Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Globowarmthinkery, the Biggest Criminal Scheme Ever in Recorded History

Nobody has ever gone for a bigger score. No con men have ever dared to risk so much on such abysmally false gibberish.

Globowarmthinkery is proof positive you really can fool MOST OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME if you dare to tell the big lie and keep a straight face.

2009 : Amerikwa Is A Doomed Nation

Dead cat bounce Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah "stimulus package" (debauching currency) blah blah blah blah blah emergency summit blah blah blah save the world blah blah blah. It's a circus of assklowns who couldn't run a lemonade stand for an afternoon without filing for bankruptcy by the evening but they know what is going on and they're going to "save the world" with their F.D.R. commie new deal that is literally the worst possible thing you could do at the worst possible time to make this situation go awry beyond the limits of the human imagination. Every empire dies in a frenzy of paper money. It's been this way for thousands of years. Unfortunately, man is not a learning animal.

Kwanzanies talk more crap in five minutes than can be safely scooped from a horse's behind in a day. They can't tell anybody anything because they don't know anything about anything. They are a third world nation now and they will soon live like it ... forever. Where do you think these people in these tent camps will be moved to next? Those FEMA camps that "don't exist," of course. Read down near the bottom of the prior article if you're living in your own private little dreamworld of a nation that hasn't existed in thirty years. They will police the mobs that refuse to go with those weapons that "don't exist" they've been practicing with in Iraq.

You gonna listen to these idiots or the blog postest with the mostest for the past ten years? We were telling you about this on Vault-Co in 1998 when the most important thing on the sheeple's mind was that tripe called Y2K. The common man can't spot danger. They can scream at shadows and blacklist heffalumps but they can't see the locomotive bearing down on them for the past decade even when the lights have blinded them to all else.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Vault-OS : IPC and Shared Memory

Embedded programming under Windows operating systems is a closed shop. The correct way to approach the problem is a trade secret and those who know are on the inside. I know because as an outsider I have followed the Microsoft recommended methods and have been chasing my own tail in a circle for months. Every single scheme I have come up with to monitor I2C in real-time has started to slow down when I began loading more devices and sharing the data with more applications. Ask the pros how it is "really done" for all these SCADA systems running Windows NT in factories and for assembly line machines and they'll give you the shifty eyes and weird smirks. It's a secret and it's not widely available to newbies.

This is what I have figured out with the help of some articles on the Code Project.

1. You must run your I2C driver as a Windows service on startup. OWFS or OWHTTP are best in the background.

2. Use IPC (Inter Process Communication) to share the data with all other applications in a general pool. Don't use named pipes. They're ridiculously slow and they crash on a dime.

3. Use a shared memory data structure available through a mutex to make the Windows Service data available to all running applications.

4. Your applications will have to access the shared memory structure without conflicts, which is best done through semaphores and raising events.

If you get this running correctly, it will fly like a bat out of hell and you will have a real-time operating system under Windows monitoring a network of I2C sensors and never missing a beat in reaction time or data updates.

With 12 devices, this is the first arrangement I have had with no slowdown. It entails a rewrite of some of my applications in their interfacing to the data but they are all basically zero-lag now and can look into the shared memory structure at any time.

The first "application" I am trying to get running on top of this service is a totally independent marquee scroller, an adjustable window band, that displays configured sensors in real time all the time with no lags or hitches. I want to make it configurable with things like ...


... scrolling by on the marquee band day and night.

Rising Sea Levels : Greatest Lie In Human History

I cannot fathom that people continue to believe in this crap when the contradictory evidence is right at the end of their nose.

Globowarmthinkers all need to be rounded up and trialed at the Hague for attempting to run the biggest Ponzi scheme in recorded history on mankind. These bastards are so crooked they have to screw their pants on in the morning.

Man Is Not A Learning Animal

Unless you count Russians. I swear this country is becoming more and more attractive to live in by the day. It's leader has more sense than all the sodomites in the Western world put together.

The Great Falling Away

Part of me has always been expecting this and watching for it. When I was an atheist, I didn't believe people who claimed to be Christians. I felt they were not genuine. Now that I am a Christian I know atheists are not genuine either. They are not motivated by a thirst for the truth or by a desire for virtue.

I always knew this day was coming. Don't ask how, I could feel it. All those whining and kvetching evangelists and their prosperity gospel, acting as if the Holy Scriptures were some kind of rigged slot machine that paid off in cash and prizes. They never understood what the Bible was about and have never known Christ.

What Jesus gives you is redeemed in the next world, not this one. If you are grateful for your salvation you'll feel guilty about asking for anything else as long as you live. God is busy, don't bother him with all your insincere and selfish prayers about things you want. Pray for others and people you have never met, that they might be plucked from the fires of hell the same way you were. That's prayer that God will listen to. Everything else you earn down here with your God-given wisdom and whatever talents God gave you.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Post-Atomic Shelter Becomes Internet Datacenter

Very nice. See photographs.

I think people worldwide are being a tad hasty in converting these facilities. We'll see soon enough.

World War III Is Coming

Ice Station Zero opens for business again in the Arctic

Dot : No more Mr. Nice Guy when considering sales of uranium mines to China!

