Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In a Declining Civilization, Everything Is A Lie and When People Claim They Know Better They are Usually Lying About That, As Well

Good. Worth reading the entire article. Some of you visiting Vault-Co may not know this already.

Our age is a failure because inability to tell the truth means inability to correctly diagnose and solve problems. That's why we are so certain at Vault-Co of the irreversibility of it all.

In a declining society, there is nobody left who wants to hear the truth, even if it could save their life. The majority of the population is not interested in any pain or discomfort of any kind and truth always involves a little of both. This is why they are absolutely doomed.


trueaim said...

Yea it's becoming harder to deny that NO PLANES hit the WTC, for those of us that still have our brains in working order it was clear from the beginning that T.V. Fakery was on show. It's really quite a joke, they are joking, seriously if they wanted to do a proper job, the CGI and fakery would have been more sophisticated, but really, why would they bother, just whip something up in a few hours, no need to spend any time or effort on it, the masses are soooooo retarded they would believe anything, you could tell em' it was the giant Marshmellow Man from Ghostbusters that flattened the WTC towers. You could actually get away with that, you think i'm kidding but it's true, if they decided to go with a evil Marshmellow Man the public would believe it, they would, that's how dumb they are.

goodvibes said...

Thanks Tex, and I thought I was the only one getting the 'look' from the sheeple when I tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting up a great article. We can all start the de-programming at home. I won't let my family be fooled.

Anonymous said...

That was good, until it got to the part about 9/11. No planes, that's such bunk. I guess that's why the article is titled "malignant ignorance" - because it's a fair description of its content.