Friday, May 8, 2009

'Kwa Idiocracy Security

Joe, using his superior intelligence, concocted a brilliant scheme to escape from prison.

"Yeah, I think there's been some kind of mistake. I'm actually supposed to be getting 'out' of prison today. I already had my face sat on and everything."

"You're in the wrong line, dumbass! Hey, let this dumbass out, he's in the wrong line!"

Everybody, the stock market is bouncing back! Honest! Put all your money back in!

Kwanzanians attempt both thought and speech, forced to resign over mixed results


zwick said...

First of all, why would big, tough New Yorkers be scared? Don't they trust all the security measures installed by our helpful Government? Sounds like treason to me. Anyone who would doubt the US Security System is a traitor, and will be shot. Comrades, this is not the time to question our leaders. Trust them with your lives! Our glorious leaders have not let us down in the past, and will continue to lead us to Victory!

Anonymous said...

Must say it's a great movie. Idiocracy describes current time, not 2505 or what year was it.

IQ needed to believe that Brawndo, the "thirst mutilator" is good for the crops "'cause it's got electrolytes" is the same one needed to believe that CO2 is warming the planet.

- Sasha