Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yellowstone : A Mt. Saint Helens Quake Profile?

The long tremors that taper into a series of bup-bup-bups like the lid of a kettle boiling are a very bad signature according to some seismologists. It means something is percolating down there and the pressure is taking longer and longer to relieve each time.

Mt. Saint Helens was a party favor popcap. Yellowstone would be like a supernova in comparison. The crater alone might cover parts of three states.

What would happen if Yellowstone blew? It would make global nuclear war look like a Girl Scout bake sale in comparison. The left half of the United States would have to learn how to breathe in wet cement for a week or so, no biggie.

It has been bulging out steadily for a decade, which is a blink in geological time. Recent quakes along connected fault lines have only made it worse.

This isn't happening in a vacuum. Far from it. It appears that all this stuff, as Vault-Co has suggested a thousand times, is in fact a part of a much bigger picture.

Yet even though the sunspot count does seem to be less chaotic than the stock market, there is an unexpected tie between the two. In 1879, Professor Jevons, an ornament of my employer, University College London, and inventor of a philosophical machine called the Logic Piano, suggested that from "the Sun, which is truly 'of this great world both eye and soul', we derive our strength and our weakness, our success and our failure, our elation in commercial mania, and our despondency and ruin in commercial collapse."

You know all those old fogey myths that modern sophisticates are always chuckling at, like the idea that sunspots somehow influence biology and natural processes down here on Earth? Well, as it turns out, the old fogeys were right and it is they who have cause to chuckle at us. In fact, we are part of a continuum of influence that extends from the lowest micro-organism right into the center of the galaxy. It's all one big fat magnetic field and there are no forms you can request to fill out to opt out of the experience. Like Harry Tuttle said, we're all in this together, kid.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Coming Pandemic

Gosh, it's hard to keep track of this frantic research. The funding, purpose and direction of all these inquiries is somewhat vague and confusing.

Are they trying to cure influenza or cause it? It all seems to blend together at times.

U.S. Predicted To "Fall Apart" in 2010

Former KGB Analyst has been predicting for over a decade that the 'Kwa will be broken up into ethnic fragments by late 2010.

We've been expecting it since 1992, so we've got him beat.

A review of the differences in a collapse scenario with the U.S. compared to the Soviet Union

Note the terrible contrasts between what is expected in the 'Kwa and what happened in the U.S.S.R. in the aftermath.

The 'Kwa failed to foresee the collapse of the Soviet Union. Their situation intelligence was comically inept.

Next up will be the collapse of their own country that they also failed to see coming. Once again, they will probably only hear about it secondhand long after it has taken place. The average 'Kwanzany is so far off with the fairies they can't even remember what reality looks like. That's what televitz does to the brain.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Vault-OS Update 30-Dec-2008

I've been tinkering with different boxes for months in my study, having virtually tried every configuration I could think of and experimenting with a wide variety of systems, mixing DOS, OpenDOS/DRDOS, Geos Ensemble and Citrix Metaframe together and reinstalling Microsoft NT Terminal Server about fifty times to determine what is the best way to get it running on an embedded device with a memory card.

I have successfully written IPX drivers for PowerBasic DOS and for Win32 NT as well as learned how to use libraries for I2C for both platforms. I've gotten almost everything running as a reflected application on my thin client so they are supported all over the shelter system.

I have been trying unsuccessfully to build a dedicated proxy server for my main server that uses an optical ethernet card to the outside world to avoid any dangers from EMP topside. This may take a bit more work and after failing for about two weeks to get it running I may leave it until later on.

While I've been working I've jotted down a few notes now and then every time I got something successfully working. My goal has been to simply develop a disk image which I can provide for download and it can be written as a boot system to a laptop, embedded PC, desktop PC or anything else using x86 technology with minimal specs but which will run with ultimate robustness forever unattended.

Here is the document I've come up with so far, it shows how far I have moved from my original scheme (still visible on the early Vault-OS page) of using the Arachne browser on old computers to run an HTML/CGI/Euphoria based system. I have totally ditched that idea, like all first tries it had it's merits but now I have the benefit of months of hands-on experience with embedded PC/104 systems I did not have back then.


Vault-OS is envisioned as a decentralized, loosely coupled, non-hierarchial architecture of ubiquitous, fairly generic x86 devices communicating over Ethernet/IPX and filesharing technologies running robust dedicated applications with support for a thin client framework and a non-blocking, unintrusive central management server.

The Vault-OS architecture has five primary components : Sentry, Vault-Pad, Thinkboy, watchman and Terminal.

