I can feel something in my bones. Like a dog whistle that only Tex Arcane can hear.

Something is getting ready to happen.

Feel it? It's coming. Something. Shut down that chattering ape in your head and listen for it. It's very faint. You have be very quiet to hear it. Something.


I had a really powerful dream last night after posting this strange blog above. It woke me up it was so frightening. Probably I was just rehashing subconscious fears, sure.

I dreamed the third world war started and it was really, really bad. It turned out most of my worst fears about the use of dirty weapons and the advanced tech they had been concealing were all true. In my dream, the Red Chinese dropped nuclear cluster bombs on the Gold Coast with neutron bursts to clean out the barbarian Han without destroying their real estate holdings. I went up on the mountain and looked out and could see the Gold Coast was partial ruins but completely desolate, without so much as a bird being heard.

The dream scared me because it exceeded anything I had predicted and I guessed that the rest of the world had suffered much, much worse ... with worse on the way.

Vault-Co Told You This A Long, Long Time Ago

All the egyptians were european caucasians. Didn't you know that?

Your "history," used to be my "history," too. Until I found out it was all bunkum and the real story was the exact opposite.

They got one thing right, though. The last pharoahs were blacks. They were also the last pharoahs. Not long after they came to power, Egypt collapsed into absolute ruin.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Here's the interesting part.

How long have these cycles been going on for? What do you have the nerve to speculate?

Hundreds of years? Thousands of years? Millions of years? Trillions of years?

The media is so corrupt they managed to change a scientific discovery today into it's complete opposite by the time it went to press. The Earth is much, much older than previously assumed by edjumfacated types. Much older. Our current geological configuration took 100 million years to form, not thirty million. That pushes most theories of tectonic chronology into the rubbish bin. Note how nobody ever suggests that maybe the tectonic cooling they are talking about was only one in a long series of such events which has happened over and over again. Same planet - different stage.

World Empire Of Sodomites

Whether you realize it or not, these people are laughing at you all the time. They are laughing at how stupid the sheeple are and how easily they can be made to think anything, no matter how ridiculous. They are laughing at you. The poor sheeple think they know what these people are up to but they have no idea. They simply lack the imagination to comprehend what is happening to them. They will never be able to understand real beast cunning.

They pretend to be like you for the same reason wolves creep up on herds on their paws in a crouch. They want to get close enough to make the kill without spooking the sheep into running.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Planet Buster Waiting Underneath Deepwater?

Read the article. The temperature of the oil is now hot enough to melt methane hydrates locked up in ice at that depth.

Whatever happens it is going to be much, much worse when it climaxes than it is now. Even released slowly, the Southeast is going to be poisoned to such a degree that it may become completely uninhabitable.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Smurf Cannibal Hell Approaches

I did a bulk buy today and topped off a lot of long-term staples : peanut butter, salmon, sardines, crackers, self-raising flour, instant mash.

I was amazed at how far prices have gone up in the past six months alone. It was staggering. Luckily there are a lot of these bulk foods still produced right here on Australian soil so the price remains reasonable. I can only imagine what they might have climbed to elsewhere. For example, sugar keeps a comfortable surplus in Australia because of the huge production from Bundaberg.

Something important to grasp about the coming famine is that governments never come out and admit there is a problem until it is so obvious it can no longer be ignored. It's the same for the economy. Nobody wants to be blamed for setting off a psychological panic and later get branded as the guy who started the great depression ... or a run on the banks ... or a panic of food hoarding. Instead, you just get a lot of nervous looks and sweaty brows and then they offer you a story about Lindsay Lohan's sentencing in court. Anything to avoid talking about the real world. Nobody wants to be remembered as the guy who tossed the cigarette butt into the dynamite dump and got blamed for the inevitable explosion that followed, so they just keep smoking and pretending to talk about other topics.

It's the same when they ask Alan Greenspan about the economy he helped destroy or Al Gore about the coming Ice Age. They are going to mumble under their breaths and dodge the issue altogether.

