Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When Post Apocalyptic Monsters Attack

Those dogs again. Don't forget about them. They're going to be a big problem after ITZ is over for the survivors.

Thirty of them in a pack would be a problem indeed.

The Future of the 'Kwa

This stuff has been happening fifty times a day all over the country for fifty years. It's just that the internet makes it possible to get the news out beyond the local broadcasts so people everywhere can see it and have a reaction without the media telling them in advance what to think about it.

Reality is a racial profiler. It's true.

Any exposure to the real world in the mass media would lead to armed revolutions in the West within thirty days. That's why reality is persona non grata in the "news." The raw shock of coming out of the Matrix would make men go mad.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Dead Hand

Used to be a science fiction staple.

Then it turned out it had been a reality for over thirty years.

Oh, itz coming alright.

Remember When "The New World Order" Was Just Conspiracy Nut Talk?

Getting close now. Not too much longer. Brace yourselves. Get your preps in order.

Last call for survival

Eclipse of empire ... No economy left for the 'Kwa to "recover"

Kwa money will soon be equitable with bird cage liner

Time for the global government to thin the herd out to required personnel

The 'cure' is much worse than the ill

Killshot for the sheeple will be mandatory

Barnyard stampede threatens orderly death injections

Any medicine being given away must be very bad for you indeed

You have been marked as obsolete cattle and must be humanely euthanized

World Bank warns that the global currency is coming, soon

Insatiable ammo hoarding in United States verging on mass panic

The Great Falling Away

God is culling them early to split up the wheat and the chaff.

Good riddance. All churchgoers go straight to hell when they die, no exceptions. Nobody will be more overrepresented than churchgoers in hell.

Unless you have confessed your sins to Christ and received the Holy Spirit, you are not a Christian. Everybody else is just there to further glorify God. If all it takes is a little economic hardship to make you forget the Lord, you were never really in his flock to begin with.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Dog Ate Our Global Warming Data

I've known this for many years. I've heard them yammering away right in front of me and you know what? I could rarely be bothered to even inform people differently.

The reality is ... all the "scientific data" for global warming was first claimed to be too hard to understand for people to be permitted to look at ... then secret ... and finally lost.

That's because none of it ever existed, anywhere.

There was never any peer review. There was never any "consensus," (whatever the hell that was supposed to mean.)

Modern people are mostly fakes. At everything. They pretend, they pose, they make grandiose statements, they sneer and they will deride anybody who asks questions about the whole mess.

As the author of the article points out ... increasingly, these guys don't even make any coherent sense. About anything at all.

This entire thing was a Bernie Madoff style ecological Ponzi scheme, created by crooked bastards for the express purpose of separating rubes from whatever little cash they had remaining.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sometimes, The Mask Slips Away To Reveal The Hideous Thing That Is Beneath

Short video of Larry King and Clinton off-air before Clinton "was elected."

Just think about what these people think about you, sheeple. They despise you. You are less than a goat or a chicken to them. You are merely a domesticated animal managed like any other resource, until it is used up.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So Much Bullsh*t in Eight Minutes You Could Start A Fertilizer Company With The Compost

I've never heard somebody speak for eight minutes solid without saying anything at all but this guy is a master.

Hey, don't tell me you never noticed the resemblance before, it's uncanny:

Globowarmthinkers Are Now Obligated To Kill Themselves

Seriously. As a matter of personal honor.

Nothing would do more good for the Earth than if these people removed themselves from the gene pool.

Where does the energy come from for magnetic reversals? If there are fewer sunspots, doesn't that mean all forms of radiation across the spectrum are in decline?

Well, not everything there is something we can see. Things happen all around us we barely even suspect most of the time.

Strange things are happening on the Sun. Of that you can be sure.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The West Dies Whimpering In Madness

I honestly think this guy is a really good example of what is wrong with the entire Western world and why it's not going to ever get better. These kinds of human beings occupy the institutions from top to bottom. They have different flavours of insanity but the water is all drawn from a common well - postmodernism, deconstructionism and marxism. They had to destroy the real world before they could bottle this kind of crap and sell it to the masses in place of healthy ideas.