Typical Sentry Applications:

1. Environmental Manager
2. Permaculture Lab Manager
3. Battery Power & Generation Storage Manager
4. Sanitation Manager
5. Fuel & Water Pump Supply Manager

"Sentries" are dedicated system managers using IC2 1-wire networks and Parallel Port Relays to monitor and control mission critical functions with or without oversight. They are simple x86 devices with minimum of 4 megs of RAM running PowerBasic for DOS. They have full PC functionality available with a keyboard and VGA but normally during long dormant periods they only maintain a hardy VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) for the most basic output of information.

It might be possible to run more than one application at a time on a multiuser DOS like DR. DOS on a Sentry, with a serial port reserved for each application's use in a cosynchronous environment. An example "Sentry" could be a program dedicated to running environmental management, controlling battery power and charging, or management of a permaculture lab. The idea behind the "Sentry" is that the only processes running during long periods without inhabitants will be the critical processes. These tasks will be represented as a complete "image" which can then be copied onto any other x86 minimal device should the current one break down and require replacement. "Sentries" run around the clock on x86 16 bit programs in PowerBasic with watchdog function. Microsoft Network Client for DOS driver runs on each machine so if the network is available there will be file sharing and IPX messaging for asynchronous communication. Sentries can also have a minimalist windowed operating system of their own if required called GEOS Ensemble or else a scaled down version of Windows 98SE.

Certain key sensors attached to Sentries are marked as wakeup calls for the entire network, so the Sentry will transmit "Wake-On-Lan" via IPX on Microsoft Network Driver to awaken the server and other devices if these sensors register a trigger. This could be a door sensor registering when somebody enters the shelter or someone tripping a PIR (passive infrared sensor) when passing it.

The "ThinkBoy" server runs on Microsoft NT Terminal server with Citrix Metaframe 1.8 for hosting thin clients. "ThinkBoy" features extensive add-ons for power and display management to put it into minimal hibernation energy demand when unused for long periods and to activate screensavers with useful information.

The primary purpose of the "ThinkBoy" is to act as a general purpose command and monitoring center. The "Thinkboy" will have speech recognition technology that will allow the operator to give the majority of commands via voice. The "Thinkboy" can also read and copy local "Sentry" databases in DB2 format via fileshare and send and receive IPX messages to "Sentries" to control their functions and configuration. In addition, "Thinkboy" will have it's own database server which it runs for it's applications delivered as thin client programs over ICA or RDP. It is likely this database will be Firebird running over ODBC of some sort. Minimal applications for this system will be inventory, personnel, medical, scheduling, maintenance. "Thinkboy" will also run the heavy duty 32 bit applications like the security camera and sensing displays and the diagrams, archiving and PDF reference utilities. If graphics intensive displays are required, the Fastgraph for Windows library can be used as an extremely fast blit to GDI surfaces which does not need DirectX/DirectDraw. This makes graphics applications compatible with ICA protocol for thin clients since DirectDraw/DirectX is not supported. "Thinkboy" will support CD-ROM playback, installation wide PA and sound system. It will feature a sixteen camera security system for both inside and topside of the shelter. There will be a soundcard with audio input and output for Soundblaster compatible drivers. The "Thinkboy" has optical isolation of all inputs where possible and may feature an ethernet proxy to the outside if it is properly baffled via optical fiber. If an antenna is to be connected to support a shortwave/TV/AM/FM card it will have to be grounded and optically coupled.

"Watchmen" are sensor clusters aboveground that feed into the shelter via optical fiber links. These are usually built from custom embedded boards. For the weather station, it is likely a Rabbit2000 taking in sensor measurements and collating them into a single I2C message delivered via optical link. This might be contained inside a waterproofed PVC pipe sealed at both ends and anchored in concrete. For maintenance purposes, the top lid can be opened. A "Watchman" could also be a collation point for seismic sensors for a perimeter that responds to I2C master requests with a bulk data reply.

"VaultPads" are waterproof, resilient wall mounted boxes that function as "Sentries" except they also have thin clients installed to run off the main server when needed.

"Vault Terminals" are essentially any thin client that can connect to the server via ICA protocol. These can be laptops with a thin client installed in DOS or Windows. XT and 286 devices have some support from Citrix. These terminals can support chat and messaging features for all other participating terminals network wide. These of course can also be traditional thin client devices like those from Wyse and Sun Microsystems.

That's where that is right now. Work continues.

