Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Laugh Out Loud At Globowarmthinkery

I will let the article speak for itself. Just note that reality says one thing, the scienmajistical types try to tell us something else. We're supposed to believe it is reality that is lying to us and they are telling the truth. Nothing could possibly be more implausible than what they are saying and yet the manic hilarity in their final comments is truly testing the bounds of irony.

The best part is now when they are beginning to concede that "the Sun may indeed play an important part in all this." These people are simply inferior, botched and bungled genetic misfires who are trying to eke out a living on the 21st century equivalent of shamanism. That's not the first time the ugliest or most misshapen creatures based their livelihood on an invisible world but this might be the first time so many of them have attempted to attach themselves as free rider leeches on the same scheme. All of these people could never hold down day jobs doing actual work. Never. They're failed biological organisms on so many levels it would take several volumes to list all of their critical shortcomings. This is what happens when quantity outbreeds quality. As Nietszche described it, all healthy value systems are turned upside down by these undermen.

“Let God be true, though every man were a liar” (Romans 3:4)


Anonymous said...

"I think you have to bear in mind that the CO2 is a good 50 to 60 percent higher than normal, whereas the decline in solar output is a few hundredths of one percent down," Lockwood said. "I think that helps keep it in perspective."

What I would keep in perspective is that this guy has no business being called a scientist.

Compare a big number to a small number and bamboozle the layman. Even forgiving the idea that the two process have similar effects on atmospheric temperature changes - the guy (I refuse to call him a scientist) conveniently leaves out the fact that CO2 comprises less than .04 PERCENT of air.

Hmmmm - agenda or idiot. Maybe both.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of day jobs, I sometimes wonder why people work for a system that is designed to genocide their kind. When I feel optimistic, I respond with "because they have to, the same way Jews had to work in Nazi concentration camps." Modern America seems no different from a Nazi camp, transposed for the Western man. It has its theaters, football fields, and swimming pools, its hygienic ovens, its special careers for those willing to collaborate in depth. Even if its society were slightly different from a lethal labour camp archipelago run by your enemy, meaningful jobs seem precious few in a society based on mindless toy consumerism. The system may have been successful in the U.S. in breeding a human that passes for domestic animal, or a domestic animal that almost passes for human, but when you watch the system at work in Europe it seems almost unreal when you notice the inability of even those whose job it is to promote its institutions to hide their dissatisfaction with it. Even females are no longer ambitious. They used to be the ambitious ones, even though their ambition was only to show their husband (the State) that they are good housewives. Now everyone is apathetic, at least so far as education goes. In the end, I even fear that Kaczynski may have been right (about massive unprecedented slavery of body and soul being the inevitable outcome of technological progress).

Anonymous said...

Anon May 6, 2009 4:55 AM:

I enjoyed your thoughts. You could say I am a fan, even. However, I wonder, what did you mean when you wrote that "America has its swimming pools...its hygienic ovens"?

As for your fears, I personally think that K was right. For barely half a century some of the Western world has had a modern society with cars and TVs for everyone, and already people have less freedom and independence in the West than under the most tyrannical king that ever lived.

Anonymous said...

who would expect better from these folks?

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Anonymous said...

Anon May 7, 2009 2:46 AM:

People's behaviour seems to be too much conditioned by tradition. You can see this in education, where what used to be the optimal solution for teaching groups of people before the invention of the printing press is now hopelessly anachronous in the age of the Internet: in politics, where Germany courts favor with Jewry, a policy which seemed shrewd in the 1960s but has long ago revealed itself as unsustainable. People used to die for their traditions, now they die of them—and not just people, but peoples.

Again similarly, a culture of purposeless consumerism was able to become the dominant culture in the West, because work that was in itself quite purposeless had in the past nevertheless provided a man with the opportunity to feed his family, and so at first the new thing seemed not much different from the old. However, in my opinion, when the State replaced the man as the authority, taking care of the family became a sort of game: what used to be his appurtenances were now his temporary partners. Sometimes the game would be played until the end, but it was a game and not an organic thing. The man could no longer decide which beliefs and ways of living were worth passing on to his children (the State would decide), nor were his woman and children truly dependent on him, so he became at best a half-man, and the work that had once had an indirect purpose now had a crooked purpose. "And thus he who was not by nature a slave became a slave nonetheless." The woman became a price for good behaviour. Especially in the U.S. everything is geared toward the cultivation of other-directed personality (Riesman). Man become fish (the reference to swimming pools).

All that would change if people strayed from the cliched path and began to reflect seriously on the purpose of life. In order that this may be avoided, the State struggles to keep the concept of death a remote one (the reference to hygienic ovens).