China's Mad Dog : North Korea's ballistic missile program

Reset in the Matrix At 4:54 pm 9/11/2001

Just another drop in the bucket, just another brick in the wall.

That building looked completely intact at 4:54 pm on that day. Nobody could have guessed it would suddenly collapse in seven seconds at freefall speed. Especially not just as somebody cried "pull" over the emergency radio system after a countdown.

Blizzards in April

Then when this ridiculous amount of snow begins to melt in the spring thaw and causes enormous floods, the pinheads claim it is global warming. Or not. Or it is. Or it isn't. Postmodernism and science don't actually go together.

Barry Soetoro = Unfit To Shine Shoes

Here you can see Obama-Zombies regaining some limited cognitive function. It's like Day of the Dead where they teach Bud some simple commands and he begins to show human-like qualities.

Another Catholic Shoveled Into The Furnaces of Hell

Following cancer. Really, life is so unfair. Because the guy still lived to be 81.

Unelected Brussels Bureaucrats Milk Machine

They differ from former lords and barons ... how? I don't see any difference at all. It's a bunch of sociopaths sitting on top of a feudal system. Every detail is identical. Soon they will have the right to deflower maidens on their wedding nights.

All these bureaucrats are going to save the world. They're obsessed with that messianic utopian insanity, just like nuts throughout the history of the world. They're always "saving the world." If I was screening psychiatric patients, the second they uttered that phrase I'd lunge across the table and drive a syringe filled with lithium directly into the middle of their foreheads. All madmen are smitten by that phrase. These people can't even make correct change for a dollar. They never started a business or created a job in their entire lives. But they are going to save the world. They should start with themselves because they are screwed up people.

Relax, the foxes are in charge of the henhouse.

Magnetic Reversal Due

Oldie but goodie, worth relinking in light of more recent observations.

Whooda thunkit?

Prepare to be shocked and surprised by this totally unexpected mediavitzim editorial/factoid/infomercial/agitprop article. Nobody could have seen it coming.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Scorched Earth Wasteland Called The 'Kwa

Increasingly, large parts of the 'Kwa no longer look inhabited. Or at least, not by humans. You just have miles and miles of ruins and abandoned places where once there was a nation and a people.

Amerikwa looks post-apocalyptic now and they have not even had World War Three yet.

No More Masks For Alien Traitors In The 'Kwa

Why pretend any more?

Olly-olly-oxen-free, time for all masks to be taken off.

This is high treason, a crime against the United States and formerly punishable by death but with a Kenyan-born native in the White House and 90% of the staff with dual-citizenship in other countries, it's not like the 'Kwa is run by anybody who will have to live there.

They have a plan and are not afraid of a backlash. That's what all those FEMA camps were built for.

... and by the way, there has been a world reserve currency for 5000 years which has never failed, so there is no need to create one made from paper. It's called gold.

The "rod of iron" is descending on the planet.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Mother Of All Solar Minimums

Truth be known, this is all-new territory for solar observers.

Things "like this" have been recorded in ancient times and they were always forerunners to apocalyptic events that many historians believed must be exaggerations or fabrications until very recently.

Something is getting ready to happen in 2012. You better believe it. The last time I had a hunch like this was the summer of 2001.

You are highly advised to pack it. Becuz it coming.

I expect nuclear war may be the least of the troubles on the horizon approaching. That's actually the intermission in this story.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

About That Dead Cat Bounce

It ain't so bouncy. It might be the last time the defunct feline ever gets that much altitude again for a long time. The guffamint spent most of it's remaining energy trying to fake a rally but looks like the rubes have been burned so many times they've actually begun to shun the shylocks telling them it's all going to be okay.

Economics hasn't changed in 400 years. It will never change if we are talking about transactions between bipedal hominid types. The basic rules of economics will never alter and it doesn't matter what sort of consensus you get to the contrary. Fiat currency doesn't work, trying to spend your way out of a credit collapse when that's how you got into it to begin with is stupid and all debts will always be collected or repaid before credit becomes available again.

All your life there will be men who will tell you these rules don't apply to them. What they mean to say is sanity doesn't apply to them. These rules still do. All men are filthy rags before God, the ones with some modicum of dignity know it and the completely useless ones don't. The man who tells you that you can beat the system if you trust him is actually out to beat you, not the system.

Almost every person who has claimed innovation in economics ideas since the previous half-century is in fact a prevert who doesn't even understand the existing ideas, much less know how to improve on them. The best way to get ahead in a fiat currency government is to go nuts and tell them what they want to hear, which is that fiat currency works because X=y*GNP/Revenues+Consumption*Savings=Fiat currency works. Learn how to write bogus formulas like that one and you could make a nice living between 1945 and 2005, despite the fact you didn't know a damn thing about economics.

The Darkness In 535 AD

If something like this happened today and lasted 18 months, it would be the worst calamity that has ever befallen the planet when mankind was on it. The local agriculture of 535 A.D. was the least sophisticated arrangement for the survival of individuals and therefore the best way to weather such a disaster.