I hope to have some PowerBasic applications, particularly the environmental manager, finished and available by the end of this month. At present it is about 60% completed and almost all of the work has been done on driving asynchronous I2C control and sensing without interfering with IPX messaging in real time. As soon as I have it running successfully in Firehold Bravo I will upload a copy with all relevant drivers for testing by the general public.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Amerikwan Police State

Almost here. It will be clinched in 2009 as a response to insurrection.

I foresee a Jacobinist 'Kwa in 2009 under a Kenyan Marxist dictator and much worse in 2010.
The reason I was unable to predict Obama in 2008 was that I could not imagine people being stupid enough to vote for him. It astonished me.

Daily Telegraph UK : Globowarmthinkery is A Shocking Fraud

Alas, the greatest commie swindle of them all looks to be floundering.

You can fool some of the people all of the time but you will never fool all of the people all of the time.

My only regret is that this hoax will not be regarded as genuine subversion by internal traitors in the West and will instead be forgotten as a mere panic by morons pretending to be scientists. This leaves the same people free to work on their next scam.

How could something of this magnitude be perpetrated on the Western nations out of what was practically thin air by the media? This is a terrific explanation of how it happened. Everything hinges on literacy and native intelligence. Lose either one of these and there is no legal framework that cannot be amended overnight to read SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.

I'll share something personal with you as an example. I once calculated that I may have read as many as 22,000+ books in my life cover to cover. It doesn't seem like a very big number. Think about the difference in character, outlook and opinion that might exist between me and any member of the general public ... who on average have not read a book, newspaper or even a periodical in the past twenty years and in many cases have read less than 100 books in their entire lifetime. Such people could easily be conduced to believe anything through an engineered consensus in the media. Globowarmthinkery proved they are infinitely malleable. It also proves that there is simply another scam even bigger waiting in the wings. So many rubes and so little time. When some of you have heard me talking about a fake alien invasion to push a world government forward you might've thought that was just too far out. Do not underestimate the stupidity of modern people. It is phenomenal.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Magnetic Shield Failure Confirmed For 2012?!?!?

Vault-Co hit! Predicted since 2002 on this and previous blog, many, many times!!!

This is mainstream confirmation on what Vault-Co has called the mother of all extinction events that may be possible in 2012!!

What if the naked radiation of outer space was to fall on the surface of the earth unshielded by the magnetic belt?

Why are so many species of fungus on Earth seemingly adapted for radical changes to survive in the presence of lethal levels of radiation? Where did all these autotrophs come from that can make their own food from radiation? This must have happened many times before!

It's already cracked wide open. Is this pursuant to a complete failure in the next three years?

Wow! These nuts are starting to sound like Vault-Co!

An unexpected, thick layer of solar particles inside Earth's magnetic field suggests there are huge breaches in our planet's solar defenses, scientists said.These breaches indicate that during the next period of high solar activity, due to start in 2012, Earth will experience some of the worst solar storms seen in decades.Solar winds—charged particles from the sun—help create auroras, the brightly colored lights that sometimes appear above the Earth's poles. But the winds also trigger storms that can interfere with satellites' power sources, endanger spacewalkers, and even knock out power grids on Earth."The sequence we're expecting … is just right to put particles in and energize them to create the biggest geomagnetic storms, the brightest auroras, the biggest disturbances in Earth's radiation belts," said David Sibeck, a space-weather expert at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland."So if all of this is true, it should be that we're in for a tough time in the next 11 years."

Thursday, December 25, 2008

FOUR MILLION ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION FOUND in the cargo of the Lusitania!!!

Another "conspiracy nut" theory revealed to be correct - everybody else was wrong.

The American people were told the Lusitania was a passenger cruise ship fired on by German submarines. It was the excuse needed to get the United States involved in World War One.

Summary : All five major conflicts of this century involving America were hoaxes that the U.S. never had any business getting involved in at all. These five wars have led the 'Kwa to complete financial ruin and the absolute rape of their nation.

1. World War One. Engineered false flag attack sacrificed the Lusitania and 1200 civilians to engage America.

2. World War Two. Engineered false flag attack sacrificed Pearl Harbor to engage America.

3. Vietnam. Engineered false flag attack in the Gulf of Hanoi using nothing but radio transmissions to engage America.

4. Afghanistan. Engineered false flag attack on 9-11 sacrified World Trade Center towers and 3000 civilians to engage America.

5. Iraq. Engineered imaginary weapons of mass destruction story pulled out of thin air used to attack sovereign nation pre-emptively and kill their civilian population.

