Friday, February 27, 2009

Magnetic Reversal in 2012 : Who got it right?

The mainstream told you it was thousands of years away. Centuries at the least. It would always be somebody else's problem in the far flung future.

Vault-Co has been telling you for ten years this was imminent. The authorities told you that there was no risk of massive cosmic radiation cooking the planet like a microwave based on a computer simulation during a magnetic reversal and therefore no reason to rush around digging underground vaults. Vault-Co told you that this was a lie designed to placate the sheeple.


A New Record : Communist Strikes Out As Presidential Material in Just Under Thirty Days

This unemployable drifter and unclaimed fatherless Kenyan bastard has demonstrated he is a massive failure as a leader in just under four weeks as acting President.

A deadly warmonger and the best statesman that Israel ever installed into office. This leftist radical has turned a grueling decline into a fullscale rout with only a few select speeches.

The world is a museum of Marxist failures and the next exhibit that will be put on display is going to be the late, great, United States.

You Knew It Was Coming - Marxist Scumbag Shows His True Color - RED

Commie, commie pants on fire. Call it the truth but you're a liar.

Marxists always say one thing, mean something else and their actions betray another agenda different altogether. The worst way to understand a Marxist is to listen to what he is saying because they always, always lie nonstop 24/7 it's part of their political ideology ... they tell themselves that because it's for a "good cause" any means are justified including concealing their real beliefs and intentions until they gather enough power to show themselves for who they really are.

If the Founding Fathers were here today they'd be knee deep in spent shell casings on full automatic. Thomas Jefferson would smash through the capital rotunda dome glass ceiling on a rappelling line with a powdered wig on, a live grenade in each hand like Chuck Norris and strapped with enough C-4 to take out half of Washington.

Thanks for destroying what was left of the 'Kwa, jerkoffs

Britain realizes far too late that America knew what it was doing all along

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Robert Mugabe on Slimfast

"While our economy may be weakened and our confidence shaken, though we are living through difficult and uncertain times, tonight I want every American to know this: We will rebuild, we will recover," Obama, a Democrat, said in a televised speech five weeks after taking office.

Nah, ya won't. Pack it, becuz itz coming.

Stand back, this nation is going to leave one big crater.

Vault-OS : .NET 1.1 apps work on W98+32MBRam

I got the I2C monitoring app running under Windows NT Terminal Server on my main computer as a .NET 1.1 assembly and the Windows 98 board but cannot find an easy way to talk to the parallel port for switching relays. Otherwise the sensing application window is running well. I don't seem to be able to do transparent windows in Windows NT or Windows 98, they still look great if they cover the desktop.

I am going to install the .NET 1.1 runtime on my main development machine again, the great thing about this discovery is that if I can guarantee that .NET 1.1 runs anywhere the runtime works, I can work on the programs on my development desktop and just transfer the code to the ThinkBoy server. I am trying to get a WAN with optical isolation going for the shelter to run my entire network so I can literally remote in and check on the shelter anytime through a thin client from anywhere on the internet. This is my ultimate dream.

Thin clients run .NET applications from the server pretty well but sometimes they begin to hitch and flicker in Citrix and I don't know why. I think it has something to do with the video refresh frequency. Trying to fix this problem now.

When I started last year and was thinking of hardware with 2MB RAM and a 16 MB flash card, Geos Ensemble was my target system. Since I have been buying PC/104 Pentium IIIs now on Ebay for $10.00 a pop I have been able to enlarge my horizons and aim for more and more decent support for Windows NT-98 OS with storage and RAM. Either way, you should have no problem running Vault-OS on any 32 bit x86 device with 32 MB RAM for the client and say 256 MB for the server. Most old portables can handle this easily with a USB or PCMCIA flash card as their boot device.

This will be better than Puppy Linux, stabler and easier to maintain. Windows NT Terminal server is like Latin - a dead language. The support is ubiquitous and there will be no changes with SP6 the last update. You will be running a very, very powerful system with room for lots of customization and all the power and glory of .NET applications. If you then install Nano-98 Windows on all your supporting devices or else a simple thin client PXE you will have more than enough power to supercharge anything you are running on it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Alan Keyes Trying To Reason With Kwanzanies

Professor Keyes problem is that he is sane and still playing with a full deck of cards. This makes communication with 'Kwanzanians and their idiot media very, very difficult. They don't hanker for much talk about the real world and enjoy laughing at people who point out they are rolling downhill on fire in a wheelbarrel headed for the cliff edge of the Grand Canyon. They'd rather talk about Paris Hilton instead.

