Saturday, May 30, 2009


What are the odds?

Ask yourself, what are the odds this phenomenally abnormal solar activity would just happen to fall on a date that has been surrounded by whispers of prophecy for thousands of years and would turn out to be the bitter end of the interglacial cycle?

What are the odds?

Our ancestors were trying to leave us a warning. They knew something we currently don't understand. Perhaps we will very soon.

I've been getting ready for this since 1998 with some kind of inner assurance I will never be able to explain. I've just known. Like those animals who make for higher ground a couple hours before the earthquake.

Just Another Shabby, Smelly, Third-World Hellhole

The Founding Fathers would've gone to full auto a long, long time ago.

The 'Kwa is Going To Lose WW3

That's lose, buddy. The Kwanstain is going to get it's ass handed to it in a bag. They're going to lose.

The first 30 days of World War III are going to put an end to the schizophrenia of Western civilization and the real world is going to rush back in on whoever is left.

I would say I figured this out between 2002 and 2005 because of a whole wealth of information I was exposed to from a variety of sources. I came to understand that the United States had become so distant from reality in general that it is fair to say that their entire military is useless under any real stress.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pravda means "Truth" in Russian

It's truly ironic that the former propaganda mouthpiece of the Soviet Union has now become one of the most honest and straightforward papers to be found in the world and the last bastion of true journalistic integrity.

If you think this economy is recovering, you're an idiot.

What's coming makes most dire predictions on Vault-Co look like upbeat rose-colored spin in comparison

The patient is dead, the wagon will arrive soon to cart the body away

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sheeple Can Only Display Adaptive Reactions

Like bacteria moving away from a light to shadow where it's cooler. Bacteria then begin to display a preference for that region of the petri dish if the light is left on. That's not learning. That's an adaptive response.

Notice how they are the ones who are changing their reality paradigm but it's still the former survivalists who had it all wrong, you see. Those kinds of people are crazy, yet they seem to be adjusting their own outlook to coincide with those who saw all this coming a long, long time ago. Now get out of my way while I fight over this bag of rice at the supermarket. Just don't confuse me with one of those nuts.

These are the sorts of folks who just come up to me out of the blue nowadays and say "You ever consider this could all end up pretty badly? Have you ever thought about the implications? There could even be a world war. You probably built your shelter without ever thinking about this stuff, you just built a shelter because you're paranoid about other stuff. But this stuff is like serious and thangs. No, really, Tex, you should try to think about the future more often because you might even need that bunker of yours and whatnot and what have you. Did you ever realize that?" They just stare at me with big glazed peepers and you can see the semi-conscious neural mud inside of those brittle domes shifting around. "This could be like serious and stuff. You might even need that bunker."

The truth is, man is not a learning animal. Only genetic mutants like me can learn and even then it's not a perfect process at all. The average human being can no more learn than they can fly. It's outside their biological repertoire. It makes me laugh when I hear people talking like Oprah all the time about how they learned this and that when it's clear they have never learned anything about anything after the age of five years old. It is impossible for ordinary humans to learn. They display crude adaptation responses but that's about it. Abstract reasoning, projection into the future tracing the consequences of current trends more than ten minutes ahead in time is just outside their capacity. They talk a good game but they can't do it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In a Declining Civilization, Everything Is A Lie and When People Claim They Know Better They are Usually Lying About That, As Well

Good. Worth reading the entire article. Some of you visiting Vault-Co may not know this already.

Our age is a failure because inability to tell the truth means inability to correctly diagnose and solve problems. That's why we are so certain at Vault-Co of the irreversibility of it all.

In a declining society, there is nobody left who wants to hear the truth, even if it could save their life. The majority of the population is not interested in any pain or discomfort of any kind and truth always involves a little of both. This is why they are absolutely doomed.

VAULT-OS : Update May 26,2009

I have been really busy working on two different computer games which I want to finish by the end of this year. One of them I've been working on for 15 years, the other I just started on recently.

I had ThinkBoy installed in the shelter and was actively testing it, I've now brought it back up for some hardware work and a new version of the OS. It is likely I will be busy right through end of May with both of these games trying to get them into beta versions.