Cults of personality around similar idiots flourish in dying civilizations. Late Rome was full of strange cults clustered around absurd notions. Barack Obama is another one. This is where people end up when they know subconsciously they cannot exert any real change over their society anymore. They descend into lunacy and gibberish.

These people won't be landing on the moon again, I guarantee you. They'll be lucky if they can just keep the street lights on for a little while longer.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Celente : A Prophet With A Proven Track Record

Responding to my own request for people with superior rates of accuracy to my own at predicting the future, I am offering Gerald Celente. Correct more often, more timely and more relevant with more consistency than I have had.

Celente rarely strays into the international repercussions of his conclusions. I do more of that then he does.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Told You

Everybody knew this was coming soon.

It was the next step in Rome and it would be the next step here.

The difference is that it took Rome about fifty years to go from one step to another and the West is taking these same steps inside of months, not decades.

Jews Demonstrate Brains

Vault-Co is going to modify Kahn's M.A.D. because it is something that has outlived it's usefulness.

If your civil defense is extensive enough then using nuclear weapons becomes a far, far less interesting option, given the guaranteed reprisals that will emerge from such a program. If a nation puts enough of it's infrastructure underground and is prepared to weather a nuclear attack, their opponent has to start worrying about an organized deterrent based on a plausible survival of major military forces on your adversary's side.

If Israel had a Swiss style civil defense program with assured survivability and hardened infrastructure, any nation with or without nuclear weapons would be stupid to attack them. Acquiring nuclear weapons would not be a trump card. It would not even be an ace in the hole. It might in fact become a liability because it justifies your enemy using them on you in the return volley.

Have a think about it. Nothing is smarter than civil defense. Nothing. You show me the average IQ of any nation on Earth, I can tell you how much they spend on civil defense per capita.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates Confirms In Writing What Vault-Co said in 1998

America is without question, the best prepared nation in the world to fight World War II.

Unfortunately, this is World War III approaching.

This is an asymmetric conflict, without honor or much opportunity for martial glory. It's all about nuclear cruise missiles traveling at twenty times the speed of sound zipping back and forth blowing colossal holes in the planet before most soldiers could even pull their boots on. It's a Nintendo war, fought by machines and computers with scarcely a military man to be found. We could have less than ten eye-to-eye engagements in all of World War III and most of those not decisive of anything.

The day of the strategic airburst has passed, excepting the EMP strikes. This war will be all about detonations near or immediately above the ground. It will be a dirty war fought with dirty long term radioactive by-products, making the deep rock shelter a must. The vault dwellers will prevail and everybody else will fry.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shelf Life : Get Ready For Your Mind To Be Blown

Vault-Co has printed this same assertion many, many times over the years. The reason we have always qualified the statement is the same reason everybody else does who knows the truth.

We'll just print it in plain english.

Most canned foods are perfectly good after fifty years in storage.

Sure, we could add a big list of disclaimers after that to protect ourselves. Obviously, if it doesn't smell right, looks moldy or has changed color dramatically, well then ... but seriously, think about the implications. You probably thought you had to purchase all freeze dried to put any long term trust in your stocks. Hell, many freeze dried foods will likely go two centuries stored correctly.

You have to learn some basic rules. Acids and sugar syrups can go off, fruit juices will spoil quickly for this reason, many other qualifiers can be tacked onto this knowledge.

Still - a really good thing to know and rare to hear anyone commit to.

Wherever possible, keep it cool, dry and in the dark in sealed conditions. Oxy absorbers beat everything when it comes to extending shelf life.

Vault-Co : Get Next Decade's News Today

Batting average pretty good by now. If you know somebody even better, give me a link to their site, I want to read them.

