Saturday, May 2, 2009

gLOboWArmthinKERy : The "god" That fAileD

Only modern people are stupid enough to have fallen for these lies. Any other previous generation would have never allowed them to escape the nutty leftist fringe where they came from.

The entire fiasco is strong evidence our civilization has dry-rotted from the inside out and is utterly corrupt

It's all about distracting the masses, who are little more than cattle with the power to shop. The reason the government gets away with this crap is that they can. The average human being nowadays is not much better than a barnyard animal with a pocketbook. You can tell these critters any damn thing and they'll buy it if you set it to music and throw in some computer graphics to illustrate your improbable baloney.

Globowarmthinkists begin to notice people are avoiding them at parties

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