I have two brand new I2C PCI cards I ordered off EBay, one of them I'll be installing in ThinkBoy. Don't assume this means I will be customizing I2C output for one piece of hardware. More likely I will be looking to test a variety of I2C network drivers that will run on a bunch of different hardware, including a DOS driver system for the PowerBASIC version of Vault-OS. My dream is to have thin clients like Wyse 1200 or NCD Explora 451 devices running PowerBASIC or Linux drivers permanently for years at a time as Sentry units and then ThinkBoy will run interchangeably on any version of Mono including Linux and Macintosh flavors. The other day I got DOS to boot off a PCMCIA slot on the NCD Explora thin clients and I have six of these boxes I bought for $2.50 each on EBay. It would suit me fine if they all ran PowerBasic terminal text only apps and talked to ThinkBoy over TCP-IP. I managed to get a test running for TCP-IP in PowerBasic the other night and it seemed to have good error recovery if the line dropped connection without crashing the application. This is in addition, of course, to simply running them as ICA thin clients when they bootup.

My biggest problem is that I was working on the kitchen table for months and my wife made me clean it off and take it all into my study, which means I have no space to work in until I clean it up and can move my elbows in there. I've got computer hardware and manuals stacked to the ceiling. If I could just clean up my study and workbench I could go back to hacking on ThinkBoy in there.

I sincerely hope you will get a version of Vault-OS by the midyear. I get a lot of email from people who want to test it as-is. I might just do that shortly the same way I did with CD Commander, just chuck it out there with source code. I am usually pretty pressed for time in the evenings lately and have to delegate my limited resources accordingly.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Looter Riot In The 'Kwa

Did you ever see the scene in "Zorba the Greek" when the old woman dies and the crude tribal people rush into her home and strip it bare even of the furnishings? That's what is happening to the United States. Crude tribal people are stealing everything but the carpet and will probably be ripping that up to drag off as well by the time they are finished.

Kwanzanians want to know when the "economy will bounce back" and the shopping malls will open up again. They don't have the foggiest. They need to sit quietly in a corner until this work is completed.

You think this is the depression? You have no idea what is about to happen. Credit swaps and derivatives have not even begun their plummet yet. That's when the fake bottom falls out of the fake bailout that you are supposed to believe saved the fake economy.

This is an excellent analysis of the approximate timeframe the dollar collapse will begin inside of.


They may very well be the only cash crop North Korea will have to market for some time, mostly to unstable nuts in the third world with itchy trigger fingers and even crazier friends down the proliferation ladder.

This is the Sunday Supplement article in 1966 about a world awash in nuclear weapons traded like marbles between people of no fixed address.

Pakistan and India locked inside a death cage of uncontrolled nuclear expansion

U.S. and Russia find something to do together until WW3 begins

Every time they sit down to talk they get up even more distant and increasingly hostile on both sides.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nightmare Decline Of The West

As predicted on Vault-Co, sooner or later Australia is going to realize it backed the wrong horse in this race ... and wake up to a cold morning with a billion Asians versus 30 million extremely confused and feebleminded white guys sitting on the richest natural resources in the world. Guys who forced themselves to surrender their own arms and passed thought crime laws to limit criticism of policies like gun confiscation.

This news at least indicates that Australia hasn't thrown in the towel yet and surrendered to the inevitability of it all. It's just a little late in the game to figure all this out.

ZOGBux prepare to finally meet their Maker

The little currency that debauched itself. Whoodathunkit. It's only the same thing that happened with fiat currency over and over again for the past 2000-4000 years. Man is not a learning animal as a general rule. Soon will be the hyperinflation, whatta shocker. Everybody is dumping the paper worldwide.

Globowarmthinkery and it's adherents is proof that Communism has completely subdued the West. In dying civilizations, people stop making things and start fighting over the public purse and determine who gets the biggest share by who whines the most. It's the death rattle of every doomed nation. "When do I get my government check?" Carbon credits is a fake economy built on a fake product with fake assets and fake credits ... which is perfect for a fake nation of fake people.

The 'Kwa is a DOOMED nation run by lunatics, sociopaths and foreign agents.

"Karry Kit" From The 1950's

(Link by Frosty)

Cool. I remember when my father had one of these in his station wagon.

Miss that sane world much? Everybody does. How'd we get here?

Friday, May 15, 2009


As a general rule, man is not a learning animal, even when the lesson comes with baby salt.

Globowarmthinkery degenerated into farce a long time ago.

Vault-Co has always called it the Apocalypse Trifecta, for the juncture of apocalyptic forces converging from natural, political and demographic forces all at the same time in the same place.

What are the odds that a new Ice Age would dovetail perfectly with a worldwide economic collapse, resource war and demographic breakdown of nations? They must be astronomical. Now add the coming pandemics, global famine and total anarchy.