Today with half the planet depending on just-in-time inventories and agribusiness it would kill off 5 billion people or thereabouts with ease.

Why did the Norway seed bank have to be completed and sealed by 2011?

Why has the U.S. government been tunnelling everywhere for so long?

I think a lot of people who believe something is going to happen in 2012 have been selling the sheeple lullabyes for a long time because they believe it is something that only they will need to survive.

Gordon Brown Could Botch A Bowel Movement

This jeenius took a bad situation and turned it into an apocalyptic event in record time through dumb economics ... and the 'Kwa isn't far behind.

NASA Admits (Far Too Late) "Vault-Co Was Right, You Should Be Digging"

The next couple of years are going to be fascinating times to live in.

Fascinating indeed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Forecast is for cold.

There are people out there charging $1200.00 for what Vault-Co gave away free six years ago.

I Figured This Out Back In 1999 All On My Own

Yes. I did, in fact. I guessed at it from putting many different types of information together from many different sources.

I knew this was the real cause of the obesity epidemic coupled with an average of 6 hours a sleep. It would be impossible for any other reason to explain what I was seeing.

It takes a man with a chronic sleep disorder to figure out what sleep really means to the human body. Ordinary people take it all for granted.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Russian Prophet Who Predicted The Future

No, it isn't Rasputin.

The Creepy, Bizarre Nonsensical Cover Story That Is Supposed To Be 9-11

None of it makes any sense. Judging them solely by their own words, nothing the authorities have told us happened that day actually synchronizes with what happened that day. Most con men would consider it a pretty weak scam with this many holes in it. I have not heard anything yet from the mainstream media that would not offend a child in terms of it's illogical composition and coherence.

Kwanzania = Banana Republic

Peter Schiff says the collapse that is coming will make all previous economic depressions seem tame in comparison.

That means war to mankind, if history is any guide.

Nazis At Nuremberg Bad, Nazis At Gaza Good

The nazis felt free to kill subhumans because they were "lesser races." Great swaths of propaganda demonstrating the genetic and physiological inferiority of jews was used to justify their mistreatment.

Israel does the same and claims it as a privilege. Their fellow travelers in the media call it a "controversial" issue. It's not controversial.

Breaking the first commandment is a sin. It's one of the most terrible of all the sins. People who think the first commandment doesn't apply to them are damned. They may have been born damned.

In wartime the only legitimate target is soldiers on the other side. Any army that targets civilians for any reason should be brought to justice and tried as war criminals. Anything else is madness.

Undersea Volcanism Clearly Heating Oceans

Globowarmthinkers shrink back like vampires at the sight of a crucifix when you show them these things.

2000 degree volcanos on the ocean floor can't heat ocean water, but CO2 two miles up in the atmosphere can heat the temperatures on the bottom. This is the kind of logic that gave us the United States of Kwanzania as it appears today.

When I want to heat my pool, I start a fire beside it and blow the air over the surface with a fan.

Obama Zombies Ready For Their Death March

The Obamites are truly the saddest of the sheeple flock, the lanky and shorn beasties at the bottom of the debt pyramid due to have the entire crushing weight of ten trillion dollars smash them into pate.

Nothing is sadder than seeing their goofy, wistful expressions after the election is long over, awaiting the rainbow socialist paradise that will never come, mulling around in the barnyard and crying out for their televitz saviour. Somebody get the bolt gun, it's time for the humane solution.

Insect Swarms A Certainty In Disunited States

Bats are one of the largest silent controls on insect populations, particularly mosquitoes. A bat die-off means a boom in contagious diseases spread by insects.

The Apocalypse Trifecta. A three way convergence of the most destructive failures in the natural world, political world and spiritual world at the same time.

Hell Hath No Fury Like Hyperinflation

Kwanzanians think they've seen the worst of it.

They have not even seen it yet. This is the prologue.

The real dominos have not fallen yet and when they do they will take out Western civilization.

In classical economic terms, the other shoe has not even dropped. It will soon.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Marxists Have Conquered The 'Kwa From Within

They could not have done it from the outside. Only treason from within could have destroyed the greatest nation of them all. They operated from the shadows until the day came when they could emerge and operate openly. The former United States is utterly in their power. They control every single inch of it.

Globowarmthinkers : God's Personal Ass-Klowns

A team of kosmic ass-klowns set out for the North Pole to determine the extent of global warming and they are now in serious danger of freezing to death in the worst cold that anybody has ever seen up there. Because God needs to have a good laugh now and then as much as anybody.

Globowarmthinkery is what people believe in when they no longer believe in God

Ron Paul Makes Too Much Sense To Be On TV

Monsanto VERSUS Mankind

You thought this was conspiracy theory but my friend almost everything you think you know is wrong.

Monsanto is waging war on humanity. They want control of the food supply. It's not a joke and it's not going to go away if you open a can of beer and watch some sports on television.

These people are out to kill you. No joke. They intend to starve you and your kids to death or else poison them with toxins no human being was ever meant to ingest.




How coincidental that this should be synchronized with The Mother Of All Economic Depressions.

