Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Russians Preparing the Smackdown

The cruise missiles will blot out the sky. Anti-ballistic my arse. Hit this. Notice the judicious use of the word "swamp." That means black out the heavens so the sun don't shine no more with nuclear cruise missiles traveling just above the ground at many times the speed of sound.


Anonymous said...

Some good news (though the media of course tries to paint it as bad):

CadorBolin said...

Ah, but the 'kwans will fight in the shade.

Notice that '300' is probably the first Hollyweird movie in years where the heroes are white while the villains are obviously black, fecund, deformed and possibly even gay?

The jews will eventually throw people the occasional breadcrumb like this if it suits their end--to demonize their current enemies. They encourage hatred of Muslims (up to a point, some kosher jews advocate on behalf of Muslim immigrants) and the patriot-ards eat it up.

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