Monday, May 25, 2009

Looter Riot In The 'Kwa

Did you ever see the scene in "Zorba the Greek" when the old woman dies and the crude tribal people rush into her home and strip it bare even of the furnishings? That's what is happening to the United States. Crude tribal people are stealing everything but the carpet and will probably be ripping that up to drag off as well by the time they are finished.

Kwanzanians want to know when the "economy will bounce back" and the shopping malls will open up again. They don't have the foggiest. They need to sit quietly in a corner until this work is completed.

You think this is the depression? You have no idea what is about to happen. Credit swaps and derivatives have not even begun their plummet yet. That's when the fake bottom falls out of the fake bailout that you are supposed to believe saved the fake economy.

This is an excellent analysis of the approximate timeframe the dollar collapse will begin inside of.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how to contact you through your blog, so I'll tell you here and you can moderate it away if you want.

I just found out about an organization called Common Purpose, that has infiltrated almost every part of government and media in the UK and is spreading to other countries.

The way they work is they select and train "like minded" people within govt organizations and these people then promote fellow CP members up the ranks, until they eventually control entire organizations.

Of course they try to keep their membership secret, so they are able to fly under the radar.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex Could you give us an update on Vault-OS?