Secular Israel Turning To Barbarism & Anarchy

Starting to look like a ghost town full of undead zombies scouring the ruins.

A lot of these attacks you have heard about, particularly the end of 2008, are really last gasps of desperation of a regime that is descending into Maccabee-style chaos within Israel.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Great Falling Away

This is MUST-READ stuff. It's superb.

I've known for thirty years that Krisschannity would destroy the Christian faith. The entire mass market, love-gospel, prosperity-feelgood-telemarketer hybridization of Christian teachings has effectively doomed it because it substitutes the teachings of men for the scripture of God. The second Christianity is converted into something that will appeal to everybody, it instantly becomes suitable for nobody.

Christians were never supposed to throw their pearls before swine or indulge in the Arminian heresies of new-age touchy-feely mass market you're-okay/I'm-okay crapola.

Here's the truth. I'm going to heaven because my repentance is genuine. The reason my repentance is genuine is because I'm terrified of a being I cannot see, hear or detect with any of my six senses ... a being I did not believe even existed for nearly two decades of my life. You're going to hell if your story is anything but. Until you realize you are a drowning man, you will never swim with all your heart towards the life preserver called Jesus Christ when it floats by. There is no other way into heaven and your works are nothing but filthy rags. Men are DAMNED. Most of them are DAMNED FROM BIRTH. HOPELESSLY DAMNED. THEY WERE MADE PURELY AS EXTRAS TO POPULATE HELL WITH BACKGROUND SCREAMS. If it doesn't scare you to hear that, you don't have grace.

Christianity is outside this world. It's faithful are separate from the rest of mankind and should remain apart. The instant you have clowns like Ted Haggard and Jim Bakker defiling the word of God by acting as teachers, you're going to produce nothing but fools for a flock.

I believe this article is a very accurate portrayal of post-Krisschan Amerikwa. You will find the ugliest inquisitors of all in the new regime will be the phoneys dropping out of their horrible fake churches and raised on false prophets. Nobody will persecute the Christian with more gusto than the Krisschans themselves. Drippy lukewarm self-help new age psychotics, each and every one of them.

Do not be shocked at the rise of a new Soviet-style psychiatry which will label all religion as a mental disorder which they will believe is best treated with lobotomies and electroshock therapy. You can hear echoes of this stuff in the chief baboons leading the new dumbed down atheist movement behind Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. If either of these guys thought they had the muscle and the consensus to pull it off, they'd set up an inquisition tomorrow.

"Will it shake lose the prosperity Gospel from its parasitical place on the evangelical body of Christ? Evidence from similar periods is not encouraging. American Christians seldom seem to be able to separate their theology from an overall idea of personal affluence and success."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Madhouse Asylum Governments Run By Psychotics Across The Globe

Massive widespread violations of the U.S. Constitution abound on every hand in America, gratis Barky's Zimbabwe-style crackhead commandos.

Russia promises itz coming soon

No backdown on Iranian missile transfer

Australia planning hardcore radical far left censorship characteristic of Bolshevist government in 1920's Russia

Baghdad destroyed to save it ... why'd they go in here again? I'm still waiting.

Circumventing the 2nd Amendment with clever legislation - bring the Founding Fathers forward in a time machine, they'd tell you exactly what to do with all that brass.

When men remove God as the number one authority in their lives, the State will step in and become their God. Only a real bonafide atheist like me can be trusted on this subject ... people will believe in something ... it can be a carpenter's son who died for the sins of the world ... or a socialist State based on paper currency ... the only thing more absurd than the former is the latter. If you think Christianity is nuts, just wait and watch to see what rushes into the vacuum left behind when you take it away. Ordinary people are stupid. That is not going to change. They can be deluded in a way that fosters the rule of law and a homogeneous safe civilization or they can be deluded by bizarro tales of creepy new age pseudo-scientists who describe a secular utopia driven by "altruism." When ordinary people claim they've outgrown Christian faith and have migrated to the latter, you better believe it ... they have truly gone rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth mad dog insane.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Go Back To Kenya You Bum

Barky is a native born Kenyan citizen. Anybody who hasn't figured this out by now is either braindead or in the early throes of dementia.

Do you really think he flubbed his oath of office by accident? Listen, I'm the Pope. Send me money.

Is Russia A Better Government For The American People Than Barky's Crackhouse Consolate?

Maybe the 'Kwans should start sending their tax statements to Putin since they seem to be getting their money's worth out of Russia moreso than the gang of thieves currently squatting in Washington. Eight years on, the failed state of 'Kwa has yet to build a monument to the victims of 9-11. That's just plain pathetic. You can be sure that the execs at AIG got their 160 million dollar bonus payouts.

Dolphins : God's Second Most Amazing Creature

Gotta watch this. They are such incredibly intelligent animals.

Death Wish : Obama Plans to Get Veterans To Pay For Their Own Medical Care For War Wounds

Is this boy back on the crack pipe?

Bad idea. Are we talking about a small army of pissed-off, discharged vets with hardened experience in battle being made to pay for their own injuries? If that's the case, I'd tell Michelle to go and pick out a black dress now. That's probably not the best group to try to push around during times like these. I think it might be Obama paying for his own medical care before they are finished with him.

