Friday, July 31, 2009

Why is Obama's "Birth Announcement" A Forgery?

It's so obvious. His race is listed as AFRICAN. That's such a glaring anachronism it stands out like a sore thumb and it is absolute proof it was forged in the last few years if not the last few months.

In 1961 a man's race would have been listed as NEGRO. "Africans" were not a racial classification in 1961!!! Nobody would have listed his father as "AFRICAN" in 1961, it would've been ludicrous!!!

Even his phony "birth announcement" is a fake. Everything about the guy is fake. His whole life is a sorry fake.

Wake Up, Little Sheeple





It's not just a few coffins anymore. Stacks of them are appearing across the American landscape. Your box is waiting for you to fill it.

Addendum A. B. C.

Yes, I know that your farmer has such a kind expression when he fills your trough. You refuse to believe the slaughterhouse truck will arrive someday to take you away to be ground into hamburger but you are wrong, sheeple. That's your whole purpose.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Globowarmthinkery is Religion, Not Science

We've been saying it since 2002 on Vault-Co.

Meanwhile, while these idiots around you argue over whose farting cows are melting the most glaciers, there are cracks appearing in the Earth's magnetic field of apocalyptic size and duration.

All the people staring at the sky and gasping at what is for them a mysterious fireworks display overhead remind me of those people in Independence Day who cluster on top of the building and wave signs reading WELCOME TO EARTH E.T. right before the laser cannon opens up on the bottom.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Interested in Living Much? Don't Take The Vaccine.

Busted! Hard Evidence The Vaccine Was Created And Engineered Deliberately


Saturday, July 25, 2009

ZOGBux Are Doomed

The Kwa is going to fall from a very great height in a balloon that has more ballast than hot air left in it.

Soon the Kwanzanian dollar will fulfill it's ancient destiny since 1913 ... to serve as fuel for fires in refugee camps. The Weimar dollar will have more intrinsic value than Kwanstain bux before the year is out.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Robert Felix on Clovis Diamond Layer

This is such a great introduction to the clarity and elegance of Robert Felix's ideas. I recommend you read this short essay if you have not read his new book yet.

The basic problem in his opponents is that they can't think. Professionally speaking for their situation, there is almost no way you can fake it. You can go to college for sixty years and build up one piece of paper after another with a wax seal on it and a ribbon hanging off it. At the end of sixty years, you still won't be able to think. Such things are either genetic or else predetermined at such a young age they might as well be genetic. The problem with all these other guys, the reason I give them such low credibility ... is that they can't think - and Robert Felix can. I can see this in the first few sentences of either article. The author betrays himself in both instances.

Thinkers are specific. They communicate information as either conclusions or else as inquiries. Everybody else is ambiguous. They communicate subverbal emotional states based on group consensus which is always disassociative in nature and never seems to have any real semantic content. You can usually tell in the first paragraph which camp the author belongs to.

Of course, recommending you read his essay and think about it is futile if you're incapable of reasoning yourself. The truth is, we could say that people who cannot reason are magnetically attracted to other disadvantaged people like themselves. Others who are also unreasoning seem more logical to those who themselves cannot reason. Since they cannot consider a man's arguments, they have no choice but to seek whoever appears to have the consensus. This is why they are always wrong, about everything.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

France Burns, Decides Best Course of Action Is To Outlaw Reality

Kiss France goodbye. HYAR BE DRAGONES.

All beautiful losers now. The only role left to play on this sad stage.

Anyhoo, I was thinking about it today. It really was a brief shining Camelot, this thing called Western civilization. It lasted a little while. Then it passed away. Everything that is too successful carries within it the seeds of it's own destruction. When it wanted to become empire, it withered away. Nothing is permanent and the most beautiful and sane things are the shortest lived of all if we are talking about human beings. The bad drives out the good. Mankind is a cesspool and it's the biggest crudest chunks that float to the top given enough time. The best men die and are trampled underfoot by simpletons who will soon starve without them. Everything vulgar, brutal and weak easily overcomes the rare and strong through numbers. Keep that in mind - I will return to it at the end of this post.

Perhaps the planet will roll on into the darkness with the hooting of mindless apes and no end to swift crotch-grabbing and be-bopping. Then the lights will flicker one last time and go out.

Or not. Maybe something else altogether is getting ready to happen. Maybe it happens all the time, which explains why we're still here. Something very big, too big for man's tiny chimp brain to altogether grasp for the most part.

Maybe we'll just close the hatch and set a while when the time comes. Maybe we'll just hunker down while these critters fry.

I have a very important question for you.