A crap idea with no logic or scientific proof behind it of any kind and yet large numbers of sheeple have believed in the notion religiously for over a hundred years

Secular people think Christian faith is "ridiculous" and yet it pales beside the kind of gibberish that ordinary men and woman accept purely on word-of-mouth and repetition from the idiots in the mass media who hate their guts and feed them lies around the clock. Hillaire Belloc was right - once a man no longer believes in God, he'll believe in anything. If people with ordinary intelligence abandon their framework of theology so that there is nothing standing between their brain and the State, they will be stuffed to the gills with knee-slapping Monty Pythonesque rubbish by sundown.

Vault-Co Was Right Ten Years Ago, Everybody Else Was Wrong

Do you want to know something about the average sheeple? They are geared biologically not only to be incapable of accurately forseeing the future by their very nature - they are also designed not to be able to recognize when someone else has.

We told you Amerikwans. You just didn't listen.

Jim Rogers, the last word in prognosticators, says it aloud:


Sure, everybody is Vault-Co now

The Ghost Fleet ... twilight zone economics

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor!

Financiers choose a quick death over what they know is coming. Can't say I blame'em.

The 'Kwa Is A Marxist Toilet

The Founding Fathers would gleefully conduct a lynching on The White House lawn of the current President. They killed traitors and foreign tyrants for a lot less during the American Revolution.

People who are intellectually inferior are scared to death of words and even more scared of the truth.

Unconstitutional like everything else in that country nowadays and therefore binding on no one. Anyone who obeys these rules is guilty of being complacent in the Kenyan's regime.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Camp Of The Saints

"And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them."

Revelation 20:9 KJV

Friday, September 11, 2009



* aluminum hydroxide
* aluminum phosphate
* ammonium sulfate
* amphotericin B
* animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney,
* chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg
* calf (bovine) serum
* betapropiolactone
* fetal bovine serum
* formaldehyde
* formalin
* gelatin
* glycerol
* human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
* hydrolized gelatin
* mercury thimerosol (thimerosal, Merthiolate(r))
* monosodium glutamate (MSG)
* neomycin
* neomycin sulfate
* phenol red indicator
* phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
* potassium diphosphate
* potassium monophosphate
* polymyxin B
* polysorbate 20
* polysorbate 80
* porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
* residual MRC5 proteins
* sorbitol
* tri(n)butylphosphate,
* VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, and
* washed sheep red blood

What They Didn't Tell You In The Old 1950's Civil Defense Manuals

The fallout decay rates they published in the old civil defense manuals assume that a nuclear detonation is taking place in a large field of pure silica - sand, as all the groundburst nuclear tests were staged. The results are for "unsullied" bursts that vaporize sand into glass and superheated silicon gases.

The problem is that in real life there is no such thing as an "unsullied" nuclear burst conducted near ground level.

In any metropolitan city there are a million contaminants which could extend the radioactive half-life from weeks to decades. You will find cobalt (used widely in industry and medicine) cesium, precursors of americium and many other pollutants inside the fireball that will not wane for many moons. Depending on wind distribution and airflow patterns you might have areas that remained unsafe a half a century out.

Of course, all this is also based on the naive assumption that the nation using the weapon did not deliberately salt the warhead to maximize it's radioactive yield to begin with. Vault-Co promises you that this is highly unlikely during a nuclear war, despite whatever some game theory academic may have postulated previously.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The John Birch Society Was Right

Kenyan-born deepthroat master will now fly the PRC Red Communist Chinese flag over the White House lawn so everybody can see who own the United States now.

The John Birch society was right. About everything. All others were off-topic or wrong.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Mad Dog" Holdren - So How Do You Tell The Difference Between This Guy and A Psychotic? This Guy is a Scienmajistic Type!

Batshit babbling foaming-at-the-gills bugeyed insane.

I don't understand. Van Jones had to resign but this guy is okay for the cabinet? Van Jones was like the voice of reason compared to this fruitcake. I never heard anything in Van Jones past that said he was hell-bent on exterminating mankind by any means necessary. How seriously could anybody ever take "President" Obama if this is the best choice he could make for this position?

Then of course, you've got this chick. Whatta freakshow lineup of motley degenerates and nuts this guy has handpicked for his counsel.