The John Birch Society Got It Right

Everybody else was mostly flapping their lips.

The Birch society posited a worldwide communist conspiracy at a time when Americans were happy, well fed and totally unsuspecting of what was really going on in their own country.

In retrospect, almost all of the Birch society's predictions have since come to pass. It is noteworthy that almost all of this garbage started a few months after I was born and right around the aftermath of the Kennedy Assassination. The destroyer locusts started the culture wars as soon as JFK was out of the picture.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas From Vault-Co

Another "Conspiracy Nut" Theory Proves True

... and everybody else was wrong.

General George Patton was killed before he could return home to the United States and expose the entire Second World War as a scheme from start to finish. It is believed Patton amongst other things was going to reveal that Franklin Delano Roosevelt had ordered the radar turned off at Pearl Harbor when it caught the Japanese fleet approaching. This was the tip of the iceberg - Patton knew where all the skeletons were buried when the U.S. surrendered half of Europe to the Soviets.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Something VERY BIG is getting ready to happen

Very big.

Prep up and get ready. I'm not kidding. During the next month, something very big is getting ready to happen. It's so big I can't tell you what it is.

Check your six. No joke. It's bigger than you think.

I have sources and they're good sources and they've always been right in the past, even if the conclusions I drew may have been wrong at the time.

All military officers in the U.S. are getting recall letters to active duty in the mail this month. No joke. We're talking men who retired twenty years ago. A full mobilization is underway in the U.S. to put as many boots as possible on the streets. Forget Posse Comitatus.

Very, very big. These troops are not being called up to fight a foreign enemy, either.

Something huge. Merry Christmas.

The Globalist Paradise Of Peace

Russians preparing for a peaceful future of consumer mall bliss

Truly a mexican standoff is approaching in most corners of the world

It's a done deal - Iran gets Russian air defense system Aviation week confirms it.

Forget about Mutual Assured Destruction as proffered by stocky Herman Kahn. The nation that stands the best chance of surviving will be the one that pulls the nuclear trigger first, not last.

This is World War III coming up very soon.

Ice Age II = War + Famine + Pestilence

Find out who Antonio Gramsci was. That's the key to understanding the hysterical wide-eyed bipolar mania surrounding globowarmthinkery.

It's going to get cold.

If you think the only implication of that is colder temperatures then you don't understand what is being talked about.

As Robert Felix said, "We'll be fighting in the streets over food long before the next Ice Age is truly here."

Monday, December 22, 2008

Felix + Vault-Co = Right. Rest of Planet, Wrong.

Worse than wrong. 180 degrees polar opposite of the truth.

Robert Felix should get a Nobel Prize. Honestly. They used to actually give these things to people who deserved them. Creative problem solving in paleoclimatology should be rewarded with recognition if it proves to be demonstrable. I've read a lot of biographical work about Alfred Nobel and trust me, he would not be happy with the idiots who hijacked his foundation so they could give awards to communist morons like Albert Gore to support their plans for a marxist world coup.

If we'd have listened to our ancestors in the 1950's we'd be a lot better off right now. The culture wars of the 1960's destroyed faith in our ancestral wisdom and shortly thereafter we lost Western civilization. The coming Ice Age is only adding insult to injury and aggravating things by about a factor of a million. Look how many people are dying right now in the U.S. and then imagine what it will be like after the next solar cycle comes to and end in 2012. This planet is going to get really, really cold. As in, kill off most of the world's population cold.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Danish Arctic research dates Ice Age

“Our new, extremely detailed data from the examination of the ice cores shows that in the transition from the ice age to our current warm, interglacial period the climate shift is so sudden that it is as if a button was pressed”, explains ice core researcher Jørgen Peder Steffensen, Centre for Ice and Climate at NBI at the University of Copenhagen.

Must read.

As Vault-Co has always said, along with Robert Felix.

We're overdue. For certain. We're now running into sudden death match overtime.

gloBowArmtHinkeRy is madness.

Total, massive insanity. This article neglects to mention that human sources only account for 0.0001% of the carbon dioxide in the air ... theoretically. This article claims half the "world's emissions" come from other sources. Seriously, just look at that giant tube that asshole has constructed and tell me these people aren't insane. They're raving nuts.

Kwanzania is run by faggots, madmen and communists and it is destined for the trashbin of history. Nothing can stop it now. It's a done deal.

(Check out last link above where middle class people line up to beg for jobs at the dump)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Return of the Living Money Supply

sEnD ... MoRe ... KeyNeSians!