It's going to get a lot worse before it gets worse indeed.

Numbers From The Wasteland

The Greatest Scam Bubble Of All Time Is Only Beginning To Burst and the Sheeple Think It's Over

“The system … was designed to fail. The US was saddled long ago with a debt-based monetary system, whereby the only way money can be introduced into circulation is through bank lending. It was the system that was instituted in 1913 when Congress gave away its constitutional power over money creation to the private banking industry by passing the Federal Reserve Act. It was then that the catastrophe we are now facing became inevitable. It took nearly a century to get here but it finally happened... We could have seen it coming when the bubble collapsed in 2000-2001, and Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan worked with the Bush administration to substitute the housing bubble for a real recovery.
The day of reckoning is here.”

Richard C. Cook
Global Research


Doomsday machines, both public and secret, waiting for their cue all over the world.

NK-China-Japan Death Cage certain to be a barrel of monkeys soon enough

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tinfoil Hat Fringe Nuts:Goal. Everybody Else=FAIL

Told ya. Unless anybody can cough up the cellphone snaps of the hideous pig-bird-human orgy underway ... of course the damn thing was made in a lab.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Vault-Co Zombie Watch : Super Rabies Virus, Check

Yes, itz coming. In fact, this year won't be complete until it closes out with a zombie uprising on top of everything else.

UPDATE : Why the zombie holocaust is a lock

It's only a matter of time before a fun-loving hippie communist bio-hacker blends super-rabies, ebola and smallpox. That'll be fun. And yes, the era of lurching is over and the zombies hordes will probably be sprinters.

Australia : The Hub of WW3

It never fails to amuse when Australians ask me why on earth anyone would bother to build a bomb shelter in Australia.

They don't even know what they don't know. If they knew that then at least they'd know something but since they don't even know what they don't know it's worse than knowing nothing at all. They are sure that if they have a consensus that must mean it's true. That was probably a fairly reliable strategy for survival in 40,000 B.C. but it's a tad dated now.

'Kwa Idiocracy Security

Joe, using his superior intelligence, concocted a brilliant scheme to escape from prison.

"Yeah, I think there's been some kind of mistake. I'm actually supposed to be getting 'out' of prison today. I already had my face sat on and everything."

"You're in the wrong line, dumbass! Hey, let this dumbass out, he's in the wrong line!"

Everybody, the stock market is bouncing back! Honest! Put all your money back in!

Kwanzanians attempt both thought and speech, forced to resign over mixed results

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Laugh Out Loud At Globowarmthinkery

I will let the article speak for itself. Just note that reality says one thing, the scienmajistical types try to tell us something else. We're supposed to believe it is reality that is lying to us and they are telling the truth. Nothing could possibly be more implausible than what they are saying and yet the manic hilarity in their final comments is truly testing the bounds of irony.

The best part is now when they are beginning to concede that "the Sun may indeed play an important part in all this." These people are simply inferior, botched and bungled genetic misfires who are trying to eke out a living on the 21st century equivalent of shamanism. That's not the first time the ugliest or most misshapen creatures based their livelihood on an invisible world but this might be the first time so many of them have attempted to attach themselves as free rider leeches on the same scheme. All of these people could never hold down day jobs doing actual work. Never. They're failed biological organisms on so many levels it would take several volumes to list all of their critical shortcomings. This is what happens when quantity outbreeds quality. As Nietszche described it, all healthy value systems are turned upside down by these undermen.

“Let God be true, though every man were a liar” (Romans 3:4)

'Kwa Begins To Disintegrate

Montana is getting ready to tell the government to go to hell. That's what men who aren't effeminized girls with testicles do when their freedoms are under fire. Obama can't fight this without losing either way and leaving the United States even more fragmented than it already is.

Ignored by the media, secession movements are growing all over America

The media thinks if it ignores reality, reality will just go away. The reality is that it is the media who is going away.

Kwans are even further out of the loop on what is happening inside their own country than were Russians in the Soviet Union right before it collapsed

Take a long good look. It may be the last time you see the U.S.A. intact. The 'Kwa is doomed.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Egghead Screams In Mortal Terror About 2012

These guys are starting to understand.

They're always so busy pretending to know what the hell they are talking about they scarcely ever have any time left for actual thinking. They are thinking now and they are thunking in their pants. The Mayans were no damn astronomers. They were flesh eating jungle savages. Their red haired, blue eyed "god" on his reed boat from across the sea taught them that date 2012 and told them it was significant. The Mayans weren't smart enough to make chicken sandwiches out of ground birds.