Strangely enough, you'd be shocked at how many empires do this to their war veterans just before they are overthrown. Rome did it and of course many of those veterans were actually leading the charge during the first sacking and looting of Rome. They were only too happy to sell out the country that sold them out first. The barbarians were successful in part because they had the ultimate advisors on staff.

Globowarmthinkery is Supplanted By Intelligence

Real climatologists use words a little too big for globamists and tend to describe ideas a tad too complex for their tiny peanut sized brains.

Let's be honest. Actual science is like ... for smart people and stuff. It's not a group hug or a jam session on marijuana where any idiot can chime in. Globalarmists need people to believe that anyone can follow their whacky, eerie tale of farting cows and evil incandescent bulbs attacking mother earth and then call themselves a scienmajistic type. In reality, science is kind of an elite non-contact sport for people who can reason, not just pretend to. That's always going to mean less than 1% of mankind.

Controlling the Food Supply

This is such a naked totalitarian move it is hard to believe anybody could fail to be frightened at what they see here.

This is happening all over. Corporations are making sure that humans can only get access to food through them. It's like Russia in 1921 all over again except this famine is probably going to kill billions, not just millions.

The people of South Central did a terrific job with this farm right in the middle of their community. Basically it was a textbook example of how to run a farm to supply food locally to the people who live there.

Somebody in government decided they'd better bulldoze it and pour concrete on top of it to make sure the only food anybody gets they buy from a supermarket.

Monday, March 16, 2009

When Giant Post-Apocalyptic Worms Attack!

Every Vault dweller's nightmare - the old ground burrowing superworm. You might be able to raise them as pets if you could discover what they like to eat. Unless of course, it turned out to be you they like to eat.

Do The Kwanzanians Have A Breaking Point?

I don't think they do. I think they would have showed signs of snapping decades ago if they did.

I think they are going to march these people right into FEMA camps without so much as a whimper. It's too late for any of that.

Nation Wrecking Machine Runs Out Of Juice

Silver was one of those tireless workers in the background of Hollywood who always had a new scheme to destroy something, either with propaganda or outright with cash. He was a destroyer and now he has returned to the place where destroyers go when they die.

Silver often played sociopaths, so often in fact you cannot help but wonder if it was simply the easiest turn as an "actor" for him to manage. It's interesting to note that ultimately Ron had no affiliation with either of the puppet parties - he was always interested in what could hurt the United States the most, whoever was wielding the hammer.

He was a bad, bad person. He was the money man that propelled many a power brokered pawn into politics behind the scenes and he never saw a subversive cause he could not find donations for. Although his finances came from Hollywood his was one of the silent hands that moves behind the scenes that really determines who is and isn't acceptable to run in politics. Silver often worked relentlessly with agitprop and innuendo to short circuit people like Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan before their campaigns could even get off the ground.

The good that men do is quickly forgotten but their evil lives on. Ron Silver was a bad person who has shuffled off the mortal coil but it is likely the raw amounts of damage he did to the United States will last for centuries afterwards.

Kwanzania = Doomed Manboon Hellhole

Kwanzans fail, period, at most everything. Even when they pretend to know they are failures and resolve to do better, they don't really know it and they are not really resolving. The 'Kwa is more doomed than any nation that has ever existed.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Suggested Project For Vault-Co Readers

(Links to a small PDF file)

Something I have not had the time for myself but which would prove of limitless benefit to shelterists throughout the world would be research into converting these cheap, ubiquitous solar lights into different kinds of environmental sensors.

I have already had some success in extracting the boards and using them to power various weather sensing applications, but my designs have worked off of physical ethernet cables to I2C when what is really needed are optical signals using cheap affordable parts to send to a hub.

Anybody who knows any more about this subject or has links, please put them into the comments section.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Antichrist Beast Barack Obama

Watch the documentary at this site. It's awesome and I learned a few things from it I didn't realize previously.

Obama fits most of the scriptural requirements for the Antichrist. It's important to keep in mind that we can expect many Antichrists going about in these times. The reason I say it is important is because you should keep in mind that the relief pitcher who promises to save us all from Barack in the next election may himself be simply another Antichrist.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Scientist : Vault-Co was right in 2003.

Coming to terminate extraneous bipeds in your neighborhood soon.

Vault-Co predicted this many years in advance before the average person was even aware of the possibility, much less the potential reality.

The 'Kwa's Future Has Arrived Early In Detroit

Detroit. The Jetsons city. Space age cars buzzing around with chrome and vinyl designed to run forever. Children who read at today's 12th grade level in the third grade. Engineers, scientists, builders, industrialists. Makers and doers.

Rhodesia was much the same. Did you know the nation that is today called Zimbabwe was once the world's largest manufacturer of giant ocean-going hovercraft? Today that factory lies in ruins, swamped by raw sewage and animal carcasses dumped by a nearby farm.

This is where the Kwa is headed.

Lone Shooters Support Gun Control

First the concerned governments draft the gun legislation and print it out in big cartons, ready to serve up to politicians.

Then, always a few weeks thereafter the mass shootings occur.

