Monday, May 4, 2009

Egghead Screams In Mortal Terror About 2012

These guys are starting to understand.

They're always so busy pretending to know what the hell they are talking about they scarcely ever have any time left for actual thinking. They are thinking now and they are thunking in their pants. The Mayans were no damn astronomers. They were flesh eating jungle savages. Their red haired, blue eyed "god" on his reed boat from across the sea taught them that date 2012 and told them it was significant. The Mayans weren't smart enough to make chicken sandwiches out of ground birds.

This was never a warning from the Mayans. This was a warning from our ancient ancestors. They knew this was going to happen.

Something really big is getting ready to take place. I knew it ten years ago. Something awfully big.

People know it too. They may not be bright enough to articulate it but the best ones know. It's like when animals head for the mountains a couple hours before there is an earthquake.

I'm gonna be Cassandra until the bitter end. No matter what sort of plain language I use or how clearly I put it, most people won't have any idea of what the hell I was talking about for the past ten years no matter what happens. See - I know more about human psychology than they know about themselves. I know what they think and how their mind works. I understand them but they'll never really understand me. I just have to hope that I was a little help to somebody out there in terms of awakening them and getting them to prepare a little earlier than the final hours.

It is the watchman’s duty to alert the city of an enemy’s approach. The watchman must remain on guard to sound the cry of alarm, awakening the city to action. It is not the watchman’s duty to fight the battle. It is not his job to fend off the enemy. He is responsible to sound the alarm. He cannot control the people’s response, but it is his duty to sound the alarm. The people must answer for their own lives.

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trueaim said...

Right on Tex, Cortez and Co returned to South America as planned to take back their inheritance that was bequeathed to them by their ancestors who built the entire South American Civilization, they knew exactly when to return to the date because that was when it was planned that the white gods would reclaim what was rightfully theirs. The native Mayan cheifs who had fallen into depravity in their absence of their masters were well aware of this and were petrified, they knew they were in trouble and their poor abused subjects welcomed the white gods home.

"Watch therefore ye, for you know not when the Master of the house will return."