Meanwhile .... food is climbing in price by the month, week in and week out. Sooner or later, it is going to get so ludicrous that somebody will have to admit we've got what looks like a real shortage on our hands. That's not supposed to happen in Smurf World, the globalist utopia. Unfortunately, we don't live in that world.

Friday, July 9, 2010

We Are Not Governed

We are ruled. By psychopaths and sociopaths. We do not choose these leaders. They are not the men and women we would have represent us. We have nothing in common with them and they have nothing in common with us. Their ways are not our ways. They are not like us, no more than if they really were David Icke's space aliens. They are just as different from us, as remote as if they were other than human.

The psychopath snickers at what he thinks would amuse us, as well. They are monsters, they are born that way and they can never do anything but seduce us to give away our human dignity and sacrifice everything we have worth fighting for.

It's never fun to shoot people. It's also never fun to eat them or see them drawn and quartered by horses. These people appeal to the damaged aspect inside every man that represents the madness we tried to escape with Republics. They are anti-humans and they are our rulers.

Katla - 14 Quakes In 48 Hours

Looks like she is getting ready to blow sooner than later.

Since many meteorologists were already forecasting apocalyptic snowball Earth scenarios for the coming winter in the northern hemisphere, you can imagine what a supervolcano eruption would do to the planet right now.

Alex Jones On The Darkness

The reason the elite regard the sheeple as beneath contempt is because they are beneath contempt. They're lower than barnyard beasts. They are animals made in the shape of men. They can no more reason than any of the old world primates. The common man is considered of no possible threat because he has completely disarmed himself at the mental, physical and spiritual level. He put on his chains before he was even asked to.

If Jones is a shill, what does it say about the 'Kwa that it's so obvious even a paid shill brings it up?

Nothing can stop the darkness.

I don't care if it makes me the craziest man on Earth to say it out loud - here it is. When the natural rhythms of life precede a large population cull, the higher mammals are sedated internally by mother nature herself. I am convinced that when humans sense an upcoming population crash in their bones, their brains pump them full of dopamine to keep them euphoric and indifferent when they die. Someday, perhaps a hundred years hence, I will be vindicated by the biological sciences. Watch and see.

Nations Make War To Avert Economic Reckonings

The 'Kwa is deliberately provoking World War III by parking Tomahawks inside range of Shanghai.

Things are very ugly behind the scenes. Very ugly, very raw and very tense. The media generally carry stories about Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton but the real news is smothered in the back pages.

Note that the shift to the Pacific theatre was predicted over ten years ago on Vault-Co. The truth is, that's where all the action is. It's also where you want your subs circulating when thermonuclear war begins. Get used to it, it's the new normal. It's like the Cold War except now the Chinese will be included in the games of cat'n'mouse. You keep your forces massed around their perimeters, making occasional forays past the territorial boundaries and seeing how they respond. Anybody expecting a nuclear war who doesn't adopt this strategy is an idiot because you want to maintain your capacity to strike first at a moment's notice. You can't do that if your subs are mostly parked in docks in San Francisco gathering rust. It's also the reason that the role that Australia plays in this region will escalate as the dying Kwanzanians make more and more demands on our government to serve their needs as a floating refueling carrier in the Pacific.

Taiwan will be the flashpoint, as we have said for over a decade

Thursday, July 8, 2010

EU Ready To Blow To Smithereens

... just like we said.

If you look at the total liabilities engineered into their screwy communist system, including subsidizing the south with northern profits, there is no way that nutty structure is going to stay afloat.

Rather "dissolve into bickering nation-states" once again, as mentioned in the prologue to the computer game FALLOUT.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Economic Trainwreck Of Biblical Proportions

Prechter says ITZ COMING.

"Even the Cows Can Operate The VCR By Now." (Joke from the movie CITY SLICKERS)

I'm always curious to know where people think a "recovery" would come from? The population of the United States is a largely illiterate, unskilled mass of buffoons who have sent their entire economy overseas. It's not exactly like anybody is breaking doors down to employ them. Where would a "recovery" originate? What do they have left that anybody needs?