Once is a coincidence. 30+ times since 1992 is just a little too convenient. Clinton was getting a week's lead time on every single piece of legislation he authored to confiscate guns, throughout his entire term. Martin Bryant struck right after the draconian laws for Australia were hot off the printing press. These isolated killers appear to have a central agency that cues them when to conduct their attacks. First let us write the law down "in response" to your "random" act, then we'll schedule you to commit it.

Why is the chicken before the egg in this story? I can't understand it.

Obama has been assembling a gun grabber dream team for six months

These nuts must be big advocates of disarming law abiding people, they seem to coordinate their attacks to coincide with the planned introduction of these laws

Europe's unelected officials (rulers) were talking about the need to strip the last guns from private hands all through January and February ... and here we are - another tailor made crisis to trigger a "response."

I'll bet if I had the money and resources, I could go around all day long finding and provoking unstable fruitcakes to commit these kinds of acts and I could control when they acted, too. It doesn't take much money to accomplish just about anything. I can see their handlers sitting with them in the donut shop in the morning as clear as a bell in my mind's eye. "It's not you that's the problem! You're more than justified in what you may find you have to do. I think we can both agree it is about time you stepped up to the plate and show the world you mean business. After our meeting this morning I want you to check our secret drop in the park, I left something special for you there. I think you're going to like it. Remember, we discussed the coming weekend as the best time to carry something like this to it's natural conclusion. I'm proud of you for finally refusing to take it anymore. I'm your friend, buddy, you know that."

Kwanzania is Dead Broke

All they got left is hot air and doubletalk, in that order.

Freeman points out that the 'Kwa is no longer run by Kwanzanies anyhow

Dumb as they may be, Kwanzans know now, finally ... that itz coming.

Not that it will do them any good.

Earth's Sun Has Died For Another 12,000 years Go to this link and pick the year 2008 to see what has happened to the Sun in the past twenty-four months. To call this bizarre and unnatural is the understatement of the century. Vault-Co says one more flareout and the party will be over. We'll probably get something a little more powerful than this in 2012, which will shoot this planet back to the Dark Ages by destroying most of the technology that exists and is connected to the grid when it happens.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

VAULT-OS : OWFS (One-Wire "File System!")

I got this working! Plug in a new sensor, a C# Windows Service running in the background activates a GUI to let the user define the sensor and describe it's properties and controllers!! You can run a realtime program in the background that presents the I2C network as if it were a server directory!

This is as close as anybody in the world could get to plug'n'play for sensors and controllers in a SCADA system with many, many connections. If you get the master hub like I got off of Hobby Boards, you can run all your lines with RJ-12 cabling and hook up as many sensors of differing types or control relays as you might possibly desire.

So this necessitates another change to my existing code. I have to assume the I2C network is "always there" on the ethernet and any devices that are awake can run as the master and access the I2c "file server" without necessarily running I2C protocols of any kind on their own! This is actually way simpler than what I had. Still learning about this technology but I think I am improving by leaps and bounds.

At least one computer will always remain on running this OWFS - the "Sentry" - and it will issue Wake-On-Lan to all other computers if the situation changes ... like somebody entering the shelter. Otherwise it will run things like the climate controller and power manager at all times until it is relieved of duty by ThinkBoy coming on line. By the way, Thinkboy is starting to look Uber-Awesome. I am hacking the hell out of it's internals and it is all starting to come together perfectly. There will be pictures coming after a little more development and debugging.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Lights Are Going Out All Over The West

A return will set in of the re-active pressure of nature upon mankind. Mankind will again be restive under it. . . . But woe to that people which has not men that will stand up and fight without flinching. Those countries where the moral decay shall have gone deepest, where the proved stock shall have died out and given way to poor stock, where the great effeminization of men shall have taken place (for the masculinization of women will be no compensation), where the strong and the wise and the shrewd shall gain no more of wealth, power, and influence than the weak, silly, and incompetent, all being equal,—those will go to the wall. And when this fate shall have overtaken most of our western white men’s countries, our cycle of civilization will be completed.

Correa Moylan Walsh (1917)

Monday, March 9, 2009

100 Items to Disappear First

Itz coming. Itz here. Prep or die.

#1 has been my #1 for quite a while but I seem to be well supplied now.

Russia Leads World In Democratic Freedoms

No joke. Russia today is one of the freest nations on Earth. The 'Kwa in comparison looks like just another stinking African hellhole headed up by a guy in a uniform and sunglasses with a bunch of medals hanging off him declaring yet another new dollar denomination.

Apocalypse Trifecta Capstone : Ice Age Up Next

Sure, if we only had a couple hundred crisis points converging at once in the same decade it might not be so bad ... if it weren't for that triple whammy at the end when the next Ice Age rapidly descends on the West. That's the kill shot.

The Magnetic Reversal coming soon will be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Somebody at the Boston Globe has started to get it. It's not just the absence of warming. It's the overwhelming evidence that we are approaching an apocalyptic rapid cooling that will make THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW look like the bubblegum summer movie it was. In this blockbuster, people don't burn books at the library. They burn babies on the skiddle and kill each other for a warm coat or a sleeping bag.