Friday, February 20, 2009

How Many Prior Nuclear Wars?

I would not be surprised if the true number of previous nuclear conflicts is a number that would boggle the mind.

Our own cycle will probably just be another drop in the bucket, hardly original or distinguishable from any other prior nuclear war. Stupid humans doing what they do best, dying screaming and descending into another shrouded era in which they will all forget almost every single thing they know. Hell, they're well on their way now. What most people know about the world could be written on a postage stamp. Listen to them rattle on about the "?bailout?" without being conscious of the irony. It used to be called "debauching the currency." They don't know about any of that. They scarcely know anything.

At the start of the Dark Ages in England, the people had given up so much they should have inherited from classic Rome and Greece they could be considered neolithic peoples living in mud huts. Reading and writing, books and scribes were virtually unknown except for the occasional rock carving in a cliff wall like the Flintstones. Mind you, all that decline happened within a few generations. There were monasteries where some scrolls of the past were still archived and preserved but for all the average person would know, the entire universe may have been created in 800 A.D. out of thin air without prehistory at all.

Like in Asimov's Nightfall, the long darkness descends and snuffs out what precious little reasoning power they had to begin with. After that runs it's course, they will remember nothing of the past. They hardly can remember anything now.

The Sheeple Believe They Need No Longer Fear A Nuclear War

It's sad. It's closer than ever and the average person on the street believes because the arbitrary focus has moved off it, that means it must no longer be imminent.

Imagine being locked in a dark basement with a congenital idiot and you have a flashlight. You point the flashlight at various objects and ask the idiot what it is the two of you are looking at. "A wheelbarrel." "A sack of cement." "A coal furnace."

You stop and turn off the flashlight for a moment and ask him, "What was the last thing I just brought to your attention?" and he replies "I can't remember. You don't have the flashlight shining on it anymore for me."

This is the way that sheeple brains work.

Remember how for a few weeks after the tsunami everybody was running around warning about tsunamis and thinking about tsunamis? A year later, they couldn't really remember what a tsunami was. By that time it was some other mayfly attention span subject.

When Post-Apocalyptic Monsters Attack

Turn on V.A.T.s., administer Jet, Psycho and Med-X when you see this beast coming.

Doom Is Coming For The West

Stock Market now moving into Great Depression losses

Point Man For the NWO Warns of Coming Megariots in the U.S.

I've seen all of this coming for so long and it's eerie as hell whenever it gets here. Nobody is more shocked than I am when exactly what I have predicted starts to come to pass. I think I'd give anything to be like everybody else and be incapable of foreseeing the natural consequences of irreversible circumstances and the blatantly obvious but I can't. My brain has no "fuzzy fog" generator like that of "normal" people. It doesn't obscure for me on demand. That's the curse of Asperger's and it's a knife that cuts both ways.

UK Is Going To Crash Like Iceland, Soon

Not Even The Nazis Blessed Targeting of Children In War

As late as 1944, the Nazis would bring the hammer down on psychopaths in their ranks. You might suggest it was because they always wanted to maintain discipline in their military and not permit chaos or barbarism to flourish because it undermined effectiveness ... you might be right about that, too. As late as 1944, German soldiers were tried, convicted and hung for killing civilian children deliberately. All it took was the word of two reliable witnesses and some evidence and they had no qualms about handing out the death penalty liberally. Amon Goeth was found already convicted and sentenced to death by the Germans when they won the war. He had been committed to a mental institution because when his crimes came to light it was widely believed the man was a stark raving psychotic. Why the Germans would put such a man in charge of the camp to begin with (?) is a question easy to raise. The point is, even the Nazis drew the line when it came to cruelty and misconduct in war.

Outside of Israel, there is no nation in modern history which has tolerated the casual killing of children by soldiers during warfare or occupation. It's a sign you have relinquished authority and is a stupid way to manage discipline, among other things. It's a sign your leadership is unable to impose standards for fear of their own men and their impulsive barbarity. It's the kind of problem that afflicts mongolian raiders and crude barbarian invasions. The leaders don't have much control over their troops, they just lead the charges into the villages they have picked.

General Motors is dead, like the 'Kwa

There will be no middle class in the 'Kwa a year from now

Statistics and Lies : Blame It On Sensor "Drift"

These people got caught in a bold-faced lie, once again because the Internet doesn't permit the kinds of bullsh*t that these idiots used to take for granted. They miss the days when they could tell the sheeple any damn thing they could make up on the spot and nobody would ever challenge them on it.