The only time in my life I have ever heard anything like John Holdren is when James Bond is tied up and being forced to listen to a supervillain's plan to destroy all human beings over the age of 8 years old and personally impregnate all the surviving females. It still sounds campy and ridiculous then. These people should not have their own personal atomic silos and vast fortunes to plot their evil schemes. They should be heavily medicated and engaged in finger paint therapy in an institution somewhere. Holdren must have had some kind of awful humiliation on his Prom Night, that's what I'm thinking. Did they set him up with the cheerleader and then egg his house in a drive-by? I can't imagine someone going around talking like this idiot.

See that book on the shelf behind his head called ECOSCIENCE? He wrote that bizarre screed. Check out some choice quotes from this book:

"Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not;"

"The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation's drinking water or in food;"

"Single mothers and teen mothers should have their babies seized from them against their will and given away to other couples to raise; People who "contribute to social deterioration" (i.e. undesirables) 'can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility' -- in other words, be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized. "

"A transnational "Planetary Regime" should assume control of the global economy and also dictate the most intimate details of Americans' lives -- using an armed international police force."

Van Jones had to resign, but this cracker gets to stay on. Once again The Man has two standards and a brother gets the shaft.

Juries Are An Extension Of Christian Theology

Don't answer me as a Christian. Answer me as an atheist. Are you smart enough to figure out what utility value that our prior Christian framework provided? Are you sure? Or are you going to just start squealing about how Christ is an extension of the Egyptian Sungod mythology?

The problem with atheists (I know from direct experience) is that they are almost as crappy at atheism as most Krisschans are at practicing Christianity. Most all of these people don't even know what they don't know.

Behind every single successful civilization that you will ever learn of (as we progeny of Christendom adjudge success) there lies a simple unifying core ethical framework that any idiot can be taught in ten simple lessons. As a matter of fact, behind every single successful civilization there lies Christianity, period.

People won't admit it because they are creatures of vanity. The danger in admitting it for an atheist is the risk that they won't remain an atheist forever once they start to think about it.

I use to sit in Times Square in Wendy's Restaurant on a Saturday for many years in New York City and watch as my fellow secular humanists strayed in (habitually late, don't impose your values about timekeeping on me, man) and wonder if perhaps they might be the only group of people I had ever seen even sorrier than Christians. Once a man no longer believes in God, he will believe in most anything at all. Pity the society that needs to post one of these idjits on jury duty.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Wow. That's completely out of left field. I never saw that coming. Yassum.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Give Us Money Or The Earth Gets It, Says Globowarmthinkery Klowns

Dire warning of same types of phenomena normally seen around the end of the interglacial anyway due to changes in solar output. Only now they're the result of farting cows and decomposing baby nappies plus your failure to sort your paper and plastic bottles, you inhuman bastard! Everything you see happening is your fault. Please make that by cash, if writing a check we will need your endorsement on the back. Is there a liquor store open near the United Nations this time of night?

Man is Not A Learning Animal

More government = more misery.

Limited government = limited misery.

8000 years and counting, most of mankind ain't figured it out yet. These lads may be a tad slow. They're always convinced we're all just one more Headstart program away from the globalist utopia.

VAULT-OS: It's the Little Things That Cause Failure

I thought I blew out my new Thinkboy over the weekend, turns out I didn't realize that a mini-ITX board needs a 12 volt 5 amp power supply but a 10 AMP fuse. I only gathered this information by scouring Japanese mini-ITX support groups.

This isn't the first time I have worried I have blown everything up and it turned out to be a fuse. This is a good reason to stock a lot of fuses.

Anyway, in the process of reinstalling Windows 2000 Advanced Terminal Server on a compact flash inside 200 megabytes of storage space. It runs really, really fast. I was in the middle of creating another partition on a backup CF when all of a sudden the system just turned off. The 10 AMP fuse will give you enough protection but won't blow until it really needs to. A 5 AMP fuse will often blow at 5 AMPs, meaning normal operation of the mini-ITX will blow the fuse.