Laugh Out Loud With Solar Cycle 24 (2012 AD)

Remember that simulation they did? "Our magical magnetic space shield will remain to protect us from radiation even when the magnetism is no longer there to support it." You bet it will! Invest in sub-prime derivatives, too!

They want more solar activity. Vault-Co predicts they will be getting some shortly.

Extinction event hamburger helper from our invisible space friend

Discovered right in time for the Apocalypse

Vault-Co says it every day for ten years, we're a bunch of fringe nuts. NASA publishes it and the next day it is legitimate orthodoxy. This is like that thing Vault-Co was talking about, except it isn't that thing because that would make Vault-Co legitimate.

When we first began reading about this stuff in 1998, it seemed nuts too. Call it confirmation bias if you want, but we call it the scientific method because using those nutty theories we were able to accurately predict scientific "discoveries" like these long before they became acceptable to concede by the mainstream. In fact, increasingly the mainstream seems like all it really does is clean up the crumbs of what they call the "fringe." Almost all of these ideas were simply logical projections of the consequences of these facts once you accepted them:

  1. We're at the end of the interglacial and the beginning of the Maunder Minimum.
  2. The Maunder Minimum is associated with magnetic reversals and volcanism.
  3. Magnetic reversals are associated with extinction events and always seem to happen around the Maunder Minimum. Ditto for volcanic winters.
  4. The Sun appears to be the source of these cycles and the passage of the solar system through the galactic plane (particularly immediately afterwards when it is moving away) seems to be the source of the Sun's cycles.
  5. We just passed through the galactic plane and are now moving away from it.


Wait, you say! This is too much apocalyptic front loading for me! Armageddon skeptical!

Why does all this current geopolitical lunacy otherwise coincide with this very same era?

For the past 4000+ years, mankind has believed that solar cycles (and magnetic fields) affect human behaviour down here on Earth by influencing human behaviour.

Bingo! Wrap! Nothing to see here, folks, everybody into their respective vaults.

How Many Previous Nuclear Wars?

Me OGG!! OGG make'm fire! Ooga booga! Og bang stones together make'm sparks! Ooga booga!

Our primitive, crude and ignorant ancestors could barely remember to wipe after a #2, you see. Edjumifacation says it's true. Real civilization did not begin until Oprah Winfrey gave the first laundry machine away on her show.

I'll tell you the truth. This device may have been a handwound clockworks but I will say that it must have been an extension of an astronomical knowledge that would have required computers to accurately design a long time ago. The real origin of the clock's blueprints is unknown and it is possible they extend far back into antiquity, just like the Mayan stone calendar itself, which is a reproduction of some very important ideas about the heavens that are generally not found amongst stone-age savages eating human hearts. The Mayans copied their clock from somebody else's design and I believe this analog computer has the same lineage.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Many Previous Nuclear Wars?

Yonaguni, one of many complex structures carved at least 25,000+ years ago ... supposedly by primitive hunter gatherers using stone tools ... ? Funny, it seems a division of labor would have been required, including specialized classes of stonecutters and they would have needed metal tools, not stones. Just how advanced were these cavemen QUEST FOR FIRE type hairy apelings? Were our ancestors the first to develop these arts or the survivors of a former collapse of an as-yet unknown civilization?

You guessed it. Somebody has to be lying big time somewhere.

Nothing to see here, people. Swiss watch ring in a 400 year old temple, is all. Please keep moving along. Yeah. Sure. That could be true and whatnot and what have you. I watch a lot of television so my analytical reasoning skills are pretty scrambled and I have to rely on what authority figures tell me to think.

Those ancestors of ours sure liked to build underground, safe from radiation

The traditional timeline of history is absolutely incoherent gibberish

Note in particular ... the Europeans, supposedly a recently entrance into Europe, have now produced fossil evidence of modern humans present 500,000 years earlier than had been previously asserted. That's HALF A MILLION YEARS EARLIER THAN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT.

I'll take a stab at this. I say there have been at least three worldwide nuclear conflicts in the past 200,000 years. Tell me why I'm wrong.

Did a previous civilization try to colonize Mars and fail?

I don't know. I concede that. I just want you to know that you think you know, but in reality you don't even know what you don't know, which is even less than I know because I know what I don't know but you don't know that.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

End Times Report

Great site. Very useful information. I have added it to our trusted sources.

Enoch Powell Was Right - All Others Were Hopelessly, Ridiculously Wrong

This is what Britain is doing right now.

This is what I want it to do.