What is the driver of spontaneous equilibrium? No, don't say it doesn't matter. It's a very important question. Has to be something. What is it? After a long time of pondering this question, I think I know now.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm afraid ITZ Coming

Check out the conclusions in the article where there should be only news. The journalist who wrote this is trying to tell people that the evidence right in front of their eyes doesn't mean what it clearly seems to mean ... that in fact, it means the exact opposite.

“I suspect, as many of us feel, that it is global change, but I fear we don’t understand it,” Wickwar said. “It’s not as simple as a temperature change.”

You don't understand anything and you never will, sheeple. Yours is not to question why, yours is but to do or die.

The interglacial is ending. The magnetic reversal is coming.

If you don't have a vault, you're not going to have a chance.

Like in Isaac Asimov's Nightfall, I have a feeling that the human race forgets this cyclic event every 11,500 years because it is so traumatic the only way they can remember it is as mythology. I think it sweeps most everything clean away.

I know that Carl Sagan, never much of a scientist to begin with, was guilty of great irresponsibility in exaggerating nuclear winter. I cannot help but wonder though ... what about a nuclear winter during the post-glacial period? What happens if a nuclear war occurs during a natural transition back to an Ice Age? How long would it last? Would it ever really "clear up" at all? This is why volcanism is associated with Ice Ages and the triggers that cause it to occur very rapidly.

Israeli Soldiers In Combat Fatigues Standing Guard Lower Manhattan on 9-11

I had heard about these guys many years back and didn't know if this was urban myth or confused reports from bystanders.

Here's one caught by ABC news on camera acting like he has jurisdiction over this area the same way the IDF suppresses news in Palestine.

You couldn't make this stuff up. Seriously.

You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse

It appears mighty Cthulu is finally stirring in his underwater prison of R'lyeh. That'll take that smug look off of Joe Biden's face. Wait until you hear what this guy has to say about socialist health care.

The "Slow Down"

H.P. was right. That's an awfully big yawn for old calamari face.

Listen to it here.

Sure, keep laughing, people! All Lovecraft stories start out the exact same way! You will be eaten last as punishment for your lack of respect for mighty Cthulu. I know because I read it in this Chick tract I found on the subway today.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

None worth mentioning

Wake up. Let the scales fall away from your eyes.

Western civilization is not "a" thing. It's "the" thing. Once lost, there will be nothing to replace it of any value whatsoever.

If you understand this article and you have held standard secular ideas previously, you're probably starting to get creepy intellectual rumbling upstairs ... just like I did after I had been an atheist for 16 years.

Things are not what they seem. It's not quite as straightforward as you might think at first glance. You have to look a little harder and think, really think, like you were thinking for the very first time about this subject.

Everything you think you know, if it came from popular culture, is dead wrong. It's the opposite of truth in every way.

Things are not what they seem.

Without these three things, humans fall into darkness and depravity so rapidly they forget there was ever anything else almost overnight.

1. Christianity
2. Western Civilization
3. Europeans

Sorry if reality is inconvenient. It has a way of being uniformly offensive to all concerned once they have drifted far enough away from it. That's reality. Everything else you think you know is mostly gibberish.

Those guys you see sneering on the televitz all the time and talking up a totally different paradigm? They have built a house of glass in the sky out of lies and schizophrenic delusions. It will not last.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here's what they'll be eating

For seven years on Vault-Co we've been contemplating possible fuel sources for the hunter-killer 'bots that will feature in World War III.

Turns out the brass have come up with a solution.

They'll eat you.

All of these things are a result of the way the human unconscious works. It's not the fault of the 'bots. They are dead lumps of metal. Think about the human scientist, descended from a million years of cannibal apes, who somehow concludes the most logical fuel source would be eating corpses. It makes sense to him. If aliens landed, they'd wonder what in the fugg was wrong with people who could think of no other fuel source for a robot. It only makes sense to human beings who are mostly insane as a rule. You have to see the world through their lunatic eyes and from that perspective it all fits together. Otherwise it's just plain crazy.

Monday, July 13, 2009

You can fool most of the people all of the time

... but you can't fool us here at Vault-Co even once. We'll catch you every time.

Obama's man articulated what the elites have been saying out loud for forty years

The "planetary crisis" must be real and the fault of humans because it justifies us murdering them, which is what we want to do. See that sophistry go around and around without getting anywhere? People like this could never found a civilization on their own. They're not the best and the brightest. They're the runts of the litter and they are full of what Nietszche called ressentiment and Christ said they do the will of their father the Devil. They justify this stuff because they're are hideously evil and they want to do it. Therefore it is justified.

I have something important to tell you.