Essentially, they have been going around telling people there are record lows of sea ice when in fact there are record highs. A quick check of Google Earth revealed that the marxists involved in globowarmthinkery are so crooked they have to screw their pants on in the morning. Where they claimed there was open ocean, there was a chunk of ice the size of California.

They claim they suspected sensor problems ... but they themselves are incapable of checking Google Earth? I don't understand.

The great thing about the internet is that nowadays you can catch a sociopath in the act of lying, then you can catch him in the act of trying to cover his ass with another lie, then his followup lie after that. They must really miss the good old days when people lived in a cardboard box and they fed them information about the outside world through a mail slot in the side of it.

From 1910 to 1990 or thereabouts, the entire Western world was in the equivalent of the fake prison run by the protagonist of V For Vendetta. All we could know about many things were the boldfaced lies printed by Bolshevists in the newspapers. John Reed reporting from Moscow telling us it was a celestial paradise in the 1920's, Dresden was a munitions manufacturing center, the Civil War was fought over slavery, the media telling us that anti-communists were delusional in the 1950's, Saddam Hussein as Time Magazine's "Man of the Year" in the 1980's.

Lies, lies, lies, damned lies and statistics. How long will you put your trust in people that are blatantly, boldly lying right to your face?

Vault-OS : The ZAK Kit For Windows NT

I have been trying to set up the Zero Administration Kit for Windows NT so I can essentially push whatever I want down to any thin client system in the Vault connected to the network.

I spend about 3/4 of my time in the evenings and the weekends configuring, testing, connecting and installing compatible systems on my freakish array of x86 devices. Whatever time I have left I spend programming them. In a perfect Vault-OS world, I would spend my time getting the central server properly configured and then push down/install whatever I wanted as soon as one of my terminals is plugged in, be it a laptop, x86 PC/104 box, Sentry unit or dedicated x86 32 bit device.

I need to administrate all the systems from the top in one central location in the shelter. I end up having to crawl through tunnels with a USB stick in my pocket from device to device, install the latest version of software after bringing up some graphic interface and then make sure it is individually configured to each device. Each device may have it's own display unit - sometimes it's a simple B&W television, another has a drop-down LCD screen intended originally for automative environments and I have a touchscreen LCD that does not work perfectly yet because there were no specific NT drivers for it.

My original ideas have been in constant flux because testing reveals the reality of how well they will work out. I started on this project with the idea of my Rabbit-2000 connected to a bunch of other custom embedded devices. I migrated to the notion of a small HTML server running Euphoria under DOS pumping pages out to old laptops. After the prices on x86 devices plummeted so low I could afford lots of them, I gravitated towards the concept of small boxes running PowerBASIC 24/7 with a wake-on-LAN call for the central server in NT when needed.

Realistically, my best results have come from running a super streamlined version of Windows 98SE on the tiny boxes connected to a Windows NT Terminal Server for central management and reporting, hosting the big applications like the security cameras and the voice recognition system. Somehow I seemingly went around the planet working on 4 different versions of the monitoring software under Borland C++, then PowerBASIC for DOS, GEOS Ensemble Basic, .NET 1.1 and finally ended up programming the Sentry/Watchdog to run a Borland C++ Builder program again which is now approaching version 1.0 in terms of stability.

Of all the solutions I have tried, none has been easier to manage and configure than Windows 98SE boxes to run the sensing/controllers, Windows NT Terminal Server to run the management on top and the Citrix thin client for DOS on laptops.

All of these systems have had their advantages and disadvantages but keeping it on Windows has meant convenience, configurability and easy resolution of hardware driver problems and network management.

The real key to total control over a network based on Windows NT is to use the ZAK kit to set up strict rules on licensing permissions and publishing applications from remote drives down to local boxes. If I get this working (and I am still working on it) then once a week I can go down in the shelter, upload the latest software upgrade version from a USB stick in my pocket onto the Vault-Co ThinkBoy and push it down to the Sentry units from a single script without touching them. In particular, I have one of the thin clients at the far end of the storage drum and it's a drag having to go back there and physically tinker with it to install a new software version.

If the thin clients never need an upgrade because they get it from the central server and the administration of the Sentry units (with minimal hardware specs) can take place through remote publishing, I will have reduced the amount of work needed to an absolute minimum. There's also the promise of being able to consolidate all of this system on a single installation CD which anybody can run and set up Vault-OS anywhere pretty rapidly without having to manage each and every machine as an atomic individual unit.

The Vault Reflex

Thanks to the reader who suggested this link.