It will be nicer. Quieter. The birds will return. Soon, after a few rains, green will bloom everywhere again. The air will clean up and soon it will be so sweet it will smell of honey and lilac. The bones will be covered by crawling ivy and broken down into dust.

Best of all, multiculturalists and their gibberish will be heard no longer. Instead there will be the sounds of chirping insects and singing aviaries. No more prattling, droning, whining, whinging, agony-aunt pathetic mewling about this, that and the other, all of it some kind of "injustice" that is "remedied" by cash handouts and a free lunch. The fools and their marks will lie quietly in the soil undisturbed with no grating voices of the disgruntled to be heard. This planet suffers from that whinging noise more than any other affliction it has ever known.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Waterloo of the Dysgenics

Particularly apt. Read this.

"Without giving specific names, most of the significant American banks, the larger banks, are bankrupt, totally bankrupt," said Rogers, who is now a private investor.

"What is outrageous economically and is outrageous morally is that normally in times like this, people who are competent and who saw it coming and who kept their powder dry go and take over the assets from the incompetent," he said. "What's happening this time is that the government is taking the assets from the competent people and giving them to the incompetent people and saying, now you can compete with the competent people. It is horrible economics."

- Jim Rogers

Yanks Won't Be Going Back To The Moon

Manimals. Chimpmanzees. Beastumans. Monkeys in manpants. Seriously, watching these things makes me wince with pain and embarrassment.

Freedom of speech is only for humans.

Check this guy's quote out :

“Racism and xenophobia have no place in Europe. Nor should it in any other part of the world. Dialogue and understanding should overcome hatred and provocation,” said Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the European Commission.

... errrr ... didn't you just ban dialogue? Is that understanding or compliance you're talking about? You do fishy tongue-twisting things with language, bolshevist. I suspect this is the kind of "freedom and equality" being talked about.

The European Union makes the Gestapo look like badly behaved boy scouts in comparison. Honestly, does anybody think that Europe would have fared worse under the Nazis? You ended up with the same iron hand of oppression, only this one is genocidal towards the natives.

Globalwarmthinkery is also interested in banning speech - full blown psychosis on display here.

Just for laughs. Remember, a merely fifty years ago this nation put a man on the moon with punchcards and computers running on vaccuum tubes. In 1955 they were widely considered the greatest race of engineers the world has ever seen.

Hell is made for Krisschans

... and all their apostate, heretical gobbledygook. Still waiting for that Rapture, Krisschans? How come a lot of K-Chanians are already going through Tribulation? Weren't they supposed to teleport out by now?

The Rapture is a creation of Cyrus Scofield, the fornicating forger who abandoned his wife and family to run off with some slut he met after getting bailed out of prison by a zionist who told him he was to be the author of a brand new "bible."

The Bible tells us no man knows the day and it is a mystery what will happen. Until then we should be prudent, prepared and stand watchful for the Day of the Lord. The Meek, after all, will inherit the Earth.

How Many Previous Nuclear Wars?

Standard mediavitzim flashbang obfuscation.

Behind the scenes, there isn't a single qualified archeologist who hasn't dated the Sphinx at 20,000 years or older. The water erosion around the base likely happened at least 11,000 years ago around the end of the last Ice Age. This article is an attempt to recover lost ground by the orthodoxy.

650+ of the World's Very Best and Most Respected Climatologists Say Globowarmthinkery is BullSh*t

Drudge was considerate enough to put a link through to this queer whiner's blog and he's even dumb enough to put a face to his bolshevist crapola. I'm predicting that somebody somewhere one of these days is going to be zeroing in on that ugly mug with iron sights at 200 meters. Wait and see if it comes true. The anger out there is getting so palpable that not even the dying media can bury the story.

Listen to this smug whinger spout his own personal catechism, a bizarre religion composed of State worship, druidism and kweerified Trotskyist doctrines. He thinks his detractors are off with the fairies. He's got to be kidding. He gave up God and simply decided to posit the State in his place. This will be one of those you read about who will get what he deserves in coming years.

Vote for a Kenyan, get Kenyan style leadership. These people are so dumb they're happy like horses. Kenya has been a "developing" nation for 400 years and it hasn't been developing during that time at all. Sheeple tend to get the kind of government they deserve.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ron Paul on the Freight Train That Is Approaching

In particular, mark last week of January 2009 on your calendar. Something is coming big in that week early next year.

Listen carefully to the new "communalist" paradigm the elites now believe in. They have modified bolshevist ideas to incorporate the notion of having their slaves pay for and run businesses as custodians within parameters they set, like sharecroppers or medieval peasants assigned to work tracts of agricultural land. This will free up their resources for higher level state planning - or so they believe.