Seven years after Vault-Co said undersea volcanism was poisoning the oceans (paranoid madness at the time) the mainstream concedes it may be true and still gets the cause wrong.









Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fox News : ITZ COMING!!!!!!!

This is essentially a naked concession that the nation is doomed and Fox News reveals it is more concerned with the interests of the elite than the people who actually live there.

Shocking, shocking stuff. Fox News is so slimy you never know when they'll switch gears and call something legitimate they've been bashing as madness for the past ten years.

These people they are calling "Bubbas" are in fact the heart and soul of the United States. These are the last sane people, the kinds of citizens that Jefferson mentioned as the only people who could be counted on when the urban areas had gone mad. If you despise them then you don't belong on American soil, you need to go live in one of those marxist toilets somewhere else.

You remember those non-existent paranoid stories about FEMA concentration camps being constructed over the past twenty years? Well, Fox now just casually concedes they all exist. Oh, right! THOSE CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Right!

The U.K. is about to come unhinged altogether

Watch for a lot of fires coming in the summer of rage '09 in Britain. After all, they're going to be freezing in the winters from now on as the new Ice Age begins.

Vault-Co was right about this stuff. We were right about a lot of stuff. Some of it was wrong but a lot of predictions made on this site were dead center bullseyes many years in advance. We can't promise any other predictions you read on here will be correct but we can promise you we will always be more accurate than anything you hear on the televitz.

Fox News Admits It : We Use The Skulls Of Our Viewers As Our Personal Chamber Pots To Relieve Ourselves

Murdoch's Newspeak factory brags openly that they have successfully colonized the minds of their viewers and know more about their "opinions" than they do - because they put them there.

Here the concern was not with reporting about anything from the real world, rather putting a false memory into the human brain which would be mistaken for reality.

"The subtext is made subconscious. At no time does the mark know he is receiving an implanted idea. The strength of the method comes from it's secrecy in application."
- Hunter S. Thompson

Friday, March 6, 2009

The 'Kwa No Longer Actually Exists Except in the Whacky World Inside The Brain of Televitz Executives.

There is no Amerikwa. It's gone. Any information you hear to the contrary is smoke blowing out the piehole of a talking head on the televitzer. All this is nothing but a dream world sustained by fairy floss and slick graphics on Fox News. There ain't no economy left and there ain't gonna be no recovery. Nations this sick don't get better. They curl up and die. There's no guarantees given to the sons of men on anything and countries can only trade on their name and brand recognition for so long before people see they're hollow Luftmensch and paper tigers without a dime to their name.

Reality Check. The next time you see the Smurfs will probably be when they pull a drive-by on your home with Gargamel as the trigger man. There ain't no rainbow ponies coming to your house to give you a job in the globalist economic paradise and top you off with a cupful of stardust and moonbeams. The bank will be coming to your house to demolish it and use the concrete debris to build an anti-personnel wall around their gated community to hold off the starving hordes of machete-wielding diversifiers and protect them against molotov cocktail assaults. If you put up much of a fuss about it you will be marched at gunpoint onto a boxcar and transported to a suitable rehabilitation camp and put to work sewing together tire rubber sandals for the third world at .8 cents an hour pay and one bowl of rice a week. Fresh water and clean sheets will be a luxury item for women willing to work in the Reconquista Comfort Camp servicing 700 enrichers a day with group discount packages.

Face it. YOU GOT LIED TO. IT WAS ALL A DREAM AND NOW YOU GOTTA WAKE UP. The consumer unit fantasy planet party is officially over.

You wouldn't listen when it could still make a difference, Amerikwans and let's be honest after all ... you had a chance to elect Ron Paul or Alan Keyes, so it's not like you weren't offered better options at some point. You chose to keep pedaling your bike for the edge of the cliff and pray that "E.T." (Extra-Testicle) Barack Obama was going to make it fly when the time came. NO SUCH LUCK, IT APPEARS.

Nations run by crooks only have one option left when they screw up this badly and here it is.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

GlobamaWarmthinkery As Credible As Witchcraft And Crop Circles


Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong again you got it wrong moron you got it all wrong you cannot see it but you're wrong in the morning and wrong in the evening you'll be wrong when you're coming and wrong when you're going so go back to your birth during labor pains and do it all over again from scratch because you got it ALL wrong you got that Dark Age peasant inside of you and if you are not one man's fool then you'll be the next the inside of your brain is a kitty litter basket where media folks drop their pants and crap wherever they please leaving you with what you think are YOUR CONVICTIONS.