Once you understand mankind well enough, you will realize the urge to commit murder is what comes first and it doesn't have to make sense. There will always be those people who submit their urges to the forge of their solipsism to make any crime they want to taste okay in the post mortem. Global warming. Global Schmarming. These guys want to kill people, first and foremost. Everything else proceeds from that basic unconscious urge. They are possessed by demons and worship death through oblique means. The long winded pseudo-rational gibberish comes afterwards.

The day I stopped being a secular humanist was the day I realized that the madness in the heart of mankind cannot be accounted for by natural selection alone. There is something else there in many men that comes from some dark part of the universe that our tiny brains can't perceive.

What does it take to clue you in? Some of the animals may stomp their hooves and try to bolt. Farmer Z will hold them down and administer their required "medication."

Sheeple think everything is a just-so story. These changes to the stables happen for a reason.

The secret of the shell game in New York city is that the ball isn't under any of those cups. No wonder they don't let kids read Orwell in school any more.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ice Age II : Babies, The Other White Meat

I cannot emphasize the importance of packing it, campers. I cannot emphasize it enough. A second Ice Age means our current drive-through culture will be slamming to a halt rather abruptly. It's hard for a lot of people to imagine what it is that is being talked about. After three days without food it will be perfectly clear to them but that won't do them any good then.

When we say a second Ice Age, sure, we're referring to merciless cold ... but what is really being talked about is a famine of such apocalyptic dimensions it will boggle the mind. If you think modern people are a**holes now, wait until they get hungry. They're going to be the scariest and most cunning fast-moving cannibals you have ever seen outside of a George Romero movie.

WE ARE IN THE FIRST YEAR OF WHAT WILL BE A MINIMUM OF 300 YEARS OF EXTRAORDINARY COOLING. It wouldn't be so bad if this was the Medieval era and we were all farmers under feudalism. We could hang in there. Alas, 99% of the population in the Western world doesn't understand any food that does not come out a teller window in a paper bag. The idea of "hanging in there" is kind of irrelevant in their frame of reference.

Skousen on Obama's International Incompetence

Barack Obama has never held down a day job in his entire adult life. Not so much as a lemonade stand since the day he was born.

What on earth is this man doing negotiating with the savants at the Kremlin over nuclear disarmament? They are going to run mental circles around this clown with their eyes closed. These guys are the cleverest, most cunning KGB agents in the history of the Soviet Union and Barack Obama is the best leadership that the Kwanstain could come up with to represent them? It's like shooting fish in the barrel. Obama is bringing a BB Gun to an artillery war. Aside from the fact the guy cannot speak off camera without a teleprompter, what does he know about nuclear brinkmanship in the year 2008? Nothing at all.

Obama's people were trumpeting what gains he made in talks with Russia. Meanwhile behind his back the Russian media was laughing at him and his wife like they were hosting a pair of shaved apes. The widespread consensus on the Obamas in Russia is that they are childlike people, perhaps fit to clean houses or mow the lawn, with supervision.

The only thing worse is the American media repeating these fictions the Obama press releases created and parroting them back.

All of these Kwanzanians are doomed to perish in the near future.

Globowarmthinkery = International Communism

Antonio Gramsci made the plan. Millions upon millions of manboons carried it out.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sodomites Mourn The Loss Of The Greatest Baby Boody Bumper Of Them All

A freak circus for a freakish carnival of sad, damned and doomed assklowns.

You know a nation by whom they confer honor. Making a big deal over this wretched, hideous monstrous creature tells you all you need to know about the Kwa. They ain't going back to the moon any time soon.

A nation that worships sodomites will suffer the fate of Sodom. People who rush to destroy themselves will be destroyed. Men who take the counsel of fools will suffer the fate of fools.

Whacko Jerkoff Jackson was a man with nothing to say, so he sang, which Nietszche was correct about when he said was a tempting way to present a lie in music. Otherwise anyone who would listen to this human train wreck on any subject deserves what happens to them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Globowarmthinkers are Psychotic Personalities

Same old druids. New religion.

The majority of mankind are morons who will never, ever understand anything. During any given era, the particular madness that afflicts them may differ. The basic problem of being a complete moron will always be the same.

The reason science has come to a screeching halt in recent years is that globowarmthinkery-type people dominate the institutions. "Globowarming" is warmed over pagan gibberish.

They're going to tell you that you have to get a flu shot. Whatever you do, DON'T ALLOW THEM TO INJECT THAT POISON INTO YOU.

The Swine flu is a biological weapon that has now been engineered twice. The first time it escaped in the 70's was probably an accident. The second time was no accident. The reason it was re-engineered is probably to use it to coerce people into getting the vaccine, which you can be assured will screw you up for the rest of your life - if you are lucky enough to survive at all.

In the immortal words of Forrest Gump ... that's all I'm going to say about that.