Another Hit Contract on a Microbiologist

Whatever they are planning, they don't want any eggheads to find a cure for. It's that simple. They want to be the only ones with the vaccine. Maybe they plan to offer it in exchange for joining global government and a nice verichip implant in return.

It's all coincidental. It's a coincidence with about the same odds as you hitting the Lottery 7 days straight in a row.

John Coleman Gets Mediavitzed on Globowarmthink

The article is patronizing, condescending and attempts to influence the reader before it even opens the floor to what Coleman says.

Only morons could read this kind of journalism and not realize the conscious attempt of the author to manipulate their opinion ... not to objectively report the news. It is morons that the mass media directs their "journalism" at. On this and a dozen other subjects, the only reason anybody is willing to pay billions for media outlets is that they provide a platform for filling the heads of idiots up with their own personal marxist agenda of global governance rubbish.

Hitler was right about one thing and he made good use of it.

People aren't really smart enough to actually be evil. For that you need much more cunning. What they tend to be is sad, pathetic, pretentious and deluded to the point where they are permanently dehumanized and more like barnyard animals than men. It is through the doorway of their own personal failings and deceits that they are corrupted in much bigger ways. As all con men will tell you, if the mark himself is not casually dishonest you're working the wrong guy. The honest ones start by avoiding lying to themselves and that means they won't be easily mislead by others.

"The great masses of the people at the very bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than consciously evil ... they more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big."
-- Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf, Houghton Mifflin, 1971; (original version 1925) vol 1. chapter 10, p231

AntiChrist Rising

Scripture tells us there will be many antichrists, in many forms in the last days. They will all share the blood of their father the Devil and they will not come with a sword but rather talk of beauty and truth and compassion and sharing.

Then they will make hell on Earth.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Britain will be under Sharia law within a decade unless a major world war changes the political structure of their leadership. Write it down.

This explains so much about the world

It clears up a lot of mystery about what has been happening to human beings over the past twenty years. I have said on this blog many, many times I did not understand how human genetic quality could plunge with that kind of rapidity in a mere fifty years. The numbers don't add up. Even if morons were having four children for every one by somebody who can walk and chew gum at the same time, there's no way to explain how average American IQ could plummet from 104 in 1955 to 97 in 2009. That's not possible and another factor had to be at work in there somewhere.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All this is not going to last much longer

It will be obvious fifty years from now but until then most people can't see it when they're in it. It's comical, tragic and primed to collapse pretty catastrophically. As luck would have it, this decline is timed to coincide perfectly with major demographic change and radical climate shift. Did I mention about a hundred other natural pressures like super-rust and resource conflict all coming to a head around the same time? It couldn't be worse if somebody planned it that way.

Stuff like this would normally sound insane but after thirty years of watching televitavision, most just don't know any better. Men can get used to nearly anything no matter how crazy if there is a consensus. I believe we are getting to the point where nature then weighs in on the argument and essentially slams the entire civilization into the garbage tip as fundamentally unsound.

Nearly all the major civilizations we know of collapsed around the same time as rapid shifts in the natural world. The truth is, declining societies cannot weather tiny little bumps without falling over and breaking like cheap china plates. The first seige and sacking of Rome was almost an act of mercy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Glue Truck Has Arrived For Boxer

'Kwa = Doomed.

Britain : Smell The Doom Smackdown Coming

It's no shock that they can't seem to solve their problems - that's what happens when you suppress freedom of speech. The usual suspects operate without controls and without any limitations. Whenever you use the law to narrow the spectrum of opinion you are effectively breaking the feedback mechanism that allows ills to be corrected and fixed.

The root of this whole mess started when a fool could use some fabricated moral perogative to prevent others from challenging what was obviously a false assertion. The second you restrict speech you throw the barn door open to psychopaths and tyrants, who are always waiting in the wings for just such opportunity to behave without restraints, be it in finance or the military or legislation.

Making Christian ideas verboten, permitting no historical analysis and shutting down anyone who was outside the political mainstream was signing Britain's death warrant many, many years ago. The government they got was the one they deserved. If they'd discussed and disseminated Enoch Powell fifty years ago they'd have never gotten themselves into this hopeless mess.

Given enough time, these kinds of pretensions will cause a nation to become allergic to the truth of their own self-interest which is just one step removed from suicide.

DAY AFTER TOMORROW : Ice Downs Plane!!!!!!

They are saying the voice recorders on this flight describe something apocalyptic happening to the wings while they watched ... ice. They had the deicing equipment working and yet mysteriously the plane froze up and dropped out of the sky in less than five minutes during what had otherwise been an uneventful flight.