Took about two hours to locate this problem. You can see why this kind of thing takes a lot of patience and time to get right. In my setup, it was the first time I tried to drive a second storage device off IDE 44 PIN power, which apparently pushed the 5 AMP fuse to commit hari-kari.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

WHO Confesses They Create Pandemics As Well As Attempt To Fight Them

See what I am talking about with the entire planet becoming a colossal lunatic asylum?

Anybody out there who is scalping tickets on the Mothership, please put me and my family down for a couple when they make it back around this way. We've done enough observing of these nuts, now we want to go back home. It's crazy down here.

First The Burning Sky, Then The Bitter Cold

I knew about Heraclitus from reading Velikovsky and have always wondered if there was something to his "Great Day" of 10,800 years. I have thought about it even more since reading the books of Robert Felix. I am convinced this is not the first time that all of this has happened.

Right, so the Sun died and nobody took much notice. Okay. That's televitz infomation edjumafacashun for you in a nutshell. Something of life and death cosmic significance happened and nobody really covered the story.

If Jonah Goldberg is covering it, it's truly old news

It could be like ... totally ... like a new Ice Age, dude Yawn. No Vault-Co followers, these.

Okay, well, right ... like, then this could be sort of a hiccup for globowarmthinkery and whatnot, then ... right?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Israel : Land Of The Vivisectionist Body Snatchers

Trust me, the real extent of what is going on here is like an iceberg. 90% of its mass is below the waterline. It's not likely the media is going to report what has been going on for quite some time. Israel is the world's largest body part broker, no questions asked. Some say all that matters is that a part is needed with a buyer, not whether it is currently available. One phone call to the IDF and they can whip that part up in twenty minutes or get it from a Sayanim somewhere else in any other nation where their affiliate program extends.

People resort to these types of industries because they can't make an honest living and have no ethical qualms about doing so. If Israelis were say, 5% as smart as they incessantly claim to be, they'd have a huge income from a plethora of high tech industries in almost all scientific fields which would easily employ the entire population. Instead, this. Draw your own conclusions.

Neocon Krauthammer Writes Something Actually Worth Reading

Not a bad piece of writing for a serpent, better than most of his stuff. Actually makes a point in the article.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Empire of the Sodomites

If you were an Islamic fundamentalist, who would you believe to be the spawn of Satan? The taxi drivers and falafel cooks getting bombed to ribbons by these people or the nation of sodomists?

This doomed country will go the way of all Lucifer's children. Not a moment too soon for me, either.

Great new site on the most monstrous, inhumanly wicked creature ever to set foot in the Oval Office.

A monster who himself preys on monsters to lead a nation of monsters - to their doom. Makes sense somehow.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Read This And Weep For The Sheeple

Figure out what is going to happen yet?

(Slow Monday at Vault-Co)

Do you think that they have known for over fifty years? Do you think this is why the seed vault was built? Is this why deep underground excavation and shelter construction has been going at such a furious pace since the turn of this century? Do you think all the other stories are just mass distractions to keep people from finding about what could happen in the very near future?

Why is NASA now releasing this "new" information in bits and pieces? Really think these conclusions just arrived shortly after Robert Felix published his book? Or is this a graduated method of revealing the ideas?

Seems like such a little thing, a magnetic reversal. You'd think it would go as quietly as a field mouse through a bushel of hay. No wonder for so long our civilization was unable to put the pieces together. You have to know all the facts to do that and most of the assumptions that mankind had made about the universe were just plain topsy-turvy wrong. I think Robert Felix has gotten it right.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Kwa Has Already Been Dead For A Long Time

All this is naught but last things. It's the curtain call now ... but the nation really began to die around the time I was born or at the moment that bullet entered John F. Kennedy's head. That's when it all started to go pear shaped.

Within a few years, feminism spearheaded a genocidal movement to depopulate the entire nation of all human life and replace it with savages from distant lands. While I grew up and watched it happen, the termites completely ate the heart out of what was once was the greatest nation we know of in recorded history.