Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nightmare Decline Of The West

As predicted on Vault-Co, sooner or later Australia is going to realize it backed the wrong horse in this race ... and wake up to a cold morning with a billion Asians versus 30 million extremely confused and feebleminded white guys sitting on the richest natural resources in the world. Guys who forced themselves to surrender their own arms and passed thought crime laws to limit criticism of policies like gun confiscation.

This news at least indicates that Australia hasn't thrown in the towel yet and surrendered to the inevitability of it all. It's just a little late in the game to figure all this out.

ZOGBux prepare to finally meet their Maker

The little currency that debauched itself. Whoodathunkit. It's only the same thing that happened with fiat currency over and over again for the past 2000-4000 years. Man is not a learning animal as a general rule. Soon will be the hyperinflation, whatta shocker. Everybody is dumping the paper worldwide.

Globowarmthinkery and it's adherents is proof that Communism has completely subdued the West. In dying civilizations, people stop making things and start fighting over the public purse and determine who gets the biggest share by who whines the most. It's the death rattle of every doomed nation. "When do I get my government check?" Carbon credits is a fake economy built on a fake product with fake assets and fake credits ... which is perfect for a fake nation of fake people.

The 'Kwa is a DOOMED nation run by lunatics, sociopaths and foreign agents.


zwick said...

With apologies to 'The Carpenters'...We've only just begun--to suffer! White race killed with promises--A kick in the groin and we're on our way! We've only just begun...

Anonymous said...

With all this in mind, what do you think the best western country to survive in for the next 50 years will be?

Texas Arcane said...

Australia. It's the best place to be during WW3 if you build a vault.

Anonymous said...