Vault-Co says this is a harbinger of something very bad coming. Very bad. We said many years ago that stories about bizarre wind shear coming out of nowhere in a blue sky and throwing people over cliffs or cutting a man in half with a sheet of tin all reflect one common phenomena ... ever declining temperatures in the upper atmosphere.

Anybody remember this scene in DAY AFTER TOMORROW?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Gerald Celente : Vault-Co Remix

Holocaust Of The 20th Century : Feb 13, 1945

Nuremberg was worse than meaningless without the Allied leaders standing trial for what they did to Dresden.

It was without question the ugliest mass genocide of civilians, mostly women and children, in the modern era. Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined cannot equal the death toll in the city of Dresden.

What all of these "heroes" we are raised to think were great men are nothing but commonplace vulgar psychotics who smoked cigars and drank fine wine while women and children were grilled in their hundreds of thousands like pork chops in a barbecue that they deliberately stoked with the technology they had at the time. No doubt had they nukes they would have used them, but what they had was napalm and they used it to turn a city into the surface of the sun for a few hours.

To really understand Dresden and the absurdity of the 20th century in general, I highly recommend you read SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE to truly comprehend what a bunch of ravenous, mad beasts that "civilized" men are. It is the eyewitness of a man we know was there at the time. Vonnegut did not embellish his account and he saw the civilians machine-gunned by planes in the rivers that flew so close he said he could have run his hand along the bellies as they passed. They knew what they were doing at Dresden. They could see the baby carriages and the invalids in bandages in the crosshairs of their guns as they squeezed the trigger.

Men in the large are damned. Almost every single one of them is born damned and is destined for the fires of hell from the instant they are conceived. God alone knows who his children are ... the question is, do you know if you are a child of God or one of the others who are destined for the outer darkness? It only remains for you to find out who you are. God already knows.

The next great fire will again be stoked by these damned creatures but this time it is themselves and their vile reign that will burn up in that conflagration. Good riddance to bad rubbish - let God be true and every man a liar.

Animal Farm : A televitz in every stable for free, itz

Generous, itz! I always wanted to watch free cable with my feed bag on back in the stall! Now all we need is the dancing smurfs and rainbow ponies and we'll really be living in the secular globalist paradise.

NASA : This is like that thing Vault-Co talked about

Nervous worries flood out of the bovine excrement head waters at what sort of changes we might see in the Sun during the next ten years. Oprah Winfrizing this sh*t is how they deal with it, by framing it as a three night docudrama.

Privately, neurotic nellies with grants are getting scared that the mother of all solar flares is coming out of the Sun in 2012.

This ain't Smurf and Rainbow Pony World At All

Buck up and be strong, it's gonna get tough now like Vault-Co has been saying for ten years. It's gonna be hard. Chances are if you feel a natural interest in this site, you have the innate qualities of a survivor. Be ready to harden up and pack it in for the long haul. The best thing you can do for yourself is to commit yourself to Jesus and repent, then use that newfound pragmatic humility that Christians are famous for to figure your way out. That's what those God-given brains up there are for, believe it or not.

If you really believe this was an accident, you probably would believe just about anything. What it really was is a test to see if Russia could get close enough to take out a space based platform with a simple collision. The U.S. wants to believe it was an accident because the alternative is that the emperor has no clothes and at the start of WW3 it is likely all these fancy toys will be the first thing destroyed in a global thermonuclear war.

What is great about this procession of events is that this series of EMP shockwaves and wonderful sky shows the night before WW3 will be your cue to go into lockdown and weld your shelter shut from the inside. The real horror show will begin shortly thereafter and you want to be at least a few meters deep under an arched ceiling when that kicks off. I will appreciate the chance to pull the disconnect breakers for EMP protection on that very special day and protect my Vault-OS sensors.

The Bond Bubble Is The Next To Pop

... and that won't be the end either. One month after another, this entire year, there are at least nine different financial sectors that have yet to collapse, each one of them taking out the last and final supporting economic pillars of the Western world.

It is likely that the U.S. will soon go public with a default on the interest of their phunny munny, followed by the derivatives market (which hinges on currency issues to conceal losses) and then of course your big tamale that will blow it sky high, treasury securities which will be withdrawn from sale because China, Japan and the Middle East will be buying gold instead. That is the day that the U.S. dollar will approach parity with the Weimar Republic's infamous currency and most of it will end up burned for heat, plugging holes in refugee camp tents or being used as toilet paper.