In the future, the biggest target commodity for thieves in the 'Kwa will be food.

The Out-Of-Africa Theory Is Rubbish

"Out-Of-Africa" was a result of political correctness, not professional scientific work. During the culture wars of the 1960's this was a backdoor approach to giving ethnic minorities credibility by asserting they were our ancestors and we are simply paler versions of them.

The evidence says this is simply impossible. Always was, always will be. Outside of popular consensus there was never much evidence to support the idea.

If you read this article you will see that what is demonstrated here is that European ancestors were engaged in sophisticated toolmaking, long distance migrations and even boat making back when Africans had barely begun to walk on their hind legs according to the fossil record.

There has always been a wealth of evidence to support "diffusion." It's a theory that was never discredited. It just became politically impossible to propose, which isn't the same as being proven scientifically inaccurate.

The evidence is that human beings spread out from an original location that is still unknown into Europe, Asia and Africa over a million years ago. They then pursued very different evolutionary courses until the genetic bottleneck 80,000 years ago at which time they were further triaged to very small genesis groups. At 40,000 or so years ago there were a series of catastrophic events that wiped out all the different flavors of man, including Neanderthals who were the oldest race of them all, leaving only Homo Sapiens behind. (Unless you count Neanderthal gene expression as Neanderthal survival)

This is what the evidence tells us. Whether or not it is socially acceptable is another story.

Monday, July 5, 2010

How Long Can You Tread Water?

Good article over at Survival Blog.

Again, being inconspicuous is easier than advertising your presence.

My original neighbors are all being forced to sell their homes here in Australia. There are real estate FOR SALE signs up and down my block. We may be a ghost town on a mountain here eventually the way things are headed. All the people who saw my shelter components brought here during construction will be far away soon, down in the valley, in another state where their employment opportunities are better or even in another country.

That's good timing, because it was this year I had scheduled the start of my massive camouflage operation to hide my entire shelter so cleverly you couldn't see it if you were standing on top of it. I've been saving up polycarbonate Christmas trees since 2002 planning to knit their branches into wire meshes to make sheets of "overgrowth" which from the air will make my entrances appear to be simply dense brushland in an overgrown field. In combination with natural ivy, I have been planning to make my little backyard project vanish forever, all three acres of it. Firehold Bravo is simply going to fade away as if it was never there and anybody who specifically could have remembered it will be long gone.

We have a creeping flowering ivy back there that I have had to fight every single week to keep under control. Left to it's own means it would rapidly conceal everything in my backyard as easily as the jungle does a Mayan temple in South America. It's only because of my ceaseless effort I have been able to prevent it from doing just that up to this point.

The best strategy is to appear to have ceased to exist. The superior strategy is for your enemy to not even realize you are there.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ready To Take Another Red Pill?

You know that any given week is incomplete unless we toss something at you that may challenge every assumption you have been trained blindly to receive since the day you were born.

Here's an interesting one, which has many implications for everything else you may believe about the weather.


Where is the real evidence that hurricanes are caused by temperature disparities?

Sure, they tend to form where there are temperature disparities.

The problem is ... they often form where there are few temperature disparities.

Are temperature disparities themselves something often found in tandem with hurricanes but are not the influence that causes the hurricane to form?

I know the answer. It is good to think about. A lot of implications involved.

Final Hours Of Kwanstainia

Itz not coming. Itz here.

This year the Kwanstain will cease to be a nation.

We hardly knew ye, Kwanstainia. Only 240 years, right around the outer limit of the historical average. A good run but it's a country that has come to a bad ending.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

VAULT-CO.COM : Redirection Straightened Out

You should be able to use WWW.VAULT-CO.COM to get to this blog again before the end of the day. I have corrected the redirection so it is pointing directly here instead of my old site. It should kick in within the next couple of hours.

I have four new web sites all due to come on line very soon, including VAULT-OS.COM sometime this week. Still getting content up and running correctly at present.