Of course, that won't work either, any better than the original communism. They're actually pretty damn stupid in addition to being incredibly evil. They could not get away with any of it unless the average manboon was incredibly stupid. It's the IDIOCRACY that makes any of it possible.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Illuminati Start Suffocating Themselves With Their Own Pillows Again

He held it over his own face until his arms were too weak to fight back.

Hell has reserved parking for bankers.

Greece - Even The Revolution Is Lied About

Greek government tells the rest of the world that the worst rioting the nation has ever seen is anger over a police shooting.

I noticed the difference right away between what the articles were saying and what the photos were telling me. A million people don't charge parliament over a police shooting. As usual, a straw man is created to shield the government from reality.

New World Order Picks A Perfect Generation To Impose World Government On

Hissing nancy-boys and mewling mini-men, half bitch and all shopping all the time. Mighty metrosexuals less powerful than a socialist imperative and slower than a speeding fudge packer.

Dim, dense and delicate. It's government gone wild in the absence of any possible opposition. It's not just the dearth of resistance ... it's the loss of the capacity to resist anything, period.

Keep eating that aspartame and waxing your back, rocket scientists. You're about to receive the deepest cornholing of any domesticated dumbasses in world history. You're worse than a slave. A slave knows it's a slave. You don't even know what you don't know, which is like knowing less than nothing at all. You know what you don't know? Well, know this - it is everything you don't know that will hurt you the worst of all.

Britain Kevorkians Itself

Kiss Britain goodbye. Last human to leave please turn out the lights.

A raging sea of STD's due to flame out in a blast of gonorrhea and infertile whores.

Pity Britain. It's pitiful.

Total Madness : The Complete Military, Economic, Cultural And Social Collapse of the United States

Science fiction.

Chimpmanzees, manboons, manimals, featherless bipeds and huffin' hominids finally take their revenge on real civilization by destroying it. The sheeple are staring at the ceiling as their clothing is stripped off and their testicles are surgically snipped and sold to Chinese people for soup broth. Their hair is shaved and used as mattress packing in veterinarial medicine. The sheeple mumble, drool runs down their chin and they mutter something inaudible. Is something happening somewhere? They're like rheumy-eyed drunks wandering out in the highway at rush hour. They think they might hear somebody honking at them. Is something or the other going on here somehow? They don't know.

These critters can't even maintain a nation and they think they can govern the globe. It's all so forced, stilted, hackneyed and contrived. Are these the propaganda forces of the New World Order? If so, they are pathetic. What a demoralized, debauched, decadent, degenerate, dumbed-down bunch of losers the West is made up of. This kind of treasonous conspiracy within a nation's borders to overthrow that country's sovereignty has earned itself a bullet many times over. All in people's "best interests," of course - just like the Ukraine Famine.

You don't even want to know what the sheeple have to say about all this. I took an informal poll from a group of consumer units at the food court the other day and the speech was straight out of Orwell. Is Texas Arcane the last real human being left on Earth? Some days it seems so.

'Kwanzan promissory notes used for bird cage liner

Now here's the upside.

Communist crows can't caw if they can't eat. Big marxist media is tanking. Nobody is reading or watching much anymore and that means some members of the herd might even start thinking at some point. They're going to have plenty of time on their hands. It is so obvious that Obama is an implant puppet at this stage that even the left could figure it out. There's a very serious problem with this Kenyan as President. He isn't legally qualified and therefore the military is not obligated to take orders from him or any of his proxies, since he is not Commander in Chief and therefore cannot delegate to proxies. People know he cannot be President and are getting ready for this foreign traitor to rip apart whatever is left of the nation to hand over to the UN.

Encirclement of Russia is failing. The Russians are a tougher and stronger people than the 'Kwans and this is lucky for the remnant in the 'Kwa, because they'd get their asses handed to them in a bag if they started a nuclear war with Russia.

Everywhere I look, all I see mostly is beasts made in the shape of men. Fit for the atomic fire that is coming. God stocks the Apocalypse with soulless human crash dummies for extras at the end so no real humans will be injured. Considerate, that.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Krater Time '09

Now figure out how to eat in 2009

No ho-ho's for Kwanzan Kristmas.

Don't worry about jobs, Kwanzanies - Obama's going to need a lot of soldiers for his many wars

The Ultimate BioToxin : Feminism Kills

If Feminism kills women and children then it is killing all of mankind because in doing so it is killing the future.