On that day, it will be babies the other white meat. The West will start making some radical, frenzied actions that are like the throes of a beast bleeding to death and warfare will be foremost in their strategems to keep their delusionary world alive. Don't be fooled, the government knows what is coming but tells the sheeple that the trough will be full as always with plenty of loose credit around feeding time.

Yes, I know you think Vault-Co is crazy and that we are exaggerating. Wait until this summer and tell us you think that again.

Globowarmthinkers Turns On Each Other

This is common when a populist religion begins to disintegrate. Everybody begins to blame other priests and label them heretics.

This idiot actually stumbles closer to the truth than he realizes, but as Winston Churchill would say, he manages to pick himself up and keep going anyway.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Will The Coming Solar Retrograde Be Like?

Maine broke an all-time record today for low temperatures but that's not the end of it. It is just the beginning. Chances are during the next ten years there will be temperatures in Maine that make that reading look like tee-shirt weather.

As Robert Felix pointed out, people will be fighting in the streets over food long before their primary worry is freezing to death. By the time it is so cold that acquiring fuel for heating oil through warfare is the only thing standing between your population and a million deaths from hypothermia each winter, many billions will die in horrific famine.

Human agencies are taking what would have been a bad situation to begin with and turning it into a genocidal extinction cycle for almost all of mankind. Bad enough it will be almost impossible to grow anything ... if Monsanto has their way there will be no seeds to grow anything with.

UPDATE : Globowarmthinkers circle the wagon and go off the deep end as the U.K. plunges into Antarctic conditions.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Vault-Co Was Right : They ARE COMING.

Casual site visitor to Vault-Co circa 2004 : Haw haw! What kinda nut is this dude?!? He sez there's gonna be warbots fighting with organic brains like the terminator or something in World War III! Whatta maroon! He sounds like a schizo who forgot to take his meds! Where do these fruitcakes come up with this stuff?!? This stuff is so far out there this guy ought ta be committed!!! Haw haw!

It's 2009. Vault-Co was right. Everybody else, including Peter Singer in the link above, is just a Johnny-Come-Lately capitalizing on what is now blatantly obvious.

There are at least six nations now working on killer robots for the front line of their military. Given previous experience with innovation in warfare and implements of destruction, we can pretty much guarantee this tech is going to evolve so quickly that you'll get a laser through the brain before you ever realize what is happening.

The 'Kwa Is A Damned Nation

Paul Craig Roberts on where the Kwanzanians are going and why they won't be coming back.

Obama is starting a war in Afghanistan that is going to put the 'Kwa on a collision course with Russia and China over resources in this area. This war that Barry Soetoro is initiating at the behest of his handlers is the beginning of World War III, global thermonuclear war.

Vault-Co said ten years ago that the conflict over oil in the Caspian region would not only bring Russia and China into direct confrontation with the United States, it was going to result in the grab for Taiwan that would trigger a nuclear exchange between the east coast of China and the West coast of America. The next few years are going to see the ugliest, dirtiest war that has ever been imagined by the human mind play out as a reality with no country on earth able to abstain.

The 'Kwa Began At The End of A Mini-Ice Age

... and it will now close out at the tail end of that brief spring, that agricultural and spiritual flowering that produced the modern era. It is 200 years later and we're not just due for a mere Dalton Minimum (which would be apocalyptic by itself alone) but rather one of the lowest ebbs of them all, the grand Solar Retrograde Cycle which ends several successive cycles of warmth during the last 2000 years of civilization. Robert Felix talks about this cycle in Not By Fire But By Ice.

All these things are connected and they are related one to the other in an unbroken chain of causality.

Most of the early Presidents of the United States lived in much warmer times than today with longer summers and fantastic harvest seasons. This large agrarian class that flourished was good fertile ground not just for plants but also for ideas, like the sanctity of the individual and freedom from tyranny. Those farmer-soldiers were the perfect citizens of the Republic and it was geared to serve them by letting each man enjoy his vineyard and the summer of his existence to take pleasure in his God, his family, his community and his world.

It is the great end of the wonderful Spring that created our entire Western society and history. The fall grasshoppers are still springing around mindlessly and jabbering away that we are only entering a new and even warmer summer ... but the winter has come and the light must go out. It's Vault-Co time.