Oh my so wrong and wrong. You are a blank slate upon which media owners paint thought graffiti like a hood junkie ruins the fences at the subway. Your brain is public property and people park abandoned cars there and have fights with water balloons and when it is over they pop their flys and have a long piss against the inside of your cerebellum and you scream out EUREKA I JUST HAD ME A HEAD MOVIE whoohawhaw. You think these thoughts are your own but the interior of your head is common grounds and everyone throws garbage and vegetable scraps onto it in what can only be described as a

Where The 'Kwa Is Going, It Won't Be Coming Back From ... Ever

Russia says Vault-Co was right, everybody else just living in a sweet wish-a-day dreamworld. It's fun to see Kwanzanies baffled at why anybody would say this and sneering at the notion they could be anything but invulnerable, immortal and co-equals to god himself. It's fun because it will be that much funnier when they are sneering out the other side of their face during the next few years. They are basically assklowns put on the Earth by God for his personal amusement.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision.
- Psalm 2:4 KJV

'Kwa dollar approaches parity with old free community newspapers

Poor morons thought they were "free" - what does that word mean to a Kwan, who is functionally illiterate and thinks North Korea and Australia share a border? ... but they are "free" now, insist poor halfwits

Kwazy Kwanzanomics fail miserably, Kwanzanians vow to ignore feedback from reality and keep marching in the wrong direction onto a live minefield.

Russians agree with previous Vault-Co post : Nobody "accidentally" collides in outer space just by sheerest chance.

Gerald Celente warns entire nation will shortly be hauled to knackers and melted down for glue.

How long before Uncle Sam is absolutely bankrupt? A few more months at the outside.

Kwanzanies indulge in wild speculation - like the crazy conspiracy theory that they will someday "recover"

Chief-jobless-crackhead-in-charge to face threats over and above cleaning residue out of pipe with wire hanger and finding appropriate pill bottle to hold his rock ...

Nuclear threat to a nakedly defenseless nation

Flu Pandemic would have 'Kwans eating babies in under a week with collapse of supply chain for food

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"The Burning Sky" (MUST*READ*VAULT-CO!)

I thought I knew it all after finishing "Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps" by Robert Felix but it turns out there is even more to the story. The links below, recommended by a visitor, contain some of the most interesting information that I have ever read on the Internet. Ever read anywhere, in fact. I can honestly say this this might be the most important thing I have ever published on Vault-Co.

If the hypothesis proves to be true, it solves many mysteries about our planet in one fell swoop. For example, trying to explain why many types of bacteria and spores on Earth mutate into super-bizarre black mushroom fungus colonies when shot with gamma radiation, like something out of a comic book.

Part 1 of Doomsday in 2012

Part 2 of Doomsday in 2012

An incredible, fortean account by the same author which will blow your mind

A discovery in the Middle East that proves we don't know a damn thing about history

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sodomites Collude On Global Rule By Sh*tty, Substandard Losers

Gordon Brown is one sad otherwise unemployable individual. I would not pay this wanker to wash my car and wouldn't let him mow my lawn for free. He and his Bolshevist butt buddy are in talks to overthrow the sovereignty of their own nations, which used to be called treason deserving of death. Two unstable, shiftless high concept welfare bums trying to engineer a free ride for life as lords of the realm. All these morons have the same problem. They're scared to death of work.

They're such transparent drama queens. You'd have to be pulling around 70 on an IQ test not to see through both of these idiots like they were made of glass. Both of them sound like they are reading screeds by Arthur Schlesinger Jr. verbatim.

Let's get out the respective Constitutions of both countries and see what we are to make of these aims. Oh look here, it says both of them must hang before sundown. What a shame. Reactionist, itz.

None dare call it treason, if treason succeeds.

Sickly runts of the litter conspiring to be tyrants. What would you expect of the ugly puppies left in the basket after the good puppies have all been taken? They are avenging themselves on life itself. After all, I can't be a loser if I'm running the world, right? That proves I'm important!

You could do worse than to put all these below-par halfwits into a bus and send it over a cliff into the sea, except you might accidentally kill some dolphins on the way down.

"In this unhappy state of affairs, few people retain much confidence in the more ambitious strategies for world order that had wide backing a generation ago—'world federalism,' 'charter 'review,' and 'world peace through world law.'... If instant world government, Charter review, and a greatly strengthened International Court do not provide the answers, what hope for progress is there?... In short, the 'house of world order' would have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great 'booming, buzzing confusion,' to use William James' famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

- Trilateral Commission member Richard Gardner, The Hard Road to World Order, (Foreign Affairs, 1974) p. 557-558

"In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete. All states will recognize a single global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all."--- Strobe Talbot, President Clinton's Deputy Secretary of State, July 20, 1992.

"NAFTA is a major stepping stone to the New World Order," ---Henry Kissinger.

"To achieve a world government it is necessary to remove from the minds their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism. and religious dogma."---Brock Adams, Director, U.N. Health Organization.

"We are not going to achieve a New World Order without paying for it in blood, as well as in words and money."---Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., the CFR Journal Foreign Affairs, August 1975.

"A world government can intervene militarily in the internal affairs of any nation when it disapproves of their activities." ---Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General.

"We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent."--- James Warburg, to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, February 17, 1950.

"We believe we are creating the beginning of a New World Order coming out of the collapse of the U.S. Soviet antagonisms."---Brent Snowcroft, Washington Post, May 1991.

"We are at present working discreetly with all our might to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world."--- Professor Arnold Toynbee, 1931. a speech in Copenhagen.

"Our job is not to give people what they want but what we decide they ought to have."---Richard Salant, former president of CBS News