'Kwanzans are Vile

Their entire culture is just another shade of their loathsome pornography. Barbarians would regard them as a barbaric people.

Trust me, I've read most of the Federalist Papers. The Founding Fathers would conduct a first strike on our own soil with nuclear weapons ten minutes after you gave them the launch codes. These revolting human beings were not what they had in mind for the Republic when they created it. The final days of the Roman Empire were a staid affair compared to the monstrously ugly nation that is the last hour of the 'Kwa.

Far more degenerate than Weimar Germany

Applying any metric, any standard of conduct held by any civilized people in the last 2000 years would reveal them to be (taken as a whole) people of absolutely no merit in any measure.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

These Times Are The Sunday Supplement Sections of 1969

I spread the Sunday paper on the floor of my father's office in 1969 and I always wanted most to read the garish full color supplement section with it's wild tales of the future and unthinkable stories of what-if. It all seemed so important to me and I could not explain why to adults at the time. I had this feeling there were critical ingredients in there somewhere if I could just illuminate them as principles in my head. I didn't know why.

I know why now.

My asperger's brain was doing thousands, tens of thousands and millions of computations, mostly in my sleep in all likelihood and I was seeing far, far into a future that most grownups could not even imagine. The supplements just provided the raw grist for the seared mill of my mind to process. Working furiously, silently, thousands of projected outcomes over and over again without my even having to concentrate much on it. Over and over again seeing different scenarios and all of them ending the same way ... many decades ahead in some distant eventuality.

Somehow in my little atomic pile brain, I had guessed at things which the average person could not fathom no matter how long they thought about it. No wonder I was regarded as precocious. I knew a million things without the slightest need for any adult to explain them to me ... and then I saw the implications of those things ... and the implications of those implications.

My teachers often told my parents come report card time that there were countless things I just appeared to suddenly "know" despite the fact I had not been exposed to them.

This was my gift from the sodium lye that burned my nervous system. At least I got something in return.

You know how they say Aspies can never believe that others can't sense and feel the way they do? Well, I can't believe you can't smell it coming. I can't believe it. You do smell it, don't you? It's ozone and cordite and chemical minty chlorine smell mixed with smoke and soot. That's the smell when itz coming.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bernanke : Yes/No/Yes/Maybe/Whatever/Yes/Lie

Listening to these poor lads babble gives me that feeling that Jimmy Stewart had when he discovers that the "engineer" in FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX has never worked on anything bigger than a model plane.

The 'Kwans just have no idea of what is about to happen to them. None at all. Even if they did, they lack the requisite character to do anything about it anyhow.

Morality Without God? You Don't Get Around Much, Do You?

I was an atheist for sixteen years and I used to spout that crap, too. Something happened to me. I grew up.

Man is barely, just barely, conscious of his own sin with the help of Christ. Without him, there are no checks and balances on human behaviour of any kind. None whatsoever. If you don't believe me, show me any nation not founded on Christian principles which has attracted immigration from all over the world by any means necessary, including life risking danger. People say one things with their mouth but it is the vote they make with their feet that tells the true story of what is going on.

I say this as one of those rare atheists who on more than one occasion practiced extremely virtuous conduct without the offer of a reward of immortality. In fact, I would say I am the exception that proves the rule. All the other secular humanists I knew tended to regard me as a born loser, in the same breath they asserted that man could be good without the help of the Lord. Ridiculous critters.

Missile Defense and Space Platforms = WW3

Vault-Co. Hit. I sunk your battleship. Told'ya that all that BMD tech would just precipitate the Third World War.

AVG IQ 97 = Too Dumb To See The Obvious

Poor little sheeple ready to be herded into the long awaited camps

Reminds you of that guy on the cart in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. "I'm not dead yet! I'm feeling fine!"

Pardon? What happened to Posse Comitatus?

Dead. Just like the 'Kwa, in fact.

Vault-Co Told You They Were Coming

You thought Tex was nuts. Yet this almost certainly counts as a major bullseye on the big prophecy scoreboard here at Vault-Co.

"Tex might actually be onto something once in a while, but predicting man killing war machines in WW3 would have to be one of his wackiest prognostications of them all. He started harping on this back in 2002 and just kept beating the drums for this supposed miracle innovation in warfare right around the corner."

Shocking, isn't it? Seems like I have a crystal ball. In reality, I was just watching the embedded market in electronics to see what kind of hardware was becoming ubiquitous.
Next up after Vault-OS - I start work on my own 'bots for topside patrol.