Whosoever Praises Saul Alinsky, Praises Satan

Pastor Manning rocks the house with genuine scriptural preaching. Seriously, he's the greatest bible-based preacher on the soil of that doomed nation. The rest of the ministers over there are sodomite servants of the devil like Ted Haggard.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Horrifying Globowarmthinker Story

Unprecented ice on Lake Erie fomented an old time ice hut village on the lake for ice fishermen, something that has been uncommon since the turn of the century. A slab like a small country actually broke off and started to float away from the Ohio shore carrying 140 souls on it. You can imagine what kind of thickness of ice we are talking about here that makes the locals confident enough to build huts out there far from shore. There have even been reports of joyriders driving out on the lake for a mile, setting up a campsite and spending the night, then driving back in the morning.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Planetary Pandemic Is In The Works

Pandemics always coincide with warfare because of the mass movement of people that takes place at the same time. It's probably somebody coming from an area infected by a biological military weapon into a civilian city aboard government transport who will start it.

The victims of the 1918 pandemic may have died primarily from infection, not the flu

Just like in 1918, our problem in the coming pandemic may be that we have antibiotic agents but they are not effective against the infections that will result.

Once again, the most effective panacea may be isolation and that means a Vault somewhere with proper decontamination and seals against carriers from outside.

The Terrible Toll Of Global Warming

Pretty soon, people will be praying for global warming because they're going to get firsthand experience with the real cyclic apocalypse that curses this planet - global cooling.

If it weren't for global cooling, the whole planet would be made up of globowarmthinkers. The only reason the human race can produce critters smarter than a shiny red button is global cooling.

Russia Knows The 'Kwa is Easy Pickings Now

The 'Kwa is a nation completely, utterly out to lunch.

“But there is an overwhelming view in Moscow now that the Americans are in decline and will be forced to negotiate with Russia from a position of weakness. They seem to expect all the concessions to come from Obama. It is very unrealistic.”

The response from Washington has been muted. Russia is simply not a high priority for the new president. Western analysts believe Russia’s production of Iskander missiles is not enough to base any significant numbers in Belarus as well as on its southern borders. As for the rapid reaction force, it is regarded with wry amusement in Brussels. None of Russia’s would-be allies wants to be used as a pawn in some muscle-flexing contest with Washington. Even Abkhazia is unhappy about becoming a vast military base for its neighbour.

Friday, February 6, 2009

VAULT-OS : Stage One Functional!

I was running the PowerBasic client for a week and half in the shelter in December and I really missed the capacity for a good graphic GUI. Every time I wanted to have a nifty lookaround or update some files, I was missing the graphics capabilities of a strong, easily configured GUI front-end. I got sick of the console after a very short while when I wanted to stop the program and examine something on the machine or copy a file.

... so I wrote a similar client in C++ Builder 4.0 for Windows 98 in just under 6 hours of work the first week of January! Basic management of I2C, IPX and SCADA control over parallel port 8 relay system to control lights, fans, dehumidifier, AC, battery charging and sensors for temperature, humidity, passive infrared, CO2 and a 1-wire oxygen sensor normally sold for cars.

It stands alone on a version of Nano98 running on a board with 8 megs of system ram, 20 megs of storage space on a flash card. So far in testing in my study it is running perfectly day in and day out without a glitch. My only problem so far is turning off the RAM swapdisk to keep spooling to a minimum. This device is sending IPX messages out on the Ethernet link and maintaining data in a DB2 database with no problems. It doesn't matter if the master server is even plugged in or not, this has no affect on performance.

What is even cooler is that I tailored the Windows theme to look like a green monochrome version of PipBoy - even my icons look like VFD images. I also changed the LOGO.SYS to display VAULT-OS instead of Windows '98 when it starts up. This system can be monitored on a B&W portable television or switched over via a VGA selector to the main color screen at the touch of a button.

You can run a thin client on this little box if you want over Citrix but the thin client takes up almost as much room as Nano98 does on the storage card.

If you want to crush Win98SE down under 5 megs of storage space, you should use UPX to compress the executables. They will need the same amount of RAM in memory but they'll store and load in a much smaller package in most cases.

Phil Brennan on The Ice Age Extinction Cycle

This is quite simply a must-read article.

Phil Brennan is going to get kicked off NewsMax pretty soon if he keeps writing stuff this raw. They like their news with a dab of perfume and some makeup over there and Phil isn't working in their vein anymore with some of the stuff he is writing.

Basically, I knew about all of this in 1998, a year after Phil. This is the reason I set to work on the shelter. I knew everything was coming to a head in 2012 and that this would be the start of a new Ice Age, which had come to mean something very different to me than it means to everybody else. Ice Ages are about more than cold weather. They're not about glaciation. They represent a tipping point in which everything down here changes. Not just the climate. The magnetic field of the Earth changes and with that change it triggers massive volcanism on land and on the ocean floor.