This was never a warning from the Mayans. This was a warning from our ancient ancestors. They knew this was going to happen.

Something really big is getting ready to take place. I knew it ten years ago. Something awfully big.

People know it too. They may not be bright enough to articulate it but the best ones know. It's like when animals head for the mountains a couple hours before there is an earthquake.

I'm gonna be Cassandra until the bitter end. No matter what sort of plain language I use or how clearly I put it, most people won't have any idea of what the hell I was talking about for the past ten years no matter what happens. See - I know more about human psychology than they know about themselves. I know what they think and how their mind works. I understand them but they'll never really understand me. I just have to hope that I was a little help to somebody out there in terms of awakening them and getting them to prepare a little earlier than the final hours.

It is the watchman’s duty to alert the city of an enemy’s approach. The watchman must remain on guard to sound the cry of alarm, awakening the city to action. It is not the watchman’s duty to fight the battle. It is not his job to fend off the enemy. He is responsible to sound the alarm. He cannot control the people’s response, but it is his duty to sound the alarm. The people must answer for their own lives.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Wealthy Are Voting With Their Feet ... By Going Underground

Clive James writes a tongue-in-cheek article about a very recent phenomenon, trying to turn a terrifying harbinger of the future into a lighthearted look at the secret lives of the rich.

The fact is ... they're digging. Almost all of them. Case closed. The ranks of Vault-Dwellers are surging by the day.

Anyone, that is, who shares my belief that civilization might be coming to an end.

The chief evidence for this is that people with enough money are starting to dig. It is always an interesting psychological turning point when people with power develop a bunker mentality.

Clive, welcome to Vault-Co country. Enjoy the smooth, natural minty-fresh flavor of cobalt-laced fallout at 12,000 rads an hour. It's atomolicious!

Peasants and weaklings, be they rich or poor, do not think of their posterity. They do not contemplate the future. For this reason they are assured they will have none. The man who contemplates the future and takes steps to prepare for it is rich in spirit and in understanding ... it doesn't matter if he lives in a banana crate. Slaves and women take no thought of the future, like children they expect that is someone else's obligation. In order to stop being a slave, stop thinking about some stranger saving you from yourself and start thinking about what you are going to do to make sure no stranger holds your fate in his hands.

1918 Spanish Influenza : What To Expect in 2009

"Margaret Chan, the agency’s director-general, told the Financial Times that the end of the flu season in the northern hemisphere meant an initial outbreak could be milder but then a second wave more lethal, as happened in 1918."

Vault-Co says this virus was engineered to produce the very same pattern that was observed in 1918, likely by using recombinant DNA derived from the 1918 virus itself.

It's a brilliant plan. Just when civil unrest will grow to unmanageable levels from the economic fallout of the summer, they can keep everybody inside their houses and terrified of one another with only the benevolent government to manage the "crisis." Part of me always has a certain begrudging admiration of these guys.

“We hope the virus fizzles out, because if it doesn’t we are heading for a big outbreak.” But she said: “I’m not predicting the pandemic will blow up, but if I miss it and we don’t prepare, I fail. I’d rather over-prepare than not prepare.”

Itz coming. Pack your rice and fill your water reservoir.

P.S. The most effective disinfectant and storage stabilizer for water is 5% food grade hydrogen peroxide, one drop to one gallon. Even with peroxide you'll still have to keep your water out of the sun or covered with blackout tarp to prevent growth of algae in the water.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

gLOboWArmthinKERy : The "god" That fAileD

Only modern people are stupid enough to have fallen for these lies. Any other previous generation would have never allowed them to escape the nutty leftist fringe where they came from.

The entire fiasco is strong evidence our civilization has dry-rotted from the inside out and is utterly corrupt

It's all about distracting the masses, who are little more than cattle with the power to shop. The reason the government gets away with this crap is that they can. The average human being nowadays is not much better than a barnyard animal with a pocketbook. You can tell these critters any damn thing and they'll buy it if you set it to music and throw in some computer graphics to illustrate your improbable baloney.

Globowarmthinkists begin to notice people are avoiding them at parties

Panic Merchants ... Preparing Public For What?

Somebody is trying to give a heads-up to the elite that it's coming

This is way too much excited gibberish here for a handful of deaths in Mexico. Ordinary influenza kills more people in any given week. Is this bug designed to combine soon with another?

Something is super-fishy about all of this. Keep your powder dry.

Sweatin' To The Socialists