It's a bottleneck. Without it, we would never have gotten more complicated than a lemur or shrew. It's a cycle and it is the reason we exist. I believe that the Creator has manifested himself through this cyclic phenomenon and produced mankind. It's all just a little too convenient and it seems designed to produce better men.

So before you despair about people, remember they ain't quite the immortals they act like. Could be they're some dross about to be skimmed off to reveal the fine smelted silver beneath. Always keep in mind that the cycles are designed to operate this way and without the decline man we would never have the energy to slingshot better men.

As you get older, you'll start to see how all of this is part of a much, much bigger cosmic picture. It's the nature of the universe, these cycles.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The United States Empire Is Finished

The last people to get the news like the British before them : the people who live there. They see it but they still think cappuccino service will not be interrupted.

Paul Craig Roberts on the country that is not taken seriously anymore except for it's nuclear weapons. The War On Terror was a hoax to try to jumpstart a wartime economy in recognition of the fact their fiat currency system was also a hoax.

Nations are the most efficient and stable form of social organization the world has ever known. Nobody has ever improved on this arrangement. Globalism and multiculturalism killed the West like a cyanide pill. The truth is, these protomarxist ideologies are failed ideas just like all of marxist ideas have always been failures. The European Union was imposed on unwilling people who were too slack to fight back during the good times. The mass media is trying to use the same old tricks to frame the struggle to oppress the opposition but this time that won't work.

Part of America's weakness revealed is the utter loss of ability to restrain it's former client states. The U.S. is now a nation that is shouted down by what was formerly a colony. If they can't even maintain the rule of law on their borders then they are not going to be able to help Swindler Central when the chickens come home to roost. This time, beany babies are going to orchestrate their own strategic defeat and the U.S. lacks the power to save them from themselves through intervention as the hegemon.

The corporate failures we see going on now have implications that extend decades. There ain't no coming back from where the 'Kwa is going.

The same idiots who said all this would never happen were the same morons who claimed China would bolster the world economy. They can't bolster themselves and very soon they will have to start selling their American holdings.

Anybody who thinks this will end in a nice slow glide into penury and pauperism for the U.S. without a nuclear war at the end isn't thinking hard enough. Try thinking it through again and you'll see how this ends the same way I did a decade ago.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tolerance Is Seen As Weakness By Psychopaths

Pretty good article by Peter Hitchens, sounds like a general rant but it's actually touching on a quite a lot of resentment out there that is normally never mentioned by the mass media. There comes a point when people will start to fight back, unfortunately it's usually only after they have lost the means to do so.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Washington Times Finally Gets It : Globalwarmthinkery is Baloney, We're About To Experience The Mother Of All Famines

Vault-Co got it right. Robert Felix got it right.

There will be fighting in the streets over food long before people start to freeze to death in appreciable numbers.

As Robert Felix also pointed out recently, this is a hell of time for governments to be disarming their own people. It could be a gun will be the only thing standing between you and hungry people soon.

Even A Mild Dalton Minimum is going to lead to massive famine. A Maunder Minimum will reduce human population to 10% of what it is now.

Vault-Co says it's going to be worse than the Maunder Minimum. If you look at Robert Felix's charts in ICE AGE NOW, it is apparent we are the crest of the warming wave. After this there is a cliff we fall into in which the Sun apparently goes out altogether for quite some time. I'd describe it as "maintenance mode" for solar output.

The Secret War Before 9-11

Notice while you look at Raimondo's links that 90% of them have been pulled off the web. If the mainstream media had their way, the very mention of this story would cease to exist altogether. That tells you a lot.

London Selling It's Best Shelters

Wow, this is a doozy. This is what my next shelter is going to look like. This is what you would call a hardened facility.

Bargain prices for what amounts to priceless construction. Apparently the British government has given up on even surviving WW3.

This is the exact same place that James Herbert set his post-nuclear atomic rat story DOMAIN, which is probably one of the most awesome post-apocalyptic books ever written. It's out of print but if you can get a copy I highly recommend it.

Verbal Slip By Israeli Ambassador

Yep. Itz coming.

How many Prior Nuclear Wars On Earth?

Footprints in Mexican volcanic ash dated to 1.3 million years ago, which is just another way of saying they were either made by aliens or almost all existing anthropology can be thrown right out the window.

Once you start to realize that the Earth itself may be far older than previously thought, all sorts of things are possible.

Read that book mentioned above by Dalrymple. Was a real eye opener for me. Basically most paleogeologists say one thing in public and another behind closed doors. The reality is, nobody is certain